Dragonfly Flying Around You Spiritual Meaning

Let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly flying around you.

There are lots of insects that will fly around you. Usually, though, it’s something like a mosquito that wants to suck your blood or a horsefly that wants to bite a chunk out of your arm. However, not all insects are unwelcome. Sometimes you’re lucky, and you have a beautiful butterfly fly around you. Dragonflies, like butterflies, can be colorful, pretty, and welcome visitors to our personal space.

dragonfly flying around you spiritual meaning

Dragonflies have this quaint habit of circling people from time-to-time—it can be quite a spiritual experience, and so it’s only natural you might look for meaning in it. You wouldn’t be wrong to suspect a spiritual meaning, either. This is because dragonflies are one of those certain animals that are just surrounded in traditional, spiritual, and superstitious meaning.

So, in this article, we’re going to dive deep on the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly flying around you.

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

First, let’s put down some foundational knowledge about the general spiritual meaning of dragonflies. The spiritual meaning of dragonflies can be boiled down to four main meanings: transformation, freedom, divinity, and connections between the living and those who have passed on.

  • Transformation – The number one spiritual meaning of dragonflies is transformation. More than anything else, they are emblems of the ability to completely transform oneself. This is because dragonflies go through their own dramatic transformation. They begin life in water as nymphs, before completely changing their physical form to became the flying insects we are most familiar with.
  • Freedom – Flight is a wonderful gift. Not all of Mother Nature’s animals have been given that gift. It is the ultimate freedom. Dragonflies, as creatures that can fly, are of course emblems of freedom. However, they represent a very special sort of mobility. This is because they have the most highly developed range of movement. They are able to outmaneuver other insects, they need to be able to do this to catch and prey on them. Therefore, dragonflies are one of the supreme symbols of freedom.
  • Divinity, connection between heaven and earth – Flight, as mentioned above, is a special gift. It allows creatures to inhabit the sky at will. This means, spiritually speaking, dragonflies are able to occupy the space between the earth and the heavens. Therefore, they are symbols of a connection between our material world and the celestial world overhead.
  • Lost loved ones – It is the above-mentioned connection between the heavens and the earth that has given rise to the idea that dragonflies are able to act as messengers on behalf of our lost loved ones. Some believe that people who have passed on, are able to temporarily influence dragonflies. While “controlling” the dragonfly, they can influence the insect to interact with us to get our attention.

The Dragonfly Wants To Give You Its Blessing!

Seeing a dragonfly, especially when it catches your eye, can make you wonder if there is a spiritual meaning to pick up on. However, when that dragonfly comes right up to you and starts flying circles around you, it becomes difficult to dismiss. Some would assert that the spiritual message is clear. That is, when a dragonfly flies around you it is trying to offer you its four primary blessings: transformation, freedom, divinity, and a reconnection with lost loved ones.

Dragonfly Flying Around You And Transformation

Transformation is the primary spiritual meaning of a dragonfly. That means, if a dragonfly has presented itself to you, that it is most likely a message of transformation. So, when a dragonfly flies around you, it is offering a blessing of transformation. Also, it could simply be that the dragonfly is reminding you—blessing or no blessing—that you possess the ability to transform. Put simply, if you are unhappy with something about your situation or something about yourself, don’t fret, you can change. You can transform.

Dragonfly Flying Around You And Freedom

Transformation is a pleasant message to receive from the universe. Transformation and freedom omens, it’s worth noting, synergize well. This is because when we make the choice to change, we are often doing so to obtain more freedom. When the dragonfly transformed from its nymph stage to its flying stage, it obtained much more freedom.

So, when the dragonfly flies around you, and tries to get your attention, there is a possibility that the message is freedom. Therefore, look at your life and reflect on things. Are there parts of your life where you feel severely constricted? These are opportunities to take your freedom back from whatever is inhibiting you. The dragonfly spirit is flying around you to show you exactly how free you can be. You can be as free as a bird. Or a dragonfly, rather.

A Message From Lost Loved Ones

This is an emotional one. Regardless, it is a common belief that dragonflies are carrying the well-wishes of our lost loved ones. This is especially so when the dragonflies interact with us directly, like when a dragonfly flies all around you. It is believed by some that the spirits of our lost loved ones are able to, temporarily, influence the behavior of the dragonfly. In doing so, they are able to guide the dragonfly to interact with you so as that you can feel their presence in your life after they have moved on from this realm.

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