Horse Fly Spiritual Meaning

Oh joy, the horse fly! One of my most vivid childhood memories is of taking a refreshing dip in a friend’s pool at the end of a long summer’s day. The weather was absolutely sweltering, it was very hot in the deep south. So, we went for a nice, relaxing swim in the cool water. When suddenly several horse flies began chasing us! A relaxing swim soon turned into an intense game of hide and seek. Most of us had to dunk our heads underwater to escape the bites of the horse flies. What a terrible ending! What’s the spiritual meaning of the horse fly? What’s the horse fly symbolism?

To fully understand the message the horse fly brings us, we first must consider their behavior and habitats. I’m sure we all are aware of the painful bites the horse fly can deliver. But, it’s also important to remember that horseflies require water in the early part of their life cycle to lay eggs. That’s why we often encounter them when we are relaxing for a swim at the lake or sunbathing by the pool.

In spiritual aspects, water often represents emotions. So, since the horse fly feeds off of blood, or the very core of our livelihood, we should definitely pay attention when we encounter the horse fly! It often brings a message to pay more attention to where our energy is going in regards to family or relationships very close to us.

In other words, we might want to be more mindful of our very essential relationships, or our own blood. Do you have balance in these relationships? Or, are you being leeched of resources unknowingly? Or, in the case of a horse fly bite, very painfully? What truths might hurt to accept?

Positive Omens of the Horse Fly

At first glance, there might not be anything overly positive about a horsefly. They are incredibly irritating and relentless! It might even feel impossible to escape a horse fly at times. However, what makes them an irritation is what actually makes them a positive omen. Their perseverance is bar none. Also, you might not know that horse flies are extremely difficult to kill. Embracing this dedication to your goals despite all costs, is a very positive trait to embody. Imagine being so focused on your dreams, that nothing will seemingly stop you.

Also, the horsefly is known for flying incredibly fast and hunting darker colored prey. This might mean that anything hidden in your life could soon be quickly exposed. You might expect some fast, positive changes and transformation to appear soon in your life!

Horseflies are also pretty numerous as most flies are. Therefore, they have a connection with abundance, fertility, and prosperity. And, because of their association with water, they have an association with water, reflection, and healing. See, not all bad, right?

Is It A Bad Omen To See Horse Flies?

When it comes to negative omens of the horse fly, it’s vital to recall how the horsefly bites. Generally, horse flies are peaceful and often eat nectar from flowers. But, when it comes time to reproduce, the female must feed on blood in order to lay her eggs. It is also interesting to note that the horse fly bites are painful because they actually rip off the skin rather than pierce the skin like a mosquito does. If you want to learn more about horsefly bites, check out this article.

From a spiritual perspective, this is a rather brute force way to achieve your goal. It is messy and painful. It is definitely not the path of least resistance! The horsefly asks you to examine where in your life are you having similar experiences. Are there areas of your life you might need to accept the truth regardless of how painful it is? Or, are you taking an ineffective course of action to truly achieve your dreams?

horse fly spiritual meaning

What Does It Mean When I Keep Seeing Horse Flies Everywhere?

Whenever you keep seeing the same thing repeatedly, it’s a strong message to pay attention! Much like a buzzing fly, gnats, or the fruit fly, horse flies can be a real nuisance that never seem to go away. So, if you keep encountering them, make sure you are being mindful of where you are investing your emotional energy.

Make sure to set strong, fair boundaries with those closest around you. If you have weak boundaries and allow your energy to be drained, you might end up experiencing some form of heart break or even exhaustion. Both of which can most certainly be more painful than the bite from a horse fly. But, neither is comfortable! So, make sure to be mindful of where you are spending your emotional currency. Try to set firm, healthy boundaries with others in your life, whether it’s personal or professional. If you have a tendency to people please, you might want to take a look at that behavior.

Horse Fly Chasing You Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever been chased by a horsefly? Honestly, there’s few worse experiences to ruin an idyllic summer’s day. So, what does it mean when a horsefly chases you? Well, first it’s important to know that horse flies often only pursue moving objects. In other words, it’s possible the only reason a horsefly is chasing you is because you are running. The horsefly is often attracted to dark clothing and sweat as well.

