Throat Chakra Guide

Have you been told to open up your throat chakra? Maybe someone suggested you speak and tell the truth! Well, get ready to learn how to tell it like it is! The throat chakra is located at the base of the neck. It is the fifth chakra and connected with communication. The word vishuddha translates to “especially pure.” The throat chakra is all about your ability to communicate with and understand both yourself and others. It is associated with truth and self-expression. An affirmation we can associate with the throat chakra is, “I speak my truth.”

When our throat chakra is balanced we feel unafraid of expressing ourselves to the world. We know easily what we want and how to communicate that. You will feel honest and confident, and feel as if your voice is being heard. Also, you will have high quality relationships with a proper balance of listening and speaking. You will be able to say what you need to say with great tact!

Imbalances of the Throat Chakra

It’s very important to keep your throat chakra balanced and healed. If you are struggling with health concerns either physical or mental, please consult a medical professional in your area. However, when the throat chakra is imbalanced you might experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling that no one knows the “real you”
  • Struggling to find the right words
  • Difficulty verbalizing your thoughts
  • Sore throat and/or ear and sinus problems
  • Feeling shy or anxious around others in conversation
  • Either overly opinionated or having no opinions at all
  • Keeping secrets
  • Feeling misunderstood and that no one listens to you
  • Voice frequently cracks or sounds weak
  • Thyroid issues
  • Actions might not match your words
  • Difficulty being honest with yourself and others

How to Balance the Throat Chakra

The most important aspect of balancing the throat chakra is to let it all out. So, releasing any energy or frustration that might have built up is very important. Try screaming out loud when you’re alone in wilderness or into a pillow even. Also, laughing, singing, or even writing down your thoughts can help you feel more confident and capable in expressing yourself.

arguing and speaking your peace throat chakra

It is also vital that you take stock of your relationships. Are there places where you should speak up for yourself or others? Are there places where you might be speaking too much? Try to make sure to maintain an equal give in take in your personal connections.

What Foods Balance and Heal the Root Chakra? What About Essential Oils?

The throat chakra is related to the color blue. So, any blue foods like blueberries are great! It is also said that any fruits that grow on trees help because they only drop from the tree when they are ready and ripe. The same principle should apply to words. They should only leave from your lips when its time. Mint is also said to be beneficial to eat for the throat chakra. So, drink that mint tea!

eating mint leaves helps with throat chakra

Essential oils that are said to help are camphor, cypress, frankincense, spearmint, clove, eucalyptus, myrrh, and peppermint. If possible, these are great to rub on your throat and imagine the chakra opening up and healing.

What Meditation or Exercises Can I Do to Balance the Throat Chakra?

In order to balance the throat chakra, try the following meditation. Close your eyes and imagine every muscle in your body relaxing, starting from your head all the way down to your feet. Then imagine a spinning blue ball at your throat chakra. Imagine this ball dissolving any negative energies or blockages you might have. When you are done, release this energy by opening your eyes.

Since the color blue and the ether is the element associated with the throat chakra, any activity outside under clear blue skies helps keep it balanced. Yoga poses that are said to help open up the throat chakra are the fish, lion, camel, plow, shoulder stand, and the eight limb pose. As always, look up the poses you are not familiar with on Youtube. It’s a great resource to learn yoga poses!

Helpful Colors and Gems

lapis lazuli
By Adam Ognisty – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Anything bright blue is great to help heal the throat chakra. Think of anything the color of the sky. Also, necklaces can bring attention to the throat chakra and help us clear it. So, a sky blue necklace would be fantastic to wear! Crystals said to help are lapis lazuli, aquamarine, blue kyanite, amazonite, azurite, and turquoise. Feel free to carry these with you to help keep the throat chakra balanced!

Can Music Help?

Singing is a great way to open up the throat chakra. So, listening to any high vibe music that makes you want to sing or hum along is a great place to start. Any sound therapy with singing bowls or chants are beneficial as well. The chant to use is HAM pronounced hhhhaaahmmm. The Solfeggio frequency associated with the throat is 741 Hz.

What Affirmations Help Balance the Throat Chakra?

When strengthening the throat chakra, it might be beneficial to speak the affirmations out loud in the mirror so you can see your lips move. Try using any of the ones below daily to help strengthen and keep the throat chakra balanced:

  • “I have the right to speak my truth openly and freely.”
  • “I am always understood by others.”
  • “It is safe for me to honor and respect my true voice.”
  • “I am a great listener.”
  • “I find the right words to say in every situation.”
  • “My life is authentic and I enjoy living it.”
  • “I always know when to listen and when to speak.”
  • “I am always honest and clear in my communication.”
  • “Self-expression comes easily to me.”

What Else Can I Do to Heal My Throat Chakra?

It is important to master your breath when it comes to balancing your throat chakra. Try taking a deep breath in deeply into your stomach area before speaking. This will give you time to ground yourself, give you more confidence, and make sure you are communicating in a clear and calm way. Make sure to remember that communication is a two way street, you must take time to listen to others as well.

In conclusion, in order to keep our throat chakras open and balanced, we must master the art of communication. Try to find time every day to express yourself in one way or another, whether that is through an artistic outlet or writing in a diary. Drinking lots of clean water is essential in keeping your throat chakra healthy. Consider taking a vow of silence in order for you to hear your inner voice if you are still struggling and be fully involved and respectful in any communication with others.

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