Black Cricket Meaning and Symbolism

Have you had a surprising encounter with a cricket recently? Crickets are definitely full of surprises! From their ability to jump amazing distances, to their beautiful songs and their uncanny ability to pop up just about anywhere, it’s always a sign of good luck and surprises when you see a cricket! But what is the symbolism of finding a black cricket?

Maybe your story is a lot like mine. So, it was the middle of the night and I stumble into the bathroom to turn on the light. And, firstly I hear a chirp. I think as I am still half-asleep, “Wow! That cricket must be close to the window outside!” Then I see it – a large, shiny black cricket just happily chirping away next to my sink. After the initial surprise, I can’t help but wonder what does it mean? And, why is this cricket black?!

Crickets generally range in color from light brown to black, though a few are green. When encountering a black cricket, we must remember that black is the color of wisdom or secret knowledge. So, a black cricket is encouraging you to listen to your intuition. It might be important for you to take time to do this so you won’t be unexpectedly surprised much as you are when first finding a cricket!

Think about enjoying a summer evening outside, and everything seems perfect. The weather is comfortable, you’re relaxed, and the crickets are chirping. Then suddenly, the crickets fall completely silent. Almost naturally, most of us stop and pay attention to our surroundings. It is this message that the black cricket brings to you, pay attention and be patient!

But, rest assured, all will be well. Eventually, the crickets will start singing again and you can relax. Crickets are almost always signs of wonderful things to come!

What Does It Mean When I Find a Cricket in My Home?

When you encounter a cricket in your home, rest assured it means that good fortune and luck will soon be on its way to your household. In Ancient China crickets were so revered that they were even kept as pets in cages for their good luck and wonderful songs. (Some people might find this surprising as their chirping can be a bit irritating or loud, but in their defense, there probably wasn’t a lot of recorded music or white noise to listen to back then!)

southeastern field cricket is black
The Southeastern field cricket is mostly black, with some brown.

Crickets were also kept in the home as spiritual guardians of sorts. As we know, crickets fall silent when they detect a threat. Because of this people kept crickets around to warn them of any unwanted negative energy. Some even preferred keeping them above dogs! Crickets are wonderful allies and very protective of the home!

Because of the cricket’s ability to jump over any obstacle in their way, they are said to represent luck and joy. There’s just something so playful and joyful about watching a cricket jump away. When finding crickets in your home, you are inviting this playful energy into your life. Know that despite any problems you might encounter, you can easily overcome them.

Am I Going to be Rich? Crickets as Symbols of Prosperity

While we can’t guarantee a lottery win soon by spotting a cricket alone, crickets are incredible omens that abundance is on the way to you. (But, it could definitely happen, remember to invite us to your tropical island please!) Crickets are known for laying a large amount of eggs. It is because of this symbolism they are wonderful signs of incoming prosperity.

If you are planning on bringing in a new addition to your family, crickets can represent fertility as well. They not only represent the birth of a new child but the birth of a new idea or a new way of being in life. When we welcome the cricket into our life, we welcome this new abundance to flow easily into our lives.

Crickets also represent overall happiness. So, if you have any anxiety about new circumstances in your life, it will be okay! Complete happiness is assured when a cricket appears under these circumstances.

Is It Bad Luck to Kill a Cricket? Can I Put it Outside?

With so many amazing things that the cricket represents, is it bad luck to kill them? While we all know that accidents happen, so try not to beat yourself up!

But according to superstition, it is generally considered to be bad luck to kill a cricket, especially on purpose. Since crickets represent very good luck, killing one is much like rejecting that luck! But, there are some circumstances where this might not apply, like in events where there may be too many crickets!

Black crickets are good luck to have in your home!

If you choose not to keep the cricket in your home for whatever reasons, carefully remove it from your home without killing it. Keep in mind some people believe even removing a cricket from your home is a rejection of luck and fortune. But, in situations where harm might befall the cricket because of pets or cleaning chemicals, it is better to remove it alive than to let it die inside.

In situations where you want to have the cricket in your home, but not the real thing, you might choose to buy artwork or figures instead. The ideal placement for this would be in the kitchen as it represents the heart of the home.

What if the Cricket is Already Dead?

If you encounter a dead cricket, don’t worry too much! Crickets can only survive in certain conditions, and most homes aren’t very hospitable for them.

It could either be a good or bad sign, according to whatever perspective you choose to take. Don’t worry, all of your luck isn’t going to instantly leave you! A dead cricket could mean that you have overcame all obstacles and challenges in your life, and peace is on the way. It could represent transformation to make room for new, better things in your life.

A dead cricket could also represent a warning, or impending bad luck if things continue on as they are. Be certain to remove a dead cricket from your home as quickly as possible to remove any negativity. But ultimately, trust your own intuition when you encounter symbols like these and you will know what to do.

Help! There’s Way Too Many Crickets! Now What?

Is it possible to have too many crickets? What’s the spiritual meaning of A LOT of crickets? They’re everywhere! What does this mean? Can I be overrun with good luck? Is it still bad luck to kill them?

Firstly, try not to be alarmed. Crickets do not bite and generally cause no harm other than a mild irritation. Most symbols come to us to deliver a message we may not be aware of.

Black crickets are harmless and bring good tidings and blessings!

Since crickets are known for their fertility, it is possible to have a literal cricket infestation! As with any symbolism, especially with animals or insects, it’s necessary to pay attention to exactly what is happening and how you feel. For example, if your home is invaded with crickets and they are eating your bed sheets, you might want to look at where you are stretching yourself too thin or how you can gain more comfort in your life.

In cases like these, you may have no choice but to deal with crickets. Follow your instincts and do what you have to do to protect your home and family!

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