Dragonfly Landing On You Spiritual Meaning

In this article, we’re going to talk about the spiritual meaning associated with a dragonfly landing on you.

A lot of the time, when a bug lands on you, you’re probably going to freak out. Creepy-crawlies walking across your skin can be the stuff of nightmares. Just imagine (or don’t) what it would feel like to have a giant cockroach walk across your face! Argh! What a terrible thought. However, we don’t think of all insects in the same way. For example, a ladybug landing on you wouldn’t be as gross as a beetle. Which is odd, because a ladybug is a type of beetle! It’s just a superficial difference!

dragonfly landing on you spiritual meaning

Dragonflies, like ladybugs, don’t tend to upset people. So, instead of simply batting the dragonfly away, you might be inclined to wonder about its meaning. A dragonfly landing on you has a feeling of spiritual significance. So you’re likely wondering about its spiritual meaning most of all. Well, you’re in the right place. First, we’re going to look at the general spiritual meaning of dragonflies. Then, most importantly, we’re going to go into detail about the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly landing on you.

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

The dragonfly’s spiritual meaning can be summarized under the following four bullet points.

  • Transformation – Dragonflies spend most of their lifecycle in the water. Their larval stage, as a nymph, they typically prey on very small fish. Eventually, the nymph transforms into a dragonfly. The transformation in body form and lifestyle—and even the medium in which it lives (water/air)—is so dramatic, that the dragonfly is a strong symbol of change. It represents the ability for us to completely change ourselves entirely.
  • Freedom – The ability to fly is an example of a kind of freedom that we humans can only dream of. No matter what we do—whether it’s fly in a airplane or put on a rocket pack—we will never quite capture the freedom that flying animals experience. As such, any animal that flies, exists to us as meaningful symbols of freedom. The dragonfly is quite a special symbol of freedom, though. The reason for this powerful spiritual meaning is twofold. Firstly, the dragonfly has gained its freedom in the air through struggle in the water as a nymph. Secondly, the dragonfly is an incredibly agile flyer—they are famous for being able to outmaneuver their prey (other flying insects).
  • Divinity, connection between heaven and earth – Flying creatures also embody the connection between the earth and the heavens. This is because they occupy the space in between. We often conceptualize a higher spiritual power as being above us in some way. It could be that we see a god or gods in heaven. Or some believe in the power of the universe itself. As such, flying creatures represent the link between the earth (the material) and the heavens (the spiritual, the metaphysical).
  • Lost loved ones – Dragonflies are believed to be vessels for our lost loved ones. That is, some believe the dragonfly can be occupied by our lost loved ones so as to reconnect with us momentarily.

The Dragonfly’s Different Blessings

When a dragonfly lands on you, it brings its blessings to you. To understand those blessings, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the list of four general dragonfly spiritual meanings mentioned above.

Dragonfly Landing on You and Metamorphosis

So, first of all, a dragonfly landing on you is offering you the encouragement, and the blessing, to transform. This means, if you are unhappy with things about your life, that the dragonfly is reminding you that you can change. No matter how locked into something you feel, a magical experience like a dragonfly landing on you must surely make you realize that anything’s possible!

An Earnest Blessing of Freedom!

Dragonflies are also significant omens of freedom. Freedom and transformation are two concepts that synergize well. It is freeing to transform, and transformation requires you to understand how free you are. So, when a dragonfly chooses to land on you, it is also blessing you with its message of freedom. So, you might not want to completely transform your life, but maybe you just want to feel a bit more free of certain burdens? Well, the dragonfly lands on you to convey a message that it is possible for you to take your freedom back.

Is a Dragonfly Landing on You a Message From a Lost Loved One?

This particular belief can be quite emotional to discuss. Spiritual beliefs vary from person to another. And that’s natural. Everybody has their own personal convictions. This is also true when it comes to beliefs concerning dragonflies.

dragonfly landing on you spiritual meaning

Some believe that dragonflies are vessels that the souls of our loved ones can occupy temporarily to send us a message. If this resonates with you, when you have an encounter with a dragonfly, then you have reason to believe that it is a message from that loved one. This message is, of course, amplified when the dragonfly lands on you.

To further identify the message, you can look for other details to add to the meaning. For example, is the dragonfly your loved one’s favorite color? Another example could be is the dragonfly flying around your loved one’s favorite tree in your yard? There are lots of details to look for when you’re seeking meaning in the interaction.

Does a Dragonfly Landing on You Grant a Wish?

You’ve probably heard of the classics! For example, you’re granted a wish if you’re lucky enough to see a shooting star. Or, another one is when you’re mixing a cake—everybody in the family gets a turn mixing the cake, and as they mix the batter, they get to make a wish. Well, some people believe that having a dragonfly land on you is a similar blessing, i.e. the dragonfly landing on you is a chance to make a wish.

Like most wishes, you’re probably best keeping it a secret. This is because, traditionally speaking, people believe that if you share your wish then it won’t come true.

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