Olive Spiritual Meaning

Are you seeing olives everywhere? Maybe you keep seeing olives in drinks, or pictures of olive trees, or random olive oil uses, or even an olive pit in your salad! This actually happened to me with an olive pit. And, I was surprised to see there wasn’t a lot of easily found information about olive spiritual meaning! Therefore, I took some time to research all about them. Actually, there’s a rich history surrounding the olive and lots of mentioning of olives in the Bible. Certainly, there’s a deep spiritual symbolism when we encounter the olive! So, sit back and relax while we explore further.

First, before we get into the individual meaning of each item relating to the olive, it’s important to know what the olive represents overall. In many societies the olive tree was seen as a direct connection with the spiritual realms and divinity. It has many uses and was vitally important to every day life in ancient times. As a result, the olive has a connection with peace and longevity. It represents well being, purity, and cleanliness. And, they’re also incredibly healthy to eat!

For instance, throughout all of my research, I came across no negative meaning of the olive in any form, with one small exception of a dream meaning of olives on the ground which we will discuss later. So, if you are seeing the olive or anything that has a connection with it, know that is an incredible omen to receive. You can most certainly expect good things to come in abundance into your life! And, the specifics of even the color of an olive might give you a clue to what you can expect.

What’s The Difference Between Green Olives and Black Olives Spiritually?

So, maybe you’re wondering if there’s any different spiritual meaning between the different color of olives. Well, there definitely is! All olives start off as green and eventually ripen to a rich purple or black color. The ripe ones have more oil content and therefore are more valuable in a harvest. But, this does not mean that green olives are somehow less important spiritually than the ripe ones.

To clarify, the color green has a connection with love and the heart chakra. So, if you are seeing the imagery of green olives often, you might expect love to enter into your reality very soon. This could also mean that peace and tranquility will soon enter into a current relationship if there is trouble at the moment. Also, remember that abundance has a strong link with the olive. So, you might expect abundance in the form of not only love but money as well since green and abundance have a strong connection. You can’t go wrong with any of that!

So, what’s the spiritual meaning of a black olive? Well, black is the color of protection and power. Black olives are most desirable because they have fully matured. Therefore, the black olive can represent overcoming any obstacle in life with peacefully. They are symbols of powerful abundance and even fertility! As a result, if you are pregnant or expecting to become soon, it’s a wonderful omen to receive as a symbol of strength and protection.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of Dark Purple Olives?

If the olive in question is more dark purple, it is a powerful message to stay in connection with the divine. If you are not familiar with dark purple olives, they are usually called Kalamata olives because they’re grown in a specific region of Greece where the trees receive more sunlight. As a result, the olives often appear purple instead of black. The color purple has a connection with royalty but also the crown chakra. It is considered one of the most spiritually aligned colors, maybe second only to the color white which is also linked with the crown chakra.

Because of their connection with sunlight as well, this is an incredible omen to stay in connection with the higher realms. Therefore, purple olives are a sign that as long as you stay in line with your higher purpose and calling, abundance and good things will most certainly flow into your life. Make sure to maintain a positive outlook and more positive things will surely come.

olive tree spiritual meaning
Olive trees are known to thrive abundantly for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Olive Tree Spiritual Meaning

The olive tree is incredibly fascinating from a spiritual standpoint. Olive trees take many years to fully mature to produce olives, but they continue production for hundreds, if not thousand of years. In fact, some olive trees are said to be over two thousand years old and still going strong! Olive trees require very little in terms of nutrition from soil because of their extensive root structure. And, they continue to thrive in less favorable circumstances like drought, light ground frost, or even fire! In ancient times, not only did they provide food but their oil would have been used in everything from religious ceremonies to powering lanterns. As a result, we can understand why the olive tree is an important symbol over the centuries.

So, what does the olive tree mean spiritually? It represents peace, victory, stability, and abundance. The olive tree represents the good times in life, overcoming adversity and flourishing despite outside circumstances. It is a spiritual message that power comes from within ourselves not from external sources. So, if you are seeing olive trees often, make sure you are standing within your own power in your life. Remember, peace does not only come from the outside, but within. Make sure that you are remaining true to yourself and, more importantly, at peace with yourself. Only then can you overcome any obstacle in your way with grace and strength. Just like the olive tree!

What Does An Olive Branch Spiritually Mean?

Are you wondering what it means to extend an olive branch? In context, this means to offer peace and a truce to end arguments or disagreements. Generally, the olive branch has a strong association with peace. In ancient Greece, olive branches were often carried by worshippers to temples to show their respect to the gods. In Roman culture as well, the olive branch was used as a symbol of peace on the back of coins. This symbolism continues on in Christianity with the dove carrying the olive branch back to Noah after the flood representing peace and hope. The olive branch is still visible on many countries emblems, currency, and flags even today.

But, what does an olive branch itself mean spiritually in your own life? Well, if you are seeing olive branches everywhere you can definitely expect peace in some matter. For instance, if you have a disconnect with an old friend, you might soon expect reconciliation. Or, if you have someone you consider an enemy even, you might expect a new perspective on your interaction soon. Also, if you are at war with an aspect of yourself, you may even expect peace on that front. What can you do to bring more balance in your life either externally or internally? The olive branch is a wonderful omen that the time is right to bring about peace and serenity into your life.

What Does Giving An Olive Tree As A Gift Mean Spiritually?

Well, almost everyone has heard about giving an olive branch, but what about giving an actual olive tree? Well, in ancient Greece, olives and olive trees were given to newlyweds because of their association with fertility and abundance. This makes sense because olive trees live hundreds of years, and who wouldn’t want a gift of an olive tree to represent eternal and abundant love? What a great legacy to pass down to future generations!

