Gust of Wind Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What is the meaning of a gust of wind? And by that, we mean, what is the spiritual meaning. Additionally, we’ll look at the symbolism and omens associated with a sudden gust of wind.

An unexpected breeze or squall can really convey a sensation of spiritual significance with it. That’s why, all over the world, cultures have long associated wind with the spirits. It makes sense because, like the spirits, a breeze is an unseeable power.

Wind and Change

It’s difficult to discuss the meaning of a gust of wind, without talking about the wind’s longstanding association with change. You’ve surely heard the expression “the winds of change” before. So, naturally, a gust of wind is also considered an omen of change.

gust of wind in your hair

However, it’s worth considering that wind that symbolizes change is more of a sustained wind, as opposed to a sudden gust of wind. This means that, if the idea of an incoming change into your life resonates with you, then it could well be that change is indeed coming. Alternatively, if that idea doesn’t ring true, then follow your instincts—it could be that the message from a gust of wind is actually something different.

Wind is the Element of Air in Action

The ancient concept of air as a fundamental element is important when trying to understand the spiritual meaning of a gust of wind.

In Tarot, the swords represent air.

So, what do we associate with the air element?

  • Intellect
  • Mind over matter
  • Importance of thought
  • Clarity of mind
  • Communication

So, when a gust of wind passes us by, think about those things and how they relate to your current context. Are you embracing what the air element embodies? This means that you should focus on your mind, and use it to help manifest the attainment of goals in your life. The same goes for communication—a sudden breeze empowers you to be clear, direct, and concise in your communication. Because, through that focus, you will be better able to achieve your goals.

A Gust of Wind and the Spirits

You’re probably well-aware of that special feeling. Sometimes the wind catches your skin on a warm summer day and, you can’t help it, you think of a lost loved one. Therefore, it’s only natural that so many cultures around the world associate gusts of wind with the spirits and with their ancestors.

As such, it would be understandable to take a sudden gust of air as a message from the other side. Think of it as what it is: a gentle feeling. Think of it as a gentle, cool, calm, and kind reminder from those that love that they are still here with you. And, like angels, are, of course, watching over you.

Spiritual Meaning of a Gust of Wind in Your Hair

The wind in your hair is a fantastic feeling, isn’t it? Sure, if it’s sustained wind it can get annoying. You get it all set in the morning, leave the house, and then the wind blasts it all over the place and you end up looking wild! However, a little gust of wind in your hair once in a while can feeling great.

wind in your hair spiritual meaning

But, what does a gust of wind in your hair symbolize? Well, our hair is a very symbolic part of our body. It represents many things. Firstly, it is a symbol of our strength, potency, and virility. Also, when you have your hair down, it represents freedom.

As such, when the wind blows through your hair, it means you are both strong and free. Wind in your hair means that, yes, change is coming, but no matter what that change is, you are strong enough to not only navigate it successfully, but also profit from it.

So, wind in your hair is an omen of good change.

Gust of Wind Dream Meaning

To dream of a gust of wind is an amplification of the spirits trying to reach you. This is because many see the dream world as a place where dimensions and realms intersect. In dreams, we’re able to connect with other souls (both living and passed) and receive messages from them. So, considering a gust of wind in the real world can be taken as a message from the spirits, that means a gust of wind in a dream is a very clear message from the spirits that you are being watched over and protected.

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