Broken Windshield Spiritual Meaning Omens

What’s the spiritual meaning of a cracked or broken windshield?

A lot of the time when we think about omens and spiritual meanings, we do so in relation to things that have a traditional footing in our society. Think about things like lucky horse shoes or seeing a white deer. However, the newer things we interact with—like windshields—also having meaning. In fact, sometimes their meaning goes back before their invention. This is the case with the car windshield, because after all, it’s just a window. And the other important symbolic element of car windshields is travel. This is because, obviously, we use our cars to travel.

Let’s Start With Broken Glass and Broken Windows

Since a windshield is, essentially, just a window in your car, it’s a good place to start in understanding its spiritual meaning. Windows represent several different things. Among other things, windows represent barriers, and they also represent vision.

broken window meaning

Let’s start with barriers. A barrier could be any sort of barrier. For example, it could be a metaphorical blind spot; are you overlooking something very important in your life? It could be that a broken windshield, like any broken window, is a message from your guides to examine your current situations and search for any important issues you might not be noticing.

However, a block in your vision isn’t the only sort of barrier. It could also be that you’ve been targeted by another’s ill intent. That is, something somebody has done or is doing is restricting you in some way. This could be especially something to do with vision or perception. So, when your windshield breaks, this could be a message that another person’s malign influence over you has been cracked, shattered, or broken.

Travel Omens and Broken Windshields Spiritual Meaning

When you crack a windshield, it’s the same message as a cracked window in your house. But, with one important difference. When you crack a window in your house, the omen relates to the home and the things the home symbolizes: the body, the self, protection, security, family, etc. However, when you crack your windshield, the message instead revolves around things the car represents: travel, journey, freedom, motion, movement, choice, and connections.

broken windshield spiritual meaning

So, this means that when you break your windshield you should spend time reflecting on any upcoming journeys you might have planned. The broken windshield might be an omen to shed any preconceptions you might have about the journey you have planned. Like, for example, if you assume the weather will be good, instead double, triple, and quadruple check the weather forecast to make sure you’re not accidentally driving into a hurricane or a blizzard. The same goes for which route you take, pay extra attention to what the best route might be and make a careful, considered, and thoughtful choice.

Remember though, the broken windshield isn’t a message that you must or should change your travel plans, it’s just a reminder to make the best plans ahead of the trip.

Is a Broken Windshield a Good Omen or a Bad Omen?

A broken windshield is neither a good omen or a bad omen. Instead, it comes as a neutral message to remind you to pay extra attention to things around you. The broken windshield omen wants you to break any assumptions you might have about travel. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean a prediction of something bad on your journey, it just means you can always have a better journey if you make very good plans before leaving.

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