Grackle – Meaning, Omens, Signs, Symbols

Let’s learn about the spiritual meaning of seeing a grackle!

Grackles—what are the signs, symbols, omens, and meanings associated with their appearance in your life?

These birds live alongside us, and so you might be accustomed to seeing them. Typically we encounter them near a car window in the parking lot of a restaurant or grocery store. This is because they like to ask us for food. When they appear to us, they have such an inquisitive nature—it really catches our attention.

grackle spiritual meaning

As such, you might wonder if the grackle’s attention-grabbing presence in your life is a message, sign, or omen of something to come? Could it be a message from the other side?

Grackles Are NOT Crows!

What are grackles anyway? Well, they’re not crows. They kinda look them, though. So, you could be forgiven for misidentifying them as members of the corvid family. So, if these black birds aren’t crows then, what are they? Are the blackbirds? Eh, kind of. They are distantly related to the European blackbird family. However, that is not a particularly accurate way of placing them in the bird family tree. They are members of the Icteridae family, which are commonly known as “New World blackbirds”.

Birds, Flight and Freedom

Before we get into the specifics of grackle symbolism, it’s important to establish a message that all birds bring to us regardless of the species. That is a message of freedom. After all, birds are free to soar through the sky. And as such, when birds come to us, we have to remember to embrace all the freedom the world offers us. Don’t be bogged down by day-to-day life.

The Importance of Blackness

Grackles, at first, appear totally black. While they are more colorful than being plain black, it is worth remembering that they present blackness first and foremost.

In Western society, we use black to represent power, strength, authority, formality and sophistication. But, that’s not all. It is also associated with death, evil, aggression, and mystery.

grackle signs symbols meanings omens
By cuatrok77 – COMMON GRACKLE, CC BY-SA 2.0,

However, the West is not the whole world. For example, in Japan black animals are often seen as guardians. When Japanese koi owners choose koi fish for their pond they have the choice of so many bright colors. And, of course, they choose lots of bright colored koi fish. However, they believe every koi pond should have one solid black koi fish. This is because the black fish absorbs the evil spirits and protects the health of all the fish in the pond.

So, we can also apply that meaning to grackles, i.e. they come to us as guardians and protect us from malign spirits.

Yellow Eyes

Grackles possess captivating eyes. The reason for this is the yellow ring around the eyeball. This is because yellow—being the most luminous of all the colors—contrasts so starkly against the dark coloration of the bird.

What does the yellow ring around a grackles eye symbolize? Yellow around the eye carries several different meanings.

By Bob Peterson from North Palm Beach, Florida, Planet Earth! – Common Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula)Uploaded by Jacopo Werther, CC BY-SA 2.0,

First of all, it communicates a message of bright, lively, soulful intelligence. So, take this into consideration if you find yourself repeatedly visited by grackles. It could be that they are passing on a message to use your wit and intelligence to nourish the soul and enjoy a lively life. Avoid slow, sluggish, dull habits and swap them out for hobbies and pastimes that engage you and raise your vibration.

In China yellow is a regal color. Furthermore, it is associated with power and prosperity. So, a yellow ring around a grackle’s eye tells us to keep our eyes fixed on the prize. Specifically, are you making choices that engage with the world’s abundance? This dovetails nicely with the Western understanding of the importance of yellow around the eye, i.e. the same way you should make choices that nourish the soul, you should also make choices that avail of Mother Earth’s bounty.

Seeing True Colors Shining Through

Grackles and color—it’s definitely something to focus on. This is because grackles have so much color. But, it is hidden and only revealed by shimmering light. Therefore, the grackle offers us a message that we should look beyond the superficial to find the hidden value of everything in our lives.

grackles are bold and come close to us - are they sending a message
By Judy Gallagher – Boat-tailed Grackle – Quiscalus major, Delaware Seashore State Park, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, CC BY 2.0,

To apply this message to your life in a practical way, consider the relationships in your life. Ask questions about the people you know, love, and interact with. Maybe you see them in a particular frame. But, if you can break that frame, maybe you can see and appreciate the beauty they share with you. It could just be as simple as appreciating what somebody brings to your life.

Grackles Have Blue Heads

Grackles might look black at first, but when they catch the light you’ll see their true colors. Specifically, in the light, the feathers on a grackle’s head have a blueish hue.

spiritual meaning color blue

Blue is the color of the sky, i.e. the heavens. This doubles down on the grackle’s message of freedom. When grackle’s visit you, if their blue strikes you in such a way that feels significant then you could take that as a sign to really pursue the world’s expanses. If you can enjoy a safe, but adventurous vacation that takes you beyond the horizon then… do it!

