Tree Bark Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Tree bark represents an interesting topic to examine with regards to spiritual meaning, omens, and symbolism. This is because trees, more broadly speaking, are the core of so much of our spiritual belief. We can consider the various “World Tree” beliefs that exist as a beginning for so many different cultures. Also, we can look at the meanings of different trees—what a does a weeping willow stand for or how about a sycamore tree? And that’s worthy of consideration, of course. But what are the things we can learn from a tree’s specific features? Today, we’re starting with the spiritual meaning of tree bark.

Tree Meaning – Let’s Put Some Roots Down

Before we learn about tree bark specifically, we’ll need to lay a foundation of understanding of the spiritual and symbolic importance of trees. Put down some roots, as it were.

Around the world, there are numerous cultures whose beliefs feature the concept of a “World Tree”. Often, the different concepts of the World Tree position the tree at the crux of their beliefs. Typically, the World Tree is the giver and/or originator of life. Also, it can be perceived as the center of the universe. So, that’s the main thing to build your understanding of tree symbolism around—they are vitally important life-givers.

world tree bark spiritual meaning

Additionally, we associate trees with vast wisdom. This is an understandable connection to make, as trees are incredibly long-lived. Also, their rigid stoicism implies a sort of endurance that can only come from a knowledge beyond the corporeal. Also, the Christians out there will also be aware of the Tree of Knowledge from the Bible.

Another significant symbol of trees comes from the deciduous sort. Because deciduous trees grow, shed, and regrow their leaves, they are symbols of the never ending cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. Of course, some types of trees never lose their leaves—evergreen trees, of course. Evergreens, naturally, symbolize eternal life. This is why evergreen houseplants are often given to the bereaved to symbolize the eternal growth of the deceased’s soul regardless of their mortal body. Also, evergreens are used in the depth of winter as a symbol that life endures.

Tree Bark and Protection

It probably goes without saying, but tree bark represents protection. What’s interesting, though, is what sort of protection it symbolizes.

Technically, bark evolved to help retain moisture. Therefore, it represents a protection of precious resources. When tree bark comes to you in a message, then it could be that you’re intended to learn to care for the important and precious things in your life. It could anything from taking care of your health, to protecting your finances, or even keeping the inside of your home safe and clean.

tree bark

Bark is also a representation of having a tough outer shell with regards to how you meet the world and its challenges. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go around and be standoffish, grumpy, and unpleasant to other people. Quite the contrary, sometimes being nice and friendly is the best way to be “strong”. Regardless, take the message of the tree bark as a reminder that you can make your mind up to protect yourself from the world’s worst effects and grow as big and as tall and as strong as you want!

Cracked Tree Bark Omen

Cracked bark isn’t a good sign on a tree. It may mean the tree is enduring some health issues, in which case you should consult an expert. You don’t want a tree in your yard that’s rotting from the inside out.

Anyway, that is, of course, a literal concern. When it comes to spirituality, cracked bark is an omen that there is a weak or broken spot in your outer structure. Applying that meaning to your own life and what it means in more specific detail is, as you can imagine, challenging. This is because only you will know what areas of weakness you might be experiencing. It’s important that, when trying to decipher omens and messages, you rely most of all on your intellect, wisdom, and intuition. Think about your life and where you might be at risk and take measured action.

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