Spider Spiritual Meaning, Symbols, Omens

Intrigued by those furry eight-legged visitors showing up in your house now that, at the time of writing at least, the weather has turned quite cool? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to talk about the spiritual and symbolic meanings associated with seeing spiders.

Spiders, of course, have woven their way into mythology and folklore for centuries, if not millennia. The spider’s presence is interpreted as a blessing, a warning, or sometimes spiders are even seen as mischievous pranks.

Stick with us, while we break down the topic of the spiritual meaning of spiders into easy to follow headings. This is, of course, a large article covering the topic extensively, so there is a table of contents below you can use to skip to sections you might find interesting.

Table of Contents

General Spider Symbolism and Meaning

Have you ever felt a little pang of spiritual significance as you see a spider scurry across the floor? These remarkable little fiends, with their countless eyes and abundant limbs, have long held humanity’s focus.

a spider in a web with multiple bugs caught in the web

We can’t help but find spiritual and symbolic significance in their ruthless efficiency as hunters. Moreover, how can we deny the artistry—and, therefore, spiritual meaning—in their delicate and ornate webwork?

So, perhaps it’s only natural, considering our appreciation of spiders, that they’ve written their own pages into the the tomes of our myths, folklores, and other beliefs. Of course, those tomes span the world’s cultures and all written history—these eight-legged enigmas have been seen as more than just creepy crawlies since time immemorial.

Spiders have long haunted the peripheries of our homes and our imaginations, spinning webs not just of silk but also of meaning. Across cultures and continents, they’ve been revered as enigmatic connectors between this world and veiled realms beyond.

mystical portal

The Hopi’s Great Web of Being, is an understanding of the universe and its creation, not as a rigid structure, but as a vibrant web woven by unseen hands. In this conceptualization of the universe, the spider features prominently as a designer. The most revered is the Hopi Spider Woman, Kokyangwuti, is especially revered—her role is that of a vital spiritual weaver. The Spider Woman’s webs connect diverse realms, stitching together the tangible and the ethereal.

Just as a spider might carefully construct and repair its web, the Spider Woman tirelessly maintains the balance of the web of life. Her unending work ensures that communication flows between the earthly and the spiritual realms. Every strand spun, every knot tied, links this world with the next, allowing for the never-ending flow of energy.

Spiders And The Weather

In many cultures, from medieval Europe to present-day Japan, spiders have been considered skilled weather oracles.

Spiders are not meteorologists, of course. However, ancient wisdom tells us they have a knack for sensing subtle shifts in the atmosphere—and so does The Almanac in this excellent article about how creepy crawlies can be used to predict the weather.


Seeing spiders busily building intricate webs in open areas, like miniature shimmering skyscrapers, often signifies dry days ahead. They’re making the most of the sunshine, you see, knowing their carefully woven masterpieces wouldn’t survive a downpour. But if you find abandoned webs or see our eight-legged friends huddled inside their silken shelters, well, that’s nature’s way of whispering “raincoat required!”

Direction Of Movement

Spider Goes Up Its Web! Spider Goes Down Its Web! What Does it Mean?

For example, a spider creeping up a wall or climbing its web upwards indicates a rise in good fortune. Conversely, a spider running down a wall or descending a thread of silk can mean a downturn in your luck.

Therefore, if you’ve seen lots of spiders moving up, then don’t worry—you’re on the right path. However, if you seen spiders often moving downwards then it might be time to reflect on current tasks, decisions, and positions in order to address any potential challenges you might encounter.

Types Of Spider

Forget one-size-fits-all spiders: each type of spider spins its own story. What that means is, when attempting to decipher the meaning of a sighing of a spider, it’s important to pay close attention to the type of spider you see.

Spiders And Color

Color, of course, plays an important role in the spiritual meaning of a spider.

For example, the deadly black widow: it comes to us a grim warning of possible doom. And, considering how dangerous its bite is, such a spiritual representation is understandable. Meanwhile, the vibrant red crab spider tells a different story. It embodies a burst of fiery life, just like its bright red color might lead you to believe. So, as you can see, these hues are worth paying attention to, even though they do not always provide definitive answers.

reddish orange colored spider

Additionally, lighter colored spiders are believed, by some, to often hint at something positive to come. Whereas, darker colored spiders might suggest the opposite, i.e. they are considered, by some at least, to be bad omens. However, don’t put too much credence in these claims, because others would argue that a black spider is a powerful omen of protection.

Remember, though, interpreting these messages is not a science and what you believe is always a personal choice. Just because we say something is a good or a bad omen doesn’t necessarily make it so, instead you should embrace this ambiguity and let your intuition guide you.