In Hinduism, the color blue is very significant. According to Western Oregon University (here), blue is associated with bravery, manliness, determination, stable minds and depth of character. For example, Lord Rama and Krishna protected humanity and fought evil, and so they are blue-colored.

Symbols of Bravery

The way in which they approach us (especially when we have food!) is also a symbol of bravery. Grackles are utterly, utterly fearless when it comes to seeking out their desires. So, for us, this is a sign that we too should consider what we want in life. Especially when it comes to food, or what food symbolizes, i.e. providing for our families.


The interesting thing about grackle bravery is how its concealed beauty plays into the spiritual meaning. Because the grackle is simultaneously colorful while from an angle appearing drab means that it is able to benefit from both aesthetics. What we mean by that is that the grackle can be the “tough guy” when it wants, and it can be the beautiful butterfly when it safe to do so.

Grackles – Fertility and Family

And when it comes to families, grackles are like most birds—they are excellent parents. Their prowess as parents makes them strong symbols of fertility and family.

When they nest, they typically choose well-hidden spots among dense pine trees. You will rarely come across a grackle nest. This allows them to prioritize the safety of their brood. This is, therefore, an important message for us to consider. Our society might teach us to value the self over all, even our own families and loved ones. However, the grackle teaches us to hold loved ones—especially family—above all else. So, protect and care for your family to the best of your ability.

Grackles – Messengers

If you live where grackles range, then you’ll know how close they get. Especially if you have food. As such, we can take them as messengers. They are offering us signs, symbols and omens. And it is up to us to decipher that meaning. As explained throughout the article, grackles symbolize so many things. Exactly what the message for you is will be something that will feel right for you, or “resonate” with you. Follow your instincts.

What Does it Mean When a Grackle Visits Your Yard?

It’s such a pleasant experience, when a beautiful bird visits your yard, isn’t it? Cardinals, blue jays, and all the colorful birds all around the world are always welcome! And that’s the thing with grackles, at first you might not notice just how colorful they are. As such, on first glance, you might not appreciate what they bring to you.

grackle yard garden spiritual meaning

So, the spiritual meaning of a grackle visiting your yard is a message that you can find the beauty in all visitors to your home. Actually, it may well be that the grackle visiting your yard is an omen that you will receive a visitor soon. Like the grackle, the benefits of that visitor may, at first, not be clear. However, if you give the visitor a chance to speak their mind, you might just find that ultimately there is a positive outcome!

What Does it Mean When a Grackle Hits Your Window?

A bird hitting your window is always a shocking, and sometimes sad, experience. The bird may have knocked itself out, so give it a minute to come around and fly off before you investigate. Usually, the bird turns out to be fine.

what does it mean when a grackle hits your window

But, how about the spiritual meaning? Well, windows are very symbolic elements of our homes. Their utility comes from their transparency. So, a window symbolizes the evident, especially what is evident from a safe space—i.e. your home. On the other hand, the grackle symbolizes something beautiful that is hidden behind a bad first impression.

So, the spiritual meaning of a grackle hitting your window is quite clear (pun intended): it is all about what you think is clear and obvious being rattled, shaken, and even broken down. So, if you have unshakable negative opinions about those who exist outside of your immediate circle (i.e. the home stands for family and friends), then it could be you are mistaken.

Consider burying the hatchet on old arguments.

What Does it Mean to See a Grackle Alone?

A lonesome grackle sends a message of bravery. No matter where, or how, you see a grackle, it represents bravery. This is because, as mentioned previously, they are brave individuals. Brave in protecting their young and brave in seeking out food.

seeing a grackle alone spiritual meaning

Noteworthy, though, is that to see a grackle alone and confident in its solitude, is an amplification of that message of bravery. So, if you do encounter a grackle alone, and that loneliness resonates with you, then it’s worth remembering that you, too, can be brave even alone. That’s not to advocate suffering alone, you should always seek out help when needed, but when that help just isn’t there in the moment, don’t worry, chin up, and remember the grackle: be brave while you’re waiting for the backup you deserve and will receive.

What Does it Mean to See a Group of Grackles?

