Spiders Spiritual Meaning, Symbols, Omens

Wondering if seeing spiders around your house or elsewhere means something? Is seeing spiders an omen of something? What are the superstitions associated with spiders?

I saw some spiders today. In fact, I saw several spiders today. I saw so many spiders around the house today that I thought, “Gee, is this a sign?”

So, naturally, I was inspired to write this article covering all the signs, symbols, meanings, and omens associated with seeing spiders. Don’t be scared! Most of the time seeing spiders means something good.

General Meaning and Symbolism of Spiders

Spiders are captivating creatures; just think of the webs, the colors, the patterns, the eyes and the legs. Also, don’t forget that ruthless predatory streak. So, over the years we humans have spun a web of our own: one of signs, symbols and omens all associated with spiders.

Generally, spiders are seen as a link between this world and another world. Additionally, we view them and their webs as signs of things to come. Lastly, spiders are seen as steadfast guardians.

The more lightly colored the spider, then the better the omen. (Credit: Wikimedia user Nitin2 garg used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)(cropped from original))

Sometimes the color of a spider modifies its meaning. Specifically, a lighter colored spider indicates something positive. While, a darker colored spider might mean something negative. While this isn’t always true, it can be used as a determining factor where an element of doubt exists.

Color isn’t the only “modifier”. The time of day you see a spider can be used to indicate the nature of an omen, good or bad. For example, the earlier on in the day you see a spider, the more likely that the spider is warning you of something negative. Whereas, in the afternoon, and later into the night, the spider’s message improves. Especially if you see a spider at night time, this is generally seen as a good omen.

Are Spiders Good or Bad Omens?

They can be both.

spiders can be frightening, but are they bad omens
Spiders can be frightening, but are they bad omens? (Credit: Wikimedia user Tirin used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)(cropped from original))

While generally spiders are good omens, there are lots of cases where they are bringing a warning of something bad that might happen. So, even in those cases where a spider is a “bad” omen, we can still appreciate that it has come to warn us.

What Does It Mean If You See A Spider In Your House?

Spiders in your house often represent a good omen. But, ultimately, it depends where you see the spider and what it is doing. Furthermore, it even matters what time of day you see the spider. Keep reading the decipher where and when you’ve been seeing spiders around your house.

Where Abouts in Your House Have You Seen Spiders?

If you’re an arachnophobe, then everywhere is the “wrong” place to see a spider. However, symbols, omens and synchronicities relating to the appearance of spiders in your home can be better or worse depending on where you see the spider.

Spider in Your Bed Spiritual Meaning

Finding a spider in your bed is a perfectly straightforward omen. It simply means you will be receiving news. Whether the news is good or bad (or somewhere in between) isn’t guaranteed.

what does it mean to find spiders in your bed
Would you like to find this friendly character in your bed? (Credit: Wikimedia user AppleJuice44 used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 4.0) (cropped from original))

You might see spiders in your bedroom, not in the bed.

For instance, finding cobwebs above the bed could indicate new romantic entanglements. Specifically, new passions with a new partner. However, don’t despair if you are in a steady relationship. Instead, just beware, because in a relationship cobwebs above the bed might mean that one partner is not satisfied either emotionally or physically—you should address this.

On the other hand, if you see a spider on the bedroom ceiling—especially a black, brown, or dark spider—it might mean that a withdrawal of affections from either or both partners is approaching. Again, be aware of this and, depending on how you feel about your relationship, take the necessary course of action.

What About Spiders on Other Ceilings?

Spiders on the ceilings of other rooms in your house is much less foreboding.

spider on the ceiling what does it mean
Spiders on the ceiling can be a good omen. (Credit: Wikimedia user Fhye Rosas used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)(cropped from original)).

In fact, it’s good news. Because a spider on the ceiling is a general sign of good things to come!

Meaning of Spiders in the Kitchen

Spiders in the kitchen are interesting. This is because the kitchen symbolizes the family itself—after all, this is where the family typically gathers to cook and eat.

So, as a result, seeing spiders in the kitchen is an omen relating to family. Typically, a spider in the kitchen can be a sign of family disagreement. Usually they’re minor conflicts, but could be more significant. Cobwebs on the ceiling and walls can amplify the importance of the omen: it could mean marital issues or even a divorce.

Spiders on the Floor

Repeatedly seeing spiders running along the floor comes with its own significance. First of all, consider the direction the spiders you see are moving in. If the spiders run towards you, then this means a change will come and—because the spider is coming to you—that the change will revolve around you. However, if the spiders you see are consistently moving away from you then that means the change will affect somebody else near to you.

