Boxelder Bug – Spiritual Meaning

Boxelder bugs, are you seeing them? Well, at the time of writing, it’s springtime and so they’re starting to show themselves. Understandably, you might be wondering if the boxelder’s appearance in your life carries any significance. What are the omens, symbols, signs, and messages associated with the sighting of boxelder bugs? First and Foremost: What … Read more

White Cats – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

White cats—what are the spiritual and metaphysical meanings, symbols, and omens associated with them? Have you heard a superstition about black cats? Almost everyone has heard one or another! In some cultures, a black cat crossing your path is a certain sign of bad luck. Still, in others it’s considered good luck! But, what about … Read more

Pinecones: Spiritual Meaning, Symbols, Signs

Pinecones engender fascination, especially to curious children. So, it’s no surprise that throughout history and across the globe, they are objects of spiritual and cultural significance. Their woody composition and pattern of scales is, of course, captivating. A pinecone’s evident spontaneous order inspires thoughts of a power beyond the five senses. So, you might be … Read more

Gecko Spiritual Meaning

gecko spiritual meaning

Have you recently encountered a gecko? Maybe you’ve seen those countless car commercials featuring one. It’s almost like you can’t escape them sometimes! Or, if you’re lucky, perhaps you’ve even found a gecko in your home! Geckos are incredibly fascinating, from their attention grabbing eyes to their ability to walk pretty much anywhere. So, what’s … Read more

Grackle – Meaning, Omens, Signs, Symbols

Let’s learn about the spiritual meaning of seeing a grackle! Grackles—what are the signs, symbols, omens, and meanings associated with their appearance in your life? These birds live alongside us, and so you might be accustomed to seeing them. Typically we encounter them near a car window in the parking lot of a restaurant or … Read more

Gnats Spiritual Meaning

gnats spiritual meaning

Ah, the idyllic days of summer. You’re just relaxing with a drink and reading your phone. When suddenly, gnats swarm you seemingly out of nowhere. They’re all over your phone screen. And, there’s even a couple right in your fresh refreshing, ice cold drink. Yuck! An encounter with gnats can be incredibly frustrating. Try as … Read more

Tricycle – Spiritual Meaning

Tricycles, what do they mean? Sometimes that particular thing—in this case, a tricycle—just keeps appearing to us. Maybe the thing appears literally, maybe you see actual tricycles time and time again. Or, maybe the thing appears to you in a dream. Alternatively, the significant object in question could appear in art, movies, tv, music, etc. … Read more