The Spooky Writing Spider

Have you ever seen a spiderweb on the underside of a roof that kind of looks like cursive writing? Well, you’ve likely encountered the web of the black and yellow writing spider (Argiope aurantia). This spider is native to both North and Central America.

The writing spider is a dandy sighting for nature lovers and folklore enthusiasts alike. While its striking coloration—a dark base adorned with vibrant yellow stripes—naturally draws immediate attention, it’s the spider’s web that hints at a chilling omen. This is because some believe that spotting a person’s name woven into the web’s delicate threads foreshadows their demise, adding a grim layer of uneasiness to any encounter with the writing spider’s ominous web.

What’s A “Money Spider” Anyway?

Ever felt a delicate tickle on your hand, and looked down to find a tiny spider? Don’t freak out, don’t crush the little thing, or swat it away at all. You should remain calm, and let the little critter crawl across your palm—this is because in some cultures, encountering a “money spider” is a stroke of serendipity, bound to bring you riches!

tiny money spider on somebody's cheek

The lore goes like this: when a money spider graces your palm, some see it as an undeniable message. The money spider has arrived to spin you some new thread. That is, the money spider, some believe, foretells of improved finances, so much so that you’ll be able to buy “new threads” i.e. new clothes.

So, if you find a money spider, be as gentle as you can and cross your fingers for a bit of good fortune!

What Does It Mean If You See A Spider In Your House?

Encountering spiders in different areas of your home can carry different symbolic meanings. The interpretation hinges on, not only the specific location of the spider, but also its behavior and even the time of day you see the spider. An early-morning sighting may lean towards a warning of potential challenges, whereas encounters in the afternoon and evening suggest a more favorable message.

Spider in Your Bed Spiritual Meaning

Finding a spider in your bed is a perfectly straightforward omen. It simply means you will be receiving news. Whether the news is good or bad (or somewhere in between) isn’t immediately clear. However, the spider’s presence in the bed represents a messenger foretelling the arrival of news.

You might see spiders in your bedroom, it not exactly in the bed.

For instance, finding cobwebs above the bed could indicate new romantic entanglements. This is because the webs represent the heart becoming trapped in the feeling of new love: specifically, very new passions with a very new partner.

cozy bedroom

However, don’t despair if you are in a steady relationship. Instead, just beware, because when you’re already in a relationship and cobwebs appear above the bed, then it might mean that one partner is not satisfied either emotionally or physically. This is because the relationship has gone dormant, this is symbolized by the cobwebs forming over the marital bed. Fret not, this is, of course, something you can address to arrest any decline in your relationship.

Additionally, if you see a spider on the bedroom ceiling—especially a black, brown, or dark spider—some would suggest that it could represent withdrawal of affections. It could be either party though, so depending on your intuition, how you might proceed with vary. Again, be aware of this and, depending on how you feel about the relationship, take the appropriate course of action.

Spiders In The Kitchen

Spiders in the kitchen are interesting. This is because the kitchen symbolizes the family itself—after all, this is where the family typically gathers to cook and eat.

modern kitchen

So, as a result, seeing spiders in the kitchen is an omen relating to family. Typically, a spider in the kitchen can be a sign of family disagreement. Usually they’re minor conflicts, but could be more significant. Cobwebs on the ceiling and walls can amplify the importance of the omen: it could mean marital issues or even a divorce.

Spiders On The Floor

Repeatedly seeing spiders running along the floor comes with its own significance. First of all, consider the direction the spiders you see are moving in. If the spiders run towards you, then this means a change will come and—because the spider is coming to you—that the change will revolve around you. However, if the spiders you see are consistently moving away from you then that means the change will affect somebody else near to you.

What’s Hiding In The Corner?

It can feel ominous to find a spider staring at you from the corner of a room.

spider in the corner of a room

But, there is no reason to worry. A spider that takes up a spot in the corner of a room represents a guardian watching over you and anybody else welcome in the room. While the spider itself might not physically be the guardian in question, instead it can represent assistance and protection from the other side.

Spiders And Doorways

A spider might present itself in your front door as a way of letting you know you will be receiving guests soon. You might be expecting them, but likely not if an omen has been sent to inform you. So, if your living room is a mess and you find a spider on your doorstep then it might be time to clean up!


Not all guests are welcome, and the spider omen can let you know of that, too. It does this via its color. Specifically, a darker spider can indicate an unwelcome or even dangerous visitor. Whereas, a lighter colored spider means a friend or loved one will visit you soon.

And what does a spiderweb in a doorway mean? Well, it means any expected visitors will be delayed as though they are caught in and slowed by the web.

Spiders In The Bathroom!