What’s Hiding in the Corner?

It can feel ominous to find a spider staring at you from the corner of a room.

spider in a corner
Spider watching you from a corner. (Credit: Wikimedia user Kazvorpal used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 4.0) (cropped from original))

But, there is no reason to worry. A spider that takes up a spot in the corner of a room represents a guardian watching over you and anybody else welcome in the room. While the spider itself might not physically be the guardian in question, instead it can represent assistance and protection from the other side.

Spiders in Doorways

A spider might present itself in your front door as a way of letting you know you will be receiving guests soon. You might be expecting them, but likely not if an omen has been sent to inform you. So, if your living room is a mess and you find a spider on your doorstep then it might be time to clean up!

Not all guests are welcome, and the spider omen can let you know of that, too. It does this via its color. Specifically, a darker spider can indicate an unwelcome or even dangerous visitor. Whereas, a lighter colored spider means a friend or loved one will visit you soon.

spider web in doorway
(Credit: Wikimedia user Vespertunes used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 4.0) (cropped from original))

And what does a spiderweb in a doorway mean? Well, it means any expected visitors will be delayed as though they are caught in and slowed by the web.

Spiders in the Bathroom!

Bathrooms have sinks, toilets, showers, and bath tubs—all a source of water. Therefore, creepy crawlies of all kinds gravitate to them. Spiders are no different, so you’ll often see them hanging out in your bathroom.

While that superficial explanation might suffice for some, others believe a spider’s presence in your bathroom carries a deeper meaning.

For example, if you see a spider in or around your toilet. It can warn that you are wasting too much money, i.e. flushing your cash down the drain! This could be for your household or any business endeavors you are engaged in. While, if the toilet isn’t clean when the spider is around, perhaps that could indicate a relationship turning rancid, sour and putrid!

Your bathroom sink, with its accompanying mirror, can sometimes attract spiders. If this occurs, then consider it a warning that you are dedicating too much effort to vanity and ego without considering what such efforts bring you in terms of either a) materially or b) joy.

bathroom sink

Overall, consider a spider’s placement and movement in the bathroom when attempting to decipher a message. If it is near water or moving towards water, then double check your finances. If it is hanging around or moving towards the mirror and sink, then be sure you aren’t wasting time on appearances at the expense of substance. Finally, remember that the converse applies. Specifically, if a spider moves away from water, then finances can improve. Additionally, if a spider runs away from the sink and mirror, then perhaps you aren’t taking care of your appearance and, therefore, your confidence and self-esteem.

Spider in a Child’s Room

Finding a spider in our dear baby’s room can be alarming. After all, some spiders genuinely are dangerous. So, make sure you know how to identify any dangerous spiders known to inhabit your area.

However, most spiders are utterly harmless. In fact, it is believed that a spider’s presence in your son or daughter’s bedroom is a wonderful omen. This is because the spider represents a guardian from the other side. So, if you find a spider in your child’s room and it is a harmless species, then let it stay and do its job: offering protection!

Spiders and Food, the Omens!

You might be grossed out if you ever see a spider near your food. Worse still, what if a spider walks on your food? Well, it might carry some germs—sure. But, it also carries a message.

Would you want to find a spider in your avocados?

A spider on or around food means that your food situation will improve. Specifically, it could mean you will be eating more (if you’ve lacked food in the past). Alternatively, it could mean an improvement in the quality of the food you eat—i.e., you will be eating better and as a result your health will improve.

Spider Goes Up Its Web! Spider Goes Down Its Web! What Does it Mean?

For example, a spider creeping up a wall or climbing its web upwards indicates a rise in good fortune. Conversely, a spider running down a wall or descending a thread of silk can mean a downturn in your luck.

Therefore, if you’ve seen lots of spiders moving up, then don’t worry—you’re on the right path. However, if you seen spiders often moving downwards then it might be time to reflect on current tasks, decisions, and positions in order to address any potential challenges you might encounter.

What is a “Money Spider”?

Money spiders are tiny spiders that, when they crawl across your hand, are believed to bring money your way. Any species of spider that falls into the Linyphiidae family is known as a money spider.

This belief extents from the notion that the spider has arrived to spin new thread for you, and thereby provide you with the means to buy new clothes.

Got Stuck in a Cobweb?

Cobwebs/spiderwebs have their own meanings.

