Acorns Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What omens, spiritual, and symbolic meanings are associated with acorns? These objects, seeds of the mighty oak tree, are rich with meaning. Also, their meaning varies from culture to culture around the world. Generally speaking, though, acorns represent immortality through rebirth, the cycle of life and the seasons, growth, might, humble beginnings, abundance, prosperity, and … Read more

Tree Bark Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Tree bark represents an interesting topic to examine with regards to spiritual meaning, omens, and symbolism. This is because trees, more broadly speaking, are the core of so much of our spiritual belief. We can consider the various “World Tree” beliefs that exist as a beginning for so many different cultures. Also, we can look … Read more

Falling Leaves Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What are the omens and spiritual meanings associated with falling leaves? Of course, we all see falling leaves when the autumn arrives. But, when do they a message or omen? This, of course, is a personal question. When omens come to us we typically know inside. That is, a particular experience catches our attention and … Read more

White Trees – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

White trees are, of course, eye-catching. This is because, simply, they’re quite unusual. But, it’s not just that, white itself is a color bubbling with symbolism. No matter the culture, white (and its opposite, black) convey potent spiritual meanings. Like the color white, trees are the focal point of many spiritual beliefs. So, when you … Read more