Snowflake Obsidian Properties & Meaning

Snowflake obsidian – it’s hard to pass it by at the metaphysical store without it catching your eye. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? So, maybe you bought a nice piece of snowflake obsidian and you’ve brought it home and now you want to learn all about its spiritual meaning, metaphysical properties and protection attributes. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article we’re going to focus on the contrast between the dark of the obsidian and the light of its snowflake pattern. After all, its this striking contrast that both catches the eye and produces rich, powerful, complex, and compelling spiritual meanings.

What is Snowflake Obsidian Anyway?

Before we go any further, though, let’s talk about what snowflake obsidian is.

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Obsidian is volcanic glass. This means it forms when a volcano’s lava cools quickly with little or no crystal formation. Therefore, we class obsidian as an igneous rock. Unlike snowflake obsidian, pure obsidian is uniformly dark. Whereas, the snowflake variation contains cristobalite. It is the cristobalite that creates the contrasting “snowflakes” in the obsidian.

Do Snowflakes Matter?

What’s in a name? Well, the names we attribute to things are important because of the importance and power of collective thought and belief. When we name this form of obsidian after snowflakes we, of course, transfer our emotions and meanings from snowflakes to this special stone. So, yes, snowflakes matter. Snowflakes are so very symbolic. As such, snowflake obsidian is also rich with symbolism.

Symbol of Delicate Individuality

Bring into focus your beliefs about snowflakes—they’re unique, they’re delicate? Sure, that’s true. But, snowflakes are also heavenly. Anything that exists in or comes from the sky can be associated with the celestial realm. For example, it’s hard to consider omens from birds and butterflies without wondering if it’s a message or sign from a passed loved one.

snowflake symbolism

However, contrast this with rain—it’s wet, cold, and can be a real bummer. So, we’re reluctant to think of heaven and rain. But, on the other hand, think of snowflakes and their miraculous uniqueness. A snowflake is certainly a celestial marvel to remind us of the unseen power above us.

Therefore, we can take that spiritual meaning and apply it to snowflake obsidian—i.e. it is a stone that reminds us of the influence of all things celestial and, especially, of the continuing association we have with our loved ones who have passed on.

Emotions Rising From the Deep

But snowflake obsidian isn’t just about snowflakes. They’re also about the earth. This is because obsidian comes from the depths of the earth, it forms from cooled lava that has reached the surface. So, naturally, snowflake obsidian combines the celestial—its snowflakes—with the earthly—its majority black, volcanic composition.

More on the dualism of heaven and earth later though!

volcano eruptions create snowflake obsidian

Before that, let’s focus on the symbolism of lava rising up from the earth and cooling into something sharp and deliberate. So, imagine your emotions, like the lava—hot, molten, angry, furious. Obsidian is symbolic of those deep emotions, that rumble far beneath the surface and eventually erupt into something catastrophic. But, like obsidian, the story doesn’t end with a dangerous eruption. Rather, it ends with cooled and resolved feelings—something volatile becomes something more even keeled.

So, bring snowflake obsidian into your life when you want to embrace and cope with a deep-seated emotional problem—especially one that makes you angry. Draw upon the stone to help you cool that volcanic explosion into something calm, complete and even beautiful.

Transformation and Tranquility

Following on from that, snowflake obsidian is also a powerful symbol of transformation. This is because it forms from lava that cools—i.e. transforms—into a solid form. So, use this stone if you want to bring a period of stability into your life and expel the instability of the past.

But, that’s not all. Because we’re not just talking about regular old obsidian. We’re talking about snowflake obsidian. As such, we have to consider how the meaning of its snowflake pattern influences its underlying meaning. Well, think back to the snowflake representing beautiful, delicate, miraculous uniqueness. When we do that, the meaning of transformation becomes clear: you should consider ways to transform into a way of being that is uniquely comfortable to you. What does that mean? Well, a lot of us suppress things about ourselves for lots of reasons. But snowflake obsidian conveys a message that it’s safe and good to transform into what makes you peaceful and prosperous.

The Celestial and the Grounded

We conceptualize our experience is many different ways. That is, we take our unfathomably complex experience and the universe those experiences take place, and we bring order to the chaos by categorizing things. For example, we think of heaven and earth as two distinct worlds. There are few better symbols for that dualism than snowflake obsidian. The earth is represented in its origin as surging lava from deep underground. While the celestial realm is represented by the snowflake pattern in the stone.

connection between the earth and the heavens

As such, snowflake obsidian symbolizes the two halves of our experience—the material (earthly) and the spiritual (heavenly). It can be used to help bring you into balance. Because, when spiritually-minded, it can be easy to get lost looking at the stars and listening to the whispers of the universe, i.e. you become ungrounded. However, if you aren’t spiritually-minded, you might be blinded to spiritual experiences that could be enlightening. So, snowflake obsidian is perfect for balanced thinking and balanced living.

Absorb Negativity and Balance It

Black stones are often used as protection. Black tourmaline and onyx are both examples of black stones used for protection. And obsidian is no exception. The belief is that black things, crystals especially, are able to absorb and dissolve negativity. In fact, the Japanese will often keep a single black koi in their pond of colorful koi so as to absorb evil spirits and protect their valuable fish from becoming sick.

Snowflake obsidian, though, is special. Its black and white coloration combines an ability to absorb the bad with a balance between light and dark. While onyx and black tourmaline might keep you protected from incoming negativity, snowflake obsidian can help you come into balance with pre-existing issues you perceive as malign.