A group of grackles is a nice omen to receive. This is because a group of grackles represent a gathering of like-minded people. These people, of course, have a shared experience, i.e. struggle, with being misunderstood by society. Therefore, the message when you see a group of grackles is that, yes, the grackle symbolizes bravery in isolation, but a group of them lets us know that we have people we can lean on and relate with.

group of grackles spiritual meaning

Long story short: you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to seek out help and advice from people who’ve had similar struggles to you. First hand experience with an issue can be priceless. Don’t suffer alone.

What Does it Mean to See a Grackle Preening?

If you’ve followed through with this article in sequence, then you’ll have picked up the running theme: concealed beauty. This is an important underpinning theme to remember when you encounter a preening grackle. This is because a preening grackle is a reminder that taking care of yourself enhances your self-esteem, especially when you think those around you might not notice your true beauty.

What Does it Mean to See a Grackle at the Beach?

Grackles have a wide range across the Americas! And that includes the coast! So, if you’re ever at the beach, don’t be surprised to come across a grackle or two foraging among the high tide line along with its more coastal cousins.

spiritual meaning of a grackle at the beach

To encounter a grackle at the beach, though, is a thought-provoking omen indeed. A grackle at the beach combines its own symbolism—bravery, fertility, messengers, intelligence, concealed beauty—with that of the ocean. In case you don’t know, the ocean conveys significant meaning: it stands for deep, roiling, strong, and at times, violent, mournful, and/or other extreme emotions.

Therefore, a grackle at the ocean is a message to reflect on your strongest emotions (and especially things you might not be self-aware of yet). But, not just any emotions though, specifically your emotions relating to your perceivable beauty. In addition, it’s a time to think of how your most intense emotions have affected your bravery and intelligence during your life.

Aztecs and the Grackle

The Mexica (Aztec) people are admirers of the humble grackle. So much so that they deliberately introduced a species of grackle into the Valley of Mexico. Specifically, the emperor Ahuitzotl (literal translation “Water Thorny”) presided over their deliberate introduction into their homeland.

ahuitzotl mexica aztec grackle meaning

Although, it’s worth noting that the grackle the Mexica introduced into the Valley of Mexico is not the same species we anglophones commonly encounter in the United States. In actuality, it is great-tailed grackle or Mexican grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus). Regardless, though, all species belong to the “Quiscalus” genus are grackles.

Spiritual Meaning of a Dead Grackle

Our human compassion can make it difficult for us to look at an animal that’s lost its life, and find a positive in that. After all, sometimes animals can suffer before the end. There’s no denying that all suffering is sad.

However, the omen and spiritual meaning associated with seeing a dead grackle isn’t all bad. This is because, spiritually speaking, we don’t believe that death is the ultimate end. Rather, many believe it is simply a moment of transition from one life to the next. Therefore, that is exactly what the sighting of a dead grackle symbolizes. That is, literal death reminds us of symbolic death—i.e. the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

A dead grackle predicts the end of a misunderstanding relating to a lack of appreciation of beauty. This means that those around you may begin to appreciate what you have to offer. Additionally, it may be that you begin to see beauty in others more readily.

Is a Grackle a Good Omen or a Bad Omen?

A grackle is certainly a good omen. There is very little, effectively nothing, negative about a grackle omen. As discussed, a grackle represents so many positive things: bravery, intelligence, fertility, abundance, and concealed beauty.

If you were to insist on finding a downside to the grackle omen, it would be that, perhaps, you aren’t perceiving the beauty in the people around you fully. Or, it could be that others around you aren’t fully recognizing your positive aspects. However, even this isn’t really a “bad omen” because it’s more of a message to appreciate the beauty in others. Alternatively, it could be a message to you to question the value of relationships in your life where others aren’t appreciating you entirely.

So, overall, yes, a grackle encounter is a good omen.

Dream Meaning of a Grackle

To dream of a grackle conveys a very specific spiritual message.

Remember, spiritually speaking, many people believe dreams are where we receive messages from others. It could well be that the message is coming from a power from the other side. Alternatively, the message could be coming from a lost loved one. Or, even, a person you know in the waking world.


Regardless of where the message came from, the message of a grackle dream remains similar. To dream a grackle, is to be reminded of beauty within people, including (even especially) yourself. It means there are people in your life who are thinking about you, and how wonderful you are.

Additionally, to dream of a grackle can be an omen of being supported from the other side, and gifted the bravery to succeed in all your endeavors.

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