Crepe Myrtle Tree – Spiritual Meaning

Crepe myrtle tree – if it’s May or June then you might have started seeing the beautiful blooms of the crepe myrtle.

Naturally, when things present to us numbers or in ways that seem significant, then we ask that question—what does it mean? And an eye-catching tree like the crepe myrtle has a way of making us ask that question. Something so beautiful must mean something, right? Well, in this article we’re going to look at that.

What Are Crepe Myrtles Anyway?

Crepe myrtles aren’t just one species. Rather, it’s a genus (Lagerstroemia) of over 50 species. So, naturally, what we know as crepe myrtles can vary. Sometimes they grow as huge trees, as tall as 30 feet (9 meters). Whereas, other times they are short shrubs. Also to be considered is the climate in which they are grown. This is because, in some climates, they die down to their base during cold winters and grow afresh from the roots every spring.

Pink Blossoms & Blooms

It’s true that there are varieties of crepe myrtle that have red or white blooms, but most of the time they’re pink! And so, we have to consider the spiritual meaning of pink blooms.

In Western society especially, we associate the color pink with femininity. So, if you are perceiving a message through the appearance of pink-flowered crepe myrtles then it could be time to reflect on the girls and women in your life. How are they doing? Is there anything you can do for them?

pink blossoms symbols meaning crepe myrtle

Pink is also a sign of good health. Combining a symbol of good health with a symbol of vigorous spring growth means good things for your health. If you have struggled with poor health in the past, then it could be that the sighting of pink-flowered crepe myrtles is an omen of better times ahead.

Lastly, pink is a playful color. As such, reflect on how much of your time you dedicate to play. Whatever that is for you. Specifically, make time for your hobbies, make time to get out and have fun, make time for social activities. Be happy when you play, and engage in play that makes others happy too.

Symbolism of Crepe Myrtle Spring Blooms

Pink is also a symbol of youth. This dovetails well with their significance as a spring bloomer. All of the new growth in Spring symbolizes rebirth, and the chance for you and your loved ones to grow anew. If you are feeling old, well don’t fret too much—be like the Spring blossoms and just grow again. Keep on giving what you can each and every cycle. Specifically, be young at heart and make youthful decisions.

Additionally, take the crepe myrtle as a sign that you should check in on the youngsters in your sphere. How are they getting on lately? And, most importantly, what can you do to help them bloom their best?

Crepe Myrtles Are Deciduous – Meaning Die Off During the Winter

Yes, they grow back in the spring, and are therefore a symbol of life, rebirth, and fertility. But, they are also a symbol of the life journey. Birth, life, and death. Thoughts of literal death can be a bit morbid and, for most of our lives, aren’t pertinent anyway. However, the end (i.e. death) of old experiences and the growth of new experiences to take their place is symbolized in deciduous trees.

Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy

The delicate, crepe-like flowers of the crepe myrtle are certainly a representation of the grace and beauty of the feminine. And, while blooming, they can obscure the tree’s other half. The myrtle tree’s other half? Why, the masculine of course. This is embodied by the tough bark and rigid trunk and branches of the tree.

So, perhaps the appearance of crepe myrtles in your life is a reminder to balance your own masculine and feminine energies. Remember, we all have them, and that’s good.

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