As such, snowflake obsidian is a good choice to meditate with if you are trying to process challenging aspects of your life that you feel are unavoidable.

The Importance of Black and White

It’s impossible to think about the black and white color of snowflake obsidian without thinking of the underlying importance of black and white. Specifically, we cannot ignore the Daoist symbol, yin and yang. When thinking about yin and yang we come to understand that order arises from the balance of dark and light in everything. Furthermore, we know that from dark, a spec of light can grow. And vice versa.

black and white symbolism snowflake obsidian yin yang

So how does this apply to snowflake obsidian? Well, we can use this stone to bring us into balance, i.e. we can accept that yin will always exist, and it will do so in balance with yang. And you know what, that’s okay!

Using this stone can help you navigate life’s yin. That is, you will be able to become yang to balance with yin and vice versa. This will reduce the unhappiness that arises from resistance and conflict. Furthermore, when you come into balance, perhaps with the help of a piece of snowflake obsidian, you may find that your negative habits and behaviors begin to disappear.

A Sharp Edge

Snowflake obsidian is strongly associated with a sharp mind, i.e. a pointed and effective intellect. This is because, when broken into shards, volcanic glass, like obsidian, is dangerously shark. So much so that throughout history it has been used as a weapon. The Mexica people (more commonly known as Aztecs) used a famous weapon, an axe studded with shards of obsidian sharper than a razor blade. This weapon is called macuahuitl.

the mexica used obsidian as a blade for their weapons

So, what message can you take from this? And, consequently, what uses can take from snowflake obsidian? Well, weaponize your intellect! Embrace your sharp wit, and use your mind to cut through the noise. But, that’s not all. Because, we’re not talking about plain old obsidian—we’re talking about snowflake obsidian. That means you should consider what is unique about your mind. Take mental gifts you possess and implement them for the betterment of yourself and those in your community.

Introspection or Introversion?

Obsidian is often thought of as a stone for the introverted, i.e. you want to spend a lot of time alone. But, an alternative perspective is that it is a useful tool for meditation and, especially, introspection.

How does obsidian come to represent inward thought? Well, to understand that, let’s talk about Tezcatlipoca, the Mexica god of providence. It is true that Tezcatlipoca stands for much more than just obsidian. In fact, he is linked to many things:

  • Night sky
  • Night winds
  • Hurricanes
  • The north
  • The earth
  • Hostility
  • Discord
  • Rulership
  • Divination
  • Temptation
  • Jaguars
  • Sorcery
  • Beauty
  • War

And, to us, that might seem like a disparate set of concepts, but we are to focus on his links with obsidian. In fact, even his name is a reference to the stone. Tezcatlipoca is typically translated as “smoking mirror”. It is a nod to the fact that obsidian is mirror-like and will allow you to gaze upon yourself. Voila, you now understand why obsidian is a stone of self-analysis.

Portals to the Underworld?

However, it’s interesting to note that to the Mesoamericans who made them, obsidian mirrors weren’t about personal reflection. In fact, they used obsidian mirrors as portals to the spirit world. It was believed that obsidian mirrors would allow you to observe, but not interact, with this other realm.

How to Amplify Your Stone

There are various ways to amplify the power of a stone or crystal. And of course, snowflake obsidian is no different.

The easiest way to make any crystal more effective is, simply, to carry it with you. This is especially true if you can have the obsidian pressed against your skin. Moreover, if you decide to meditate using a stone, then consider holding it and rubbing it between your finger and thumb.

quartz can be used to amplify the power of your snowflake obsidian

Additionally, quartz can be used to increase the power of your snowflake obsidian. This is because quartz has an amplifying effect on other crystals is placed near. Moreover, some believe quartz to be a sort of “universal emulator”—think of it like a blank slate that takes on the powers of other crystals placed near. So, if you have a small piece of snowflake obsidian, but a large, beautiful piece of clear quartz, then consider placing them together to have the quartz lend its strength to the obsidian.

Also, setting your snowflake obsidian in a precious metal can also increase its powers. Gold and silver are, of course, the traditional choices for settings. However, copper also has its place, especially when it comes to the root and sacral chakras.

To learn more about balancing your chakras, check out our comprehensive, and free, guide here.

Snowflake Obsidian and Money, Business, Wealth

Owing to its status as a sort of “self help” stone, snowflake obsidian is a great choice for the entrepreneur. Its capacity to provoke inward thought is perfect for the businesspeople out there. When we analyze ourselves, we can look at what we can do differently to cultivate more success.

Also, representing balance, snowflake obsidian is a good stone for people who struggle with either working too much or too little. Finding the right balance between all aspects of your life is important. If you work too much, you could get burned out or miss out on opportunities to enjoy time with loved ones. Conversely, if you don’t work enough, your business will never really take off.

Snowflake Obsidian, Rose Quartz and Love

When it comes to crystals and their powers, we can’t overlook love. It’s such a common interest when it comes to spiritually-minded people.

However, snowflake obsidian isn’t really a great stone to (directly) engender love and passion. But, don’t be too bummed out, because it can still be an important part of how you find happiness in your love life.


Snowflake obsidian is about your personal uniqueness and the introspection required to unlock its full potential. Moreover, snowflake obsidian can be used to absorb, deflect, and dissolve negativity in your life. And, lastly, snowflake obsidian helps bring balance and thereby eliminates negative behaviors and habits. Use your snowflake