Also, olive oil and olives are still considered an aphrodisiac because of this Greek custom. However, there is some scientific research to back this claim up. Talk about romance! Either way, if you’re looking for a gift for a newlywed an olive tree is a great one.

potted olive tree

But, giving an olive tree as a gift doesn’t have to be about eternal love and romance. The olive tree is also about peace and hope. In the Bible, the dove Noah sent out after the great flood was said to have returned with an olive leaf in its mouth. Because of this, the olive tree has a connection with hope, renewal, and rebirth. So, if you know someone who is going through a rough time and could do with peace and eternal hope, consider giving an olive tree!

If you can’t commit a few hundred years to a real one, you might consider an artificial one like the one below. As an added bonus, it’s said that when a sick person dreams of a tree with ripe olives they will soon be healed. So, even an artificial tree with ripe olives brings in strong healing and optimistic energy.

What Does An Olive Wreath Represent?

Have you recently encountered an olive wreath, or a kotinos as its sometimes called? Maybe you’re wondering what does an olive wreath represent spiritually. When we see olive wreaths, athletes often wear them during awards ceremonies. This is because in ancient Greece, being awarded an olive wreath during the Olympics was the highest honor. This is because the competition was meant for virtue rather than physical possessions. Still, the branches of the wild olive tree were specifically chosen because the tree was considered sacred by ancient Greeks. Even the torch was said to be lit by olive oil for its symbolism.

Therefore, olive wreaths have a strong connection with victory, virtue, and divinity. So, if you are seeing olive wreaths in your reality, you can expect victory against any obstacles you may be facing. This is especially true if you are on the side of virtue and following your highest calling. You may also receive recognition or honor in a place of work or some other competitive environment you find yourself in. For instance, if you see an olive wreath before a big presentation, you can probably expect it to go very well! Or, if you put in an offer on a home in a competitive housing market and you see an olive wreath later hanging on a door, you may expect your offer to be very successful.

Olive Pit Spiritual Meaning

Ever bite into an olive only to find an olive pit? Considering that most olives are pitted, it’s usually quite unexpected and can lead to a cracked tooth. Talk about a surprise! It’s actually the inspiration behind this article. But, believe it or not, some cultures actually eat olives pits and all. So, what’s the spiritual meaning of finding an olive pit or stone anyway? And, is it good luck or bad luck?

Well, possible dental surprises aside, we must remember that the olive is a symbol of peace, incredible abundance, prosperity, and longevity. The pit, or the seed, is the very start of all of that. So, it’s safe to say that finding an olive pit is a positive omen and a sign of good luck to come! If you are starting off on a project, relationship, or a journey, you can certainly expect it to be fruitful.

It’s also important to think about seeds and how they come to grow. The seed must first be buried and then allowed to slowly grow to fruition. This is a perfect metaphor for allowing manifestations to come about in our lives. When we want to bring an experience into our reality, we must trust that it is coming to us. We do not want to dig up the seed and check on its progress repetitively. Doing so may actually stop the growth from happening at all! The olive pit is asking you to trust that the seed will grow. Allow new experiences and good luck to flow into your life easily and naturally, like the tree sprouts from the seed.

Olive Oil Spiritual Uses And Meaning

Are you wondering about the spiritual meaning of olive oil? It’s easy to overlook olive oil from a spiritual perspective. Most people probably just view olive oil as a cooking ingredient. But, actually, olive oil is incredibly spiritually important!

First, we must recall how important olive oil was to ancient cultures. Not only was olive oil used in food preparation and preservation, it was used as an ointment to treat various sicknesses and fight bacterial growth in wounds. Spiritually, olive oil has uses for anointment because the olive tree has a connection with purity, peace, and the divine. Most importantly, olive oil was used to fuel lamps, and even the Olympic torch. Because of this, olive oil was seen to bring lightness to the darkness of the world. Not only literally, but figuratively as well since olive oil brought health and vitality to those in need.

So, if you are constantly seeing olive oil and are wondering about the spiritual message, it is clear! Get in touch with your spiritual side and heal yourself. Make sure you are bringing light to even the darkest corner of yourself. Remember, olive oil is incredibly versatile. So are all aspects of yourself. Even traits that you may not like about yourself right now, might have greater purpose down the line. For example, maybe you think you daydream too much. But, then you find out that daydreaming actually helps boost problem-solving abilities (it actually does!) and you finally figure out how to solve a year long problem. Love and heal yourself and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to.

olive oil spiritual meaning
Olive oil was considered sacred and used for many purposes like anointment and fueling lamps and providing light to the world.

Dream Meanings of Olives

Having dreams about olives? Well, you’re probably not alone although it does seem rather unusual. So, what does it mean to dream about olives? As always, it’s important when trying to understand the meaning in any dream that you look first at your feelings. If you are feeling positive that will change the interpretation, so always remember to follow your intuition and remember your feelings first. Generally, dreaming of olives in any context means positive things, abundance, good luck, peace, prosperity, and longevity are on the way in your waking life.

If you dream of an olive branch, you may expect to make amends with an enemy or someone you have disagreements with. Generally, any kind of dream about an olive wreath or gathering of olives with someone means you will have a healthy, long friendship or connection. Dreaming of eating olives means prosperity and tranquility is sure to come.

If you dream of picking olives from the tree, you can expect areas of your health to improve if you are ill. You may also expect new work opportunities for abundance. However, if you dream of picking olives off of the ground, can mean that obstacles in your life have shaken your confidence. It may mean that your hard work will go unrewarded. Make sure to keep equal energy exchanges in your waking life if you have this dream!

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