Broken Glass Spiritual Meaning and Omens

Breaking glass, it’s such a startling and evocative experience. Of course, the spiritually-minded among us might question: is there a meaning associated with breaking glass? So, today, in this article, we’re going to explain the spiritual meaning of broken glass. Glass, since its earliest invention, has been seen to possess spiritual meaning, cultivate spiritual energy, … Read more

Broken Wine Glass Spiritual Meaning

So, you’ve broken a wine glass ( sometimes spelled “wineglass”) and, naturally, you’re wondering if there’s an omen or spiritual meaning associated with it? Well, you’ve come to the write place! It’s pretty common to break drinking vessels—whether it’s a coffee mug or a dainty little teacup, whenever you mix liquid and ceramic or glass … Read more

Heart Shape Symbolism

Are you wondering about the spiritual meaning of the heart shape? Maybe you’re seeing hearts just about everywhere. There’s heart-shaped balloons, and heart-shaped cookies, and hearts on playing cards, and underwear, and candy, and jewelry, and well, pretty much everywhere. It’s difficult to get through a day without seeing a heart shape somewhere. And, to … Read more

Lightning Strike Spiritual Meaning and Omens

Wondering about the spiritual meaning of a lightning strike feels totally natural—after all, they come as a sudden crash out of the blue. So, of course they feel utterly divine. That’s how we’ve conceptualized lightning throughout history and across the world. Whether it’s Zeus in Greece, Thor in Scandinavia, Xolotl in Central America, or Raijin … Read more