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about us symbols and synchronicity

Symbols and synchronicity began out of the desire to make spiritual information more easily accessible to everyone. We’re constantly encountering symbols in our day to day life and it’s natural to wonder what it all means. But, sometimes finding easy to understand information on the topic can be hard!

So, we hope to provide a place to come to find answers to any spiritual questions you might have.

But, first let me introduce myself! My name is Jessica and I’ve been interested in symbolism and deeper meanings my whole life. I’m an introvert who spent a lot of time reading growing up so I’ve always had an interest in poetry and metaphors.

Since my spiritual awakening began around 2012, I started to spend a lot of time researching spiritual meaning more in depth. When I began to make more spiritually minded friends, I realized I had acquired a lot of information and should share that knowledge with the world.

It turns out that since I really enjoy spirituality, symbolism, writing, helping others, and sharing information, this website is the perfect fit. So, here we are!

Of course, I shared my passion with a few close family and friends. So, sometimes they also help to contribute writings on the website as well depending on their expertise and interest. Our goal is to provide clear, uplifting, helpful advice and insight on any and all topics dealing with spirituality that you might encounter.

So, welcome to our website. We genuinely hope you enjoy your time here and that we have provided you with some clarity!

How Can I Contact You?

For business queries, suggestions, or any other communication, please reach out to us here. We do try to reach out and respond to each email we receive.

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Please make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions where we answer our most common questions!

How Can I Support Your Site?

We are so grateful for all of you! We strive to bring more meaning and positivity into the world and appreciate any and all support. If you would like to show your support, buy us a coffee here! We thank you very, very much for your support and generosity.

Other than that, good vibes are always accepted and much appreciated! So much love and gratitude! 🙏😊

Can You Share More About The Author?

Sure! I’ve been writing in media since 1997, when I worked at an internship at a small local newspaper. I worked as editor of my high school newspaper and went on to several years of college as an English major but didn’t graduate. I’ve been into symbolism in literature for well over 25 years now. Apart from an interest in symbolism and spirituality, I’m a skilled energy and tarot reader. However, currently I only read for close friends and family.

I’m a very private and shy person in general. I grew up barefoot and broke in the 1980s southern United States. I’ve lived in a few different countries since then, my favorite being Ireland. I’m very introverted and hate crowds but love traveling. I love driving too – in fact I made a living as a delivery driver for most of my life before this.

For pastimes, I adore playing the bass. I’ll bore anyone who listens to death talking about it. I spend a lot of time listening to different genres of music, I have a weak spot for sad lyrics and overly dramatic poetry. Also, I enjoy making candles and soap, especially those with intentions as I have a background in witchcraft.