Grey Go-Away-Bird: Meanings & Symbolism

What is the spiritual significance of sighting a grey go-away-bird? What omens could this bird bring?

First & Foremost: What is a “Grey Go-Away-Bird” Anyway?

The grey go-away bird is also known as the grey lourie or loerie, or kwêvoël.

What Does the Grey Go-Away-Bird Look Like?

Their shade of grey is quite pleasant, darkening slightly towards the tail. While their underside is, of course, lighter. The kwêvoël’s bill is quaint—small, pointed, slightly curved downwards, and black. What makes the bird’s beak so interesting isn’t the beak itself. Rather, it is the striking contrast between beak and tongue—when a grey go-away-bird opens its mouth, you will see its bright pink tongue inside! Quite the sight.

Where Will I See Them?

It’s important to know where it is usual to see a bird when considering the possibility of cosmic importance. This is because if we see a bird where we expect to see it, then perhaps it’s not significant. However, if the bird catches our attention by being somehow out of place, then perhaps we should consider the meaning of such an odd sighting?

spiritual meaning of grey go-away-bird

Primarily, they inhabit damp, sparse woodlands and thorn savanna. In particular, grey go-away-birds like to live near water. They also enjoy the company of others of their own kind, and will gather to eat among the treetops and dust bathe on the ground. But, where do they get their name? Well, it comes from their unmistakable loud and nasal “kweh” or “go-way” call.

Messenger From the Heavens? Think Again

Is the grey go-away-bird a messenger from the heavens? Does it bring us messages from above? Well, sure, all flying birds do in a sense. Inherently, a bird that flies connects the sky (the heavens) with the ground (the earth). However, some birds are better flyers than others. Unfortunately, the go-away-bird is quite a cumbersome flyer. As such, we should look to other birds as emissaries of the celestial gods.

Messenger Nonetheless?

However, that does not mean that the grey go-away-bird is not symbolic of messengers. After all, it is a bird known for—and, in fact, named for—its notorious call. The grey go-away-bird’s call—“Kuh-wê!”—sounds somebody proclaiming “GO AWAY“. This bird’s call is also believed to alert other species to the presence of predators.

spiritual meaning of grey go-away-bird

So, should we encounter the grey go-away-bird, and should that encounter feel significant, then we should consider the bird’s call. Consider your life, and the life of your loved ones: is there any danger you are not fully aware of? Could the grey go-away-bird be alerting you?

Crested Bird! Symbol of Virility?

In the animal kingdom, many creates are adorned with ornate plumes, crests, horns, and bright colors. Whether we are talking about a rhino’s mighty horn, or a springbok’s delicate, ridged, and attractive antlers—the purpose is the same. Sure, horns and antlers might protect an animal, but they are typically associated with sexual vigor. So, returning to the grey go-away-bird, we can take its dainty, dandy, but impressive crest as a symbol of virility.

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