Drinking From A Saucer Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever seen an elderly person drinking from a saucer? My great-grandmother used to do it, I always found the practice really strange! I never fully understood it as a child, I just thought it was some old tradition thing and didn’t pay much attention to it. After all, grandparents do all sorts of weird practices I didn’t fully understand growing up. My great-grandmother lived through the Great Depression and washed her aluminum foil. To her it was very valuable! But, believe it or not, drinking from a saucer is also a valuable practice and actually has a lot of deep spiritual meaning. And, after reading this article you might actually start to do the practice yourself.

But, first things first it helps to understand a little bit about the traditional tea cup and saucer. While drinking tea is an ancient practice, our modern tea cup with a handle dates back to the 1700s. Also, around that time the saucer was introduced along with it. And, the tea saucer was originally intended to have tea poured into it to cool faster. So, originally tea would have been drank directly from the saucer first. It’s a lot faster than blowing on each spoonful to cool it down!

However, as all fashion and styles change, it was considered in some circles to be rather socially unacceptable to drink from a saucer. After all, drinking from a saucer was for cats and uncultured people! Next, they may even dip their cookies in their cooling tea. Can you imagine the audacity?! How undignified! We’ll have to send a telegram warning others.

Still, apart from some practical purposes, drinking from a saucer has a lot of rich spiritual symbolism. Which might explain why the tradition continues on today. So, let’s get into it!

What Does Drinking From A Saucer Symbolize?

So, what does it mean when someone drinks from a saucer? Well, simply put, it means their cup has overflowed. There’s a few poems and songs actually written about the metaphor, especially from a religious standpoint. So, what does it mean?

Well, in life our cup overflowing represents and abundance of good things. From a spiritual standpoint, water or any liquid that you might drink, symbolizes the important , vital things in life. After all, most people can survive weeks without food, but only a few days tops without water. In other words, water represents love, happiness, emotions, and all the things that give us deep meaning and adds true value in our life. When our cup overflows in this context, it means there’s literally too many good things for us to hold within our cup! Or, to word it maybe a bit more poetically, there’s so much love in our life that it can’t be contained.

So, what does drinking from the saucer have to do with any of this? When we drink from the saucer we send a message to the universe or the divine that we appreciate every bit of happiness that is sent our way. Even if it is too much to fit within our current physical vessel, or a coffee cup, we still relish every drop. And, none of it goes to waste!

drinking from a saucer cup overflow meaning
Would you drink from this saucer? You might want to start from now on!

Is It Good Luck To Drink From A Saucer?

So, should you start drinking from a saucer? And, is it good luck? Absolutely! While it’s still probably considered a bit socially uncouth to do so at an elegant, classy tea party, from a spiritual standpoint it’s fantastic practice. Not only is is practical in cooling down your hot beverage quicker, it’s easier to dip your cookies or shortbread in as well. And, it sends a message of gratitude to the universe. After all, you are cherishing every drop of liquid gold that flows into your life.

And, it’s important to remember that the overflowing of your cup of water, tea, or coffee into a saucer, doesn’t only represent abundance in love. It can symbolize an overflowing of anything of true value in your life. This could mean happiness, fulfillment, joy and other truly pleasant feelings. And, who doesn’t want more of that in their day to day experience?

So, take some time to drink from your saucer and truly enjoy the overflowing of good things coming into your life. Savor every drop and give thanks and gratitude for the good stuff already in your life. And, welcome with open arms the new wonderful experiences to come!

Drinking From A Saucer Dream Meaning

Have you had a dream about someone drinking from a saucer? Firstly, when it comes to dream interpretation, make sure to pay attention to how you felt during the dream. For instance, if someone was obnoxiously slurping from a saucer it could have a different meaning than someone who was pleasantly drinking from one. In this case, if you were annoyed by the person you may have an overflowing of negative emotions that you possibly need to examine and make peace with.

But generally, drinking in dreams symbolizes spiritual refreshment and nourishment. And, of course, the liquid represents emotions. So, drinking from a saucer could represent a renewal of energy between you and this person. Or, possibly an overflowing of some feelings concerning this person. This is especially relevant if you have been holding back or denying how someone makes you feel. It might be time to let it all come out!

If you dream of yourself drinking from a saucer, you can most likely expect new fulfillment and happiness in your waking life. This is an incredible omen when it comes to those hoping to manifest love into their lives. Of course, pay attention to your surroundings when you dreamt of this. You may find more clues to what area of your life you can expect abundance in. For instance, if your cup overflowed into your saucer at your job, you can probably expect more fulfilling and rewarding work soon.

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