3 Simple Ways To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

Sometimes it can just feel like you’re in a bit of a funk.

For the spiritually minded of us out there, we can put this feeling down to a lot of things. Maybe you’re out of alignment—we all know what it feels like when we’re not in the groove. Alternatively, perhaps you think some jealous onlookers have struck you with the evil eye? Or, worse yet, have you been cursed by a hoodoo practitioner?

Well, in this article, we have a list of three super simple things you can do to help get rid of that negativity energy.

1. Place Black Crystals At The Four Corners Of Your Home

This is the first piece of advice, and a very effective one for keeping negative energy out in the first place.

Using black crystals is important because the black coloration of the stone allows it to absorb and ground bad vibes.

large chunks of raw obsidian

This means you can use a variety of stones. For example, you could use black tourmaline, onyx, or even obsidian. Any four pieces of one of these stones will suffice for creating a protective grid around your home.

Go ahead and do it right now, the sooner you protect yourself from the ill intents of others the better!

2. Add Jingling Bells To Your Doors

Adding bells to your door is a traditional way to dispel negative energy in your home.

The belief is held by Western practitioners of witchcraft, but perhaps the tradition goes even further back in Chinese culture.

a box of jingle bells

It is believed that the sudden, sharp, and pleasant sound of jingling bells unsettles the stale air and stagnant energy of the hope. It’s easy to hear bells and imagine how those vibrations spread through the air, shattering negative energy formations.

But, that’s not all—some believe that the ringing of bells can ward off malign entities. Depending on your personal beliefs, this could be anything from “bad spirits” to a more conventional concept of demons or ghosts.

3. Place Nazar Amulets (Evil Eyes) Facing Out Of Your Windows

The third and final item on our list is the use of nazar amulets.

You might have heard them called “evil eyes”. While this is a commonly accepted name for them, they’re in fact intended to ward off the evil eye.

several different styles and shapes of nazar amulet hanging from hooks

When somebody is jealous of you they can put the evil eye on you. This means that their jealousy alerts malign spirits (demons, for example) of your success. And demons being the way they are, they want to ruin your happiness.

You don’t always catch the evil eye because of jealousy, though. Instead, sometimes a kind friend can put the evil eye on you by accident. This happens when they admire you so much that they praise you excessively. Some believe the evil spirits hear this praise and, thereby, learn of the recipients success. Again, the evil spirit then attaches onto the person so as to bring them bad luck.

Affixing evil eye amulets facing out of the windows in your house is a way to ward off such negative intentions.

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