Gnats Spiritual Meaning

gnats spiritual meaning

Ah, the idyllic days of summer. You’re just relaxing with a drink and reading your phone. When suddenly, gnats swarm you seemingly out of nowhere. They’re all over your phone screen. And, there’s even a couple right in your fresh refreshing, ice cold drink. Yuck! An encounter with gnats can be incredibly frustrating. Try as … Read more

Tricycle – Spiritual Meaning

Tricycles, what do they mean? Sometimes that particular thing—in this case, a tricycle—just keeps appearing to us. Maybe the thing appears literally, maybe you see actual tricycles time and time again. Or, maybe the thing appears to you in a dream. Alternatively, the significant object in question could appear in art, movies, tv, music, etc. … Read more

Grey Go-Away-Bird: Meanings & Symbolism

What is the spiritual significance of sighting a grey go-away-bird? What omens could this bird bring? First & Foremost: What is a “Grey Go-Away-Bird” Anyway? The grey go-away bird is also known as the grey lourie or loerie, or kwêvoël. What Does the Grey Go-Away-Bird Look Like? Their shade of grey is quite pleasant, darkening … Read more

Spiritual Meaning of Cactus

Wondering about the possible spiritual significance of seeing cactus? Is there an omen there? Or, perhaps, a message? Well, we all wonder that sometimes. Especially about things that seem to present themselves in ways that seem attention grabbing. Perhaps your attention was drawn to cacti because no matter what you do, you keep seeing them? … Read more