How to Balance Your Chakras

I’m sure you’ve probably heard someone mention chakras before. Maybe they were talking about meditation or yoga. Or, maybe you’ve heard it mentioned around various New Age or spirituality circles. So, what exactly are chakras? What’s a blocked chakra? What’s the deal with chakra jewelry? And, how can understanding chakras help improve your life?

What are the Chakras?

The concept of the chakras originated in the early traditions of several Eastern religions somewhere between 1500 and 500 BC. Its literal meaning is “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit. So, there is nothing New Age about this idea at all.

guide to balancing the chakras

Basically, chakras are energy centers located along the human body through which energy flows. Some people refer to this energy as prana. Each chakra relates to certain organs, emotions, and spiritual states of being. As an interesting side note, these are also located near various glands in the endocrine system.

Why Should I Balance My Chakras?

When a chakra need to be cleared, energy is no longer flowing freely. Imagine each chakra being like a wheel that turns when energy flows like water. If one chakra is out of alignment or blocked, it can cause various problems in the overall system.

Some believe blocked chakras can manifest as emotional imbalances, spiritual problems, and even physical ailments. Blocked chakras are feelings of a deficiency and lack. The flow of energy is restricted.

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It is also possible that your chakras might be overactive. If there is an excessive amount of energy you might be prone to overcompensation. For example, you might feel a financial lack with a root chakra that is out of balance. If it is blocked you will feel depressed. But, if it is overactive you might feel extremely angry or become a workaholic to cope with your feelings of insecurities about your finances.

Generally, we strive for balance. We want the flow of energy throughout all of our chakras and body to be harmonious.

How Can I Balance My Chakras?

Before we get into learning how to unblock chakras, it helps to understand each chakra individually and how to tell if it might be blocked. Each chakra has a different color and separate traits associated with it.

There is a bit of debate surrounding the number of chakras. But, general consensus agrees on at least seven main chakras. They start near the base of your spine with your root chakra and continue all the way up into your crown chakra.

meditation can help with balancing the chakras
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Please note that while each chakra is different, some advice to balance them might be the same.

It is important for your overall balance to seek out meditation, physical activity, affirmations or chants, aromatherapy, wearing certain crystals/stones and colors, and eating healthy food. But, each chakra will have different advice connected to them in every category.

Each chakra also has certain sounds or Solfeggio frequencies associated with it. You can easily find these on YouTube by searching the frequency or just looking up videos for each individual chakra.

Learn More About the Individual Chakras

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