Plum Tree Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What’s the spiritual meaning of a plum tree? Also, what symbolism is associated with the plum flower and the plum fruit? Keep on reading to find out!

What does the Plum Tree Represent?

The plum tree represents a transition between challenging times and more abundant times. This is because the plum tree blossoms in spring, i.e. it is a signal that the winter is finally ending and spring is ready to begin.

plum tree spiritual meaning

Therefore, to encounter a plum tree is to receive a message that the difficult times in your life are coming to an end. Moreover, you are readying to enter a period of increased abundance. The plum tree is an omen of a natural, comfortable, and inevitable transformation of your life from difficult and challenging to easy and abundant. So, good times are ahead!

Plum Fruit Meaning

All fruit is a symbol of divine abundance, i.e. this food is a gift from both the divine and our ancestors. The former, you’re probably aware of. But, less people understand the role our sacred ancestors played in providing us fruit nutritious fruit like plums. Originally, the plum, like most modern fruit and veg, was much less palatable, much less nutritious, and just overall not as awesome as the plum fruit we know today. This is because ancient farmers selectively bred the fruit to be better and better over hundreds and thousands of years.

plum fruit meaning

So, to receive a plum omen is to be reminded of the love, kindness, sacrifice, and diligence of our ancestors. As such, when you receive the message, remember to not only thank Mother Nature, and the divine in whatever form you find it, but also be thankful for past contributions to the common good.

Also, plum fruits represent good health and longevity, even immortality.

Plum Blossom Meaning

Plum blossoms are famously fragrant. They smell absolutely lovely; their scent is described as more “sweet” than the cherry blossom. As such, plum blooms stand for a particularly sweet sort of affection.

plum blossom meaning

Also, as with all flowers, plum blossoms represent beauty. Specifically, plum blossoms represent delicate and elegant beauty.

Plum Tree Meaning in China

In China, the plum tree is a significant symbol. This is because Chinese deities are known for eating plum fruit. It is believed that said Chinese deities were immortal because they would eat the plum fruit.

Plum Tree Meaning in Japan

Japan also has a specific meaning associated with the plum tree. In Japan, plums are planted in the northeast part of the garden. This is because the Japanese believe that evil comes from the northeast.

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