Welcome to our site! We always hope to help anyone who comes across our site. For your convenience, please check out our frequently asked questions below. If you need further help or assistance, please reach out to us.

How Can I Suggest A Topic For You To Write On?

As you can imagine, writing on spiritual topics requires constant work and research. It might be a while before we can cover every topic. But, we are trying! Our ultimate goal is to leave no topic unexplored. We hope to be the go to source of spiritual meanings. Eventually! However, if you have a suggestion to a topic you’d like to see us write on, feel free to reach out to us.

If you require immediate assistance, we do soon plan to offer services such as specific meanings or dream interpretation for a small fee. Right now we are accepting these on a very limited basis. Reach out to us at the address above to inquire about these services.

Why Is Your Site Named Symbols and Synchronicity?

We chose our site name because we wanted to write about the spiritual meaning of the symbols surrounding us in every day life. But, often symbols alone aren’t enough to capture attention. There must be synchronicity involved as well. We do plan to write an article on synchronicity soon, but generally synchronicity describes when events and circumstances happen at just the right time to make you recognize their importance. In other words, it was too precise to be coincidence. And, therefore be more likely to search the meaning of that particular synchronicity.

We found it to be a perfect title to describe this event, even if it is a bit long of a domain to type in. And, trust me, definitely not the easiest to spell sometimes!

What’s The Symbol In Your Logo Mean?

The symbol in our logo is often referred to as the evil eye or the nazar talisman. It is meant to reflect any negative energy or evil eyes with jealousy or envy back to the source. We selected it at first because it was striking and the colors are related mostly to the throat chakra which is about speaking your truth and clearly communicating. All great things to have when running a spirituality website!

Of course in time, the website became more successful and we decided to keep it. Kind of interesting that out of many websites and businesses launched over the years, the one with the logo that wards off evil energy is the most successful. Definitely makes you think!

Are You Open To Business Queries?

Absolutely! If you have a business inquiry or want to work together somehow, please reach out to us. If we find that it’s a good fit for us both, we’ll definitely be in touch. We’re always interested in working together with like minded people and bringing in abundance to everyone.

How Can I Support Your Site?

We are so grateful for all of you! We strive to bring more meaning and positivity into the world and appreciate any and all support. If you would like to show your support, buy us a coffee here! We thank you very, very much for your support and generosity.

Other than that, good vibes are always accepted and much appreciated! So much love and gratitude! 🙏😊