So, if you don’t want to get bitten by horseflies – don’t run away, sit perfectly still, wear white, and don’t sweat. What does this mean from a spiritual perspective? It’s a reminder to be calm and stay cool. Therefore, you may want to consider meditation if you aren’t already.

And, most importantly, stop running away from things if you don’t want them to chase you. Are there things in your life that you might be better off simply facing than avoiding?

What Does It Mean When A Horse Fly Bites Me?

Ouch! Have you been bitten by a horse fly? Their bites can definitely be painful. But, once you’re over the initial shock you may be wondering what’s the spiritual meaning. Well, in a very similar vein to the mosquito, being bit by a horse fly means that your resources or emotional energy are being drained. With the horse fly, this generally represents a personal relationship that might be pulling too much of your time and energy.

But, make sure to pay attention to anything in life where you feel drained. For example, if you have a very demanding job which doesn’t have much pay off, you may want to consider finding new employment. As always, follow your intuition. Whatever you first thought of as draining you, is most certainly where you might need to take a look at your boundaries and what role it has in your life.

Dead Horse Fly Spiritual Meaning

Ever find a dead horse fly? I had this happen to me when after being harassed by one in my home, I found it dead the next day. So, what’s the spiritual meaning of a dead horsefly? Well, from a spiritual perspective death simply represents transformation. The horsefly itself also represents transformation. So, you can most likely expect upcoming change in the future.

In the case of a dead horsefly, it could represent that the things you’ve been running from no longer pose a threat. Or, that thing that’s been irritating you persistently may change. How this applies to you will be unique to your own situation. After all, we’re all on unique spiritual journeys. So, only take what resonates for you. But, an example of this might be having an irritating coworker who depletes you energetically being transferred to another department. Or, maybe you’ll stop getting those weird spam calls on your cellphone, who knows. Either way, you can expect positive change when you encounter a dead horse fly.

Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning Of A Horse Fly

Okay, we’ve covered a lot of information about what the horse fly means. But, let’s summarize with a quick list of what the horsefly represents.

  • Be mindful of your energy. The horsefly reminds us to be mindful of where we spend our energy. Make sure you are keeping firm, healthy boundaries with those closest to you. Don’t overextend yourself and practice self-care.
  • Have courage. Remember, nothing gets in between the horsefly and its goal. They are relentless! So, have the same courage and strength to go after your own goals and dreams in life. Embrace your talents!
  • Expect transformation. Horseflies transform throughout their life, from being larvae in the mud to flying into the air. They are masters of adaptation and transformation. Therefore, you can expect change somehow in your own life.
  • Abundance may be coming soon. Flies always have an association with abundance and fertility. After all, often times there’s more than one horsefly being a nuisance! So you may expect changes in areas of abundance in your life soon.
  • Face any difficult truths. Are you spiritually running away from something you’d rather not look at? Remember, the horsefly often chases only when you run. It might be time to stop avoiding things and face up to them directly.

Dream Meanings of a Horse Fly

Generally, dreams about flies are related to exposing hidden elements in our subconscious. Since flies are associated with dirty conditions and filth, we can conclude that dreaming of a horsefly is about a huge, threatening amount of filth we might not want to face up to. The horse fly can visit us in a dream to help us uncover a truth that might be painful to accept. What might you be running from in your waking life?

However, whenever we have a dream about a horse fly and want to decipher it, it’s very important to recall how you feel overall. For example, if you kill a horsefly in your dream and feel accomplished, you can hope to overcome any unforeseen enemies or challenges in your life. But, if you dream of being terrifyingly chased by a horse fly and eventually are bit, you might be outwitted by exterior forces in your life.

Some cultures believe that dreaming of a horse fly, or any other giant fly, might mean that there are negative spiritual entities around your dwelling, or some otherwise negative force in your environment. In fact, some believe that dreaming of being bit by one means that disease and sickness might soon enter your household. That’s no fun at all! So, make sure to take extra precautions if necessary.

Dreaming of horse flies might also possibly be a warning. Stay alert about situations and people around you. There might be negativity around you that you aren’t aware of quite yet. Are there things you might be better off letting go? Don’t fear the end of a situation, regardless of the possible pain. Every ending allows for a beautiful new beginning to flourish.

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