Bathrooms have sinks, toilets, showers, and bath tubs—all a source of water. Therefore, creepy crawlies of all kinds gravitate to them. Spiders are no different, so you’ll often see them hanging out in your bathroom.

While that superficial explanation might suffice for some, others believe a spider’s presence in your bathroom carries a deeper meaning.

For example, if you see a spider in or around your toilet. It can warn that you are wasting too much money, i.e. flushing your cash down the drain! This could be for your household or any business endeavors you are engaged in. While, if the toilet isn’t clean when the spider is around, perhaps that could indicate a relationship turning rancid, sour and putrid!

spider in bathroom sink

Your bathroom sink, with its accompanying mirror, can sometimes attract spiders. If this occurs, then consider it a warning that you are dedicating too much effort to vanity and ego without considering what such efforts bring you in terms of either a) materially or b) joy.

Overall, consider a spider’s placement and movement in the bathroom when attempting to decipher a message. If it is near water or moving towards water, then double check your finances. If it is hanging around or moving towards the mirror and sink, then be sure you aren’t wasting time on appearances at the expense of substance. Finally, remember that the converse applies. Specifically, if a spider moves away from water, then finances can improve. Additionally, if a spider runs away from the sink and mirror, then perhaps you aren’t taking care of your appearance and, therefore, your confidence and self-esteem.

Spider In A Child’s Room

Finding a spider in our dear baby’s room can be alarming. After all, some spiders genuinely are dangerous. So, make sure you know how to identify any dangerous spiders known to inhabit your area.

However, most spiders are utterly harmless. In fact, it is believed that a spider’s presence in your son or daughter’s bedroom is a wonderful omen. This is because the spider represents a guardian from the other side. So, if you find a spider in your child’s room and it is a harmless species, then let it stay and do its job: offering protection!

Other Encounters

Okay, so we’ve covered around the house extensively. But, around the house isn’t the only scenario where you’ll encounter spiders. You can find spiders in other places, and in other contexts. So, we’ve covered a few of those in the upcoming sections.

Spiders And Food

You might be grossed out if you ever see a spider near your food. Worse still, what if a spider walks on your food? Well, it might carry some germs—sure. But, it also carries a message.

A spider on or around food means that your food situation will improve. Specifically, it could mean you will be eating more (if you’ve lacked food in the past). Alternatively, it could mean an improvement in the quality of the food you eat—i.e., you will be eating better and as a result your health will improve.

Stuck In A Cobweb?

Cobwebs/spiderwebs have their own meanings.

The most common, general, and rudimentary understanding of webs is as signs of entanglement and traps. For example, if you walk into a web then it can be interpreted as a warning that you are about to get stuck in a bad situation.

Consider a web above a single person’s bed—it could represent a new romantic entanglement. But, in a marriage or a steady relationship, it could foretell a chilling of affections. Similarly, webs in the kitchen can also point to a potential divorce.

thick cobwebs

A spider’s web spun on a car is definitely a good sign; this is because it means a guardian has taken the car and its occupants under its protection. So, if you’re about to take a long road trip and want it to be a safe journey then think twice before dusting off a web!

Finding a web on your clothes—without realizing when or where you picked it up—is an omen of coming wealth. This is because the spider’s web symbolizes the new thread of new clothes. So, by picking up the web, you have received a message that you will be picking up new wealth with which to buy new clothes in the near future.

Did A Spider Crawl On You?

A spider crawling along your skin might be disconcerting, but don’t fret. Typically, a spider crawling on you is a good omen.

Specifically, if a spider descends down a thread and settles on your head then it is a sign of an unexpected stream of wealth coming your way. However, if the spider becomes tangled in your hair then some believe it is a sign that new love with enter your life.

Spiders In Your Car?!

Because we use cars to move around, they can represent movement into and out of our lives. When we combine the meaning of our cars with the meaning of spider messengers, we get omens of movement. Often spiders represent signs of financial change, so if you find a spider moving towards you in your car, then money is being driven into your life. While the converse is also true, if the spider rushes away from you, then be aware of possible wastage in your budget.

Remember though, spiders don’t just represent money—they’re also representations of our guardian spirits. So, if you find a spider’s web spun somewhere on your car, whatever you do, don’t remove it! A spider’s web on a car means that the guardian spirit the spider represents has taken all occupants under its protection. So, if you do find a web on your car, then maybe it’s time for you and your family or friends to take that long road trip you’ve always been dreaming of!

cobweb on a car mirror

Finding a spider in your bed is a perfectly straightforward omen. It simply means you will be receiving news. Whether the news is good or bad (or somewhere in between) isn’t guaranteed.

You might see spiders in your bedroom, not in the bed.

