Geckos Spiritual Meaning

Have you encountered a gecko? Maybe you’ve seen those countless cute car commercials. Or, if you’re lucky, perhaps you’ve even found a gecko in your home! Geckos are incredibly fascinating, from their attention grabbing eyes to their ability to walk pretty much anywhere. So, what do geckos represent spiritually? What’s the symbolism of a gecko? What messages should we pay attention to when we see one?

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Well, first, we must consider that geckos are lizards. Lizards are viewed across many different cultures as being messengers from the other side. They connect us with spirituality and enlightenment. Lizards are known for their ability to regenerate and survive any circumstance. Also, they have deep rooted connections with shamanism and translating messages from the dream world. The gecko represents all of this along with even more detailed meanings of adaptability and speed.

Positive Meanings of Geckos

Geckos are most famously known for their ability to regrow their tails should they lose them. They also shed their skin. Some lizards like the crested gecko can even change colors! Because of these traits, geckos represent the ability to adapt and overcome any situation. When we embrace the qualities of a gecko, we can outwit our enemies and embrace change. Don’t worry about anything you might have lost. The new tail the gecko will grow is most certainly better than the one before. The new skin a gecko grows is ready for a fresh beginning. And, you too should welcome the new and better things to come in your life!

Negative Meanings of Geckos

Honestly, it is a little difficult to find negative meanings from encountering a gecko. Most sources agree they are an omen of good luck! However, in some cultures, geckos are actually seen as a sign of being unclean or even an omen of death. But, often these superstitions come from people being afraid of what they do not understand. Since the gecko is considered a messenger from the other side and spirituality, it is easy to link them with death. Still, it is important to remember that death is not necessarily the end! It is simply a transformation which allows for new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. Ask yourself where might you need change in your life. What should you let go of?

We also have to remember that lizards are cold-blooded. This might mean you could encounter someone who is rather cold in your life. Lizards are also shrewd and very tricky to outsmart predators. This could mean you might have someone in your life with these characteristics. Or, you might want to take on these traits to overcome any barriers in your life.

What Does a Gecko in My House Mean?

It’s always a surprise to encounter a gecko in your house. Actually, it’s an incredible surprise to find one! Consider yourself very lucky. Geckos represent good luck and fortune coming into your home and into your life. Also, they are actually thought to be guardians of the home. They protect the house from any negativity.

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In fact, some cultures decorate their homes with ceramic geckos to invite good luck and protection! Geckos are often given as gifts to invite more fun and carefree energy into the home. Rest assured when you have one in your home. You will overcome any obstacles just as easily as the gecko does. Good fortune is yours!

Why Do I Keep Seeing Geckos Everywhere?

Are geckos pretty much everywhere you go lately? If you keep encountering geckos, it’s even more important to pay attention to the symbolism. Since geckos are often seen as messengers from the spiritual realm, make sure you set aside some time to fully consider the message you’re meant to understand. Apart from being very adaptive and skillful at survival, it’s also vital to remember what sets the gecko apart from other similar animals such as the salamander. The gecko is a reptile and impermeable to water, whereas the salamander is amphibious and permeable to water.

In other words, from a spiritual perspective, the gecko is not as easily impacted by emotions which are represented by water. So, make sure to acknowledge your feelings, but don’t allow them to overwhelm you. You may want to be mindful that you’re remaining grounded. If you need practical advice on ways to do this, check out our root chakra guide. Remember, be like the gecko which prefers the solid ground instead of getting swept away by their emotions!

Dream Meanings of The Gecko

When we dream of geckos, the most important thing is to pay attention! Since geckos are seen as messengers from the dream world, you are being called to remember and research your dreams. Dreams often show us what underlying fears or desires we are not admitting to ourselves. Pay attention to how you felt in your dream and what you saw, this will lead to what meaning you should take from it.

As far as the symbolism of geckos in dreams, expect transformations in your life. Expect changes to come very soon! Generally, the gecko is a sign of good luck and positive changes to come. You will regenerate anything you feel you have lost, and new wonderful situations will arrive. But most importantly, pay attention to your own intuition. The gecko survives on following intuition and instincts alone to overcome predators with sheer speed and adaptability. You must follow your own intuition and you will overcome any obstacle you might face.

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