The most common, general, and rudimentary understanding of webs is as signs of entanglement and traps. For example, if you walk into a web then it can be interpreted as a warning that you are about to get stuck in a bad situation.

Consider a web above a single person’s bed—it could represent a new romantic entanglement. But, in a marriage or a steady relationship, it could foretell a chilling of affections. Similarly, webs in the kitchen can also point to a potential divorce.

(Credit: Wikimedia user Piith.hant used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 4.0) (cropped from original))

A spider’s web spun on a car is definitely a good sign; this is because it means a guardian has taken the car and its occupants under its protection. So, if you’re about to take a long road trip and want it to be a safe journey then think twice before dusting off a web!

Finding a web on your clothes—without realizing when or where you picked it up—is an omen of coming wealth. This is because the spider’s web symbolizes the new thread of new clothes. So, by picking up the web, you have received a message that you will be picking up new wealth with which to buy new clothes in the near future.

Ever Heard of the Writing Spider?

The writing spider (Argiope aurantia) is a species native to North and Central America. Its coloration is very distinctive; it’s black (or very dark brown) with brighter yellow markings.

This spider spider can deliver a most chilling omen. It is known as the “writing” spider because its webs have the appearance of cursive writing. So, people believe that if they see a person’s name written in the writing spider’s web then that person will die soon.

Spiders and the Weather

Spiders have been used to predict the weather since since time immemorial.

empty spider webs are believed to predict wet weather
Empty spider webs are believed to predict wet weather. (Credit: Wikimedia user Fir0002 used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)(cropped from original)).

This is because it is believed that spiders known if rain is going to come soon, and as such don’t waste their time making webs. Therefore, if you seen lots of new webs being spun by our eight-legged friends, then dry weather can be expected. Conversely, a lack of new webs—or spiders vacating webs—means rain is on the way! So, grab an umbrella!

Did a Spider Crawl on You?

A spider crawling along your skin might be disconcerting, but don’t fret. Typically, a spider crawling on you is a good omen.

Specifically, if a spider descends down a thread and settles on your head then it is a sign of an unexpected stream of wealth coming your way. However, if the spider becomes tangled in your hair then some believe it is a sign that new love with enter your life.

Spiders in Your Car?!

Because we use cars to move around, they can represent movement into and out of our lives. When we combine the meaning of our cars with the meaning of spider messengers, we get omens of movement. Often spiders represent signs of financial change, so if you find a spider moving towards you in your car, then money is being driven into your life. While the converse is also true, if the spider rushes away from you, then be aware of possible wastage in your budget.

cobweb on car
Cobweb between mirror and side window of a car. It is believed that the web is a sign of a guardian who will protect all within the car.

Remember though, spiders don’t just represent money—they’re also representations of our guardian spirits. So, if you find a spider’s web spun somewhere on your car, whatever you do, don’t remove it! A spider’s web on a car means that the guardian spirit the spider represents has taken all occupants under its protection. So, if you do find a web on your car, then maybe it’s time for you and your family or friends to take that long road trip you’ve always been dreaming of!

Anansi, the Spider God From West Africa

For example, in West African culture, there is a well-known character known as “Anansi” (also spelled “Anansie”).

Illustration of Anansi. (Credit: Wikimedia user Biblioteca Juvenil Mayaguez used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 4.0) (cropped from original))

The story of Anansi began in Ghana. From there it spread to the New World as many Africans were brought there as slaves.

Some traditions see Anansi as a anthropomorphized spider with a human face. Additionally, Anansi typically possesses eight limbs, just like a spider. Anansi, while known to be a wise and skillful speaker, is also believed to be somewhat of a trickster.

Is It Bad Luck To Kill Spiders?

Many believe it is indeed bad luck to kill spiders. So often they bring us positive messages. But, yes, sometimes they can be the bringers of bad omens. But rather than seeing that as an attack, treat it as the kind warning from our guardians that it is. And consider this: what sense does it make to kill the messenger?

But Aren’t Spiders Dangerous?

Yes, a tiny fraction of spiders are truly dangerous. When it comes to those, educate yourself and seek professional advice on how to deal with them. While it might be bad karma to kill a spider, remember that a dangerous spider could seriously harm a loved one. So, take care!

Did You Know?

  • There’s a town called “Spider” in Kentucky!
  • King Louis XI of France was known as “l’universelle aragne“, the universal spider.
  • The 29th chapter of the Quran is called “Al-‘Ankabūt” which translates to “the Spider”.
  • British alternative band “Skunk Anansie” are named after the West African spider folklore figure.
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