For instance, finding cobwebs above the bed could indicate new romantic entanglements. Specifically, new passions with a new partner. However, don’t despair if you are in a steady relationship. Instead, just beware, because in a relationship cobwebs above the bed might mean that one partner is not satisfied either emotionally or physically—you should address this.

On the other hand, if you see a spider on the bedroom ceiling—especially a black, brown, or dark spider—it might mean that a withdrawal of affections from either or both partners is approaching. Again, be aware of this and, depending on how you feel about your relationship, take the necessary course of action.

Luck And Omens

When it comes to spirituality, sometimes people want to take a shortcut to a quick answer. Is something bad luck or good luck? And what kind of omen is something? So, in the following section, we’ve attempted to distill down the spiritual meaning of a spider so that we can answer that questions quickly and easily.

Spiders: Good Omen Or Bad Omen?

They can be both.

While generally spiders are good omens, there are lots of cases where they are bringing a warning of something bad that might happen. So, even in those cases where a spider is a “bad” omen, we can still appreciate that it has come to warn us.

Is It Bad Luck To Kill Spiders?

Many believe it is indeed bad luck to kill spiders. So often they bring us positive messages. But, yes, sometimes they can be the bringers of bad omens. But rather than seeing that as an attack, treat it as the kind warning from our guardians that it is. And consider this: what sense does it make to kill the messenger?

Yes, a tiny fraction of spiders are truly dangerous. When it comes to those, educate yourself and seek professional advice on how to deal with them. While it might be bad karma to kill a spider, remember that a dangerous spider could seriously harm a loved one. So, take care!

Spiders In Folklore Around The World

Of course, it’s only natural that spiders would be become important figures in folklore. And that’s the case no matter where we are: every corner of the globe has its beliefs concerning spiders. So, we’ve selected a handful of nice examples to cover in the sections below.

Anansi, the Spider God From West Africa

For example, in West African culture, a prominent figure known as “Anansi” exists. The name Anansi has several different spellings, e.g. Anansie, but it seems as though “Anansi” has stuck.


The origin of beliefs relating to Anansi can be traced back to ancient Ghana. It subsequently traversed across the Atlantic to the New World, accompanying many Africans who were forcibly transported as slaves.

In various traditions, Anansi is depicted as an anthropomorphized spider, adorned with a human face. Additionally, the character is often endowed with eight limbs, mirroring the anatomical features of a spider. Anansi is celebrated for his wisdom and adept oratory skills, yet simultaneously, he is recognized as a cunning trickster

Arachne Of Greece

Arachne, protagonist of Ancient Greek tales, wasn’t afraid to show off. So, she took it upon herself to challenge Athena.

athena ancient greece

Arachne’s spun many webs, and each was truly amazing. Athena, though, also used her powers, her divine skills winning out. Crushed by her defeat, Arachne suffer as her pride quickly turned to dust—she was crestfallen.

So, in seeing her despair, Athena instantly transformed Arachne into a spider. As such, Arachne was condemned to forever weave delicate, temporary webs. Therefore, Arachne’s story is meant to server as a warning: avoid feelings of over-confidence.

Tsuchigumo Of Japan

Tsuchigumo, the earth spider of Japanese folklore, isn’t your friendly neighborhood orb weaver. These hulking eight-legged giants lurk beneath the surface, dwelling in ancient burrows and tangled forest roots. Some whisper they’re shapeshifters, transforming into humans to lure the unwary. Legends paint them as ferocious warriors, armed with venomous fangs and a thirst for power.

Tsuchigumo Of Japan

Beware venturing into their domain. Whispers tell of travelers swallowed whole by Tsuchigumo webs, of villages cursed by their touch. But respect, they say, earns their favor. Offerings of sake and rice cakes might appease their hunger, perhaps even earn a cryptic blessing from these enigmatic arachnids. So tread carefully, traveler, beneath the whispering canopy. You never know what secrets the earth spider holds.

Conclusion – Spider Spiritual Meaning

There you have it, the spider’s spiritual meanings revealed!

These eight-legged oracles have spun their meaning into myths throughout history and continuing to our everyday modern lives.

Every spider’s creep and every spider’s crawl can be seen to be conveying a message to the spiritually-mined among us. We’ve learned that the color, shape, size, and type of the spider affects the meaning of the omen. Additionally, we’ve covered how where you might see a spider can alter its perceived spiritual meaning or symbolic message.

Pay attention to signs and symbols in the world around you, like the spider for example, but remember we’re recounting folkloric beliefs, and not offering scientific advice. Therefore, keep an open mind and always seek appropriate advice regarding any decisions to be made.

But, don’t forget: embrace the mystery, listen to your intuition, and let their webs guide your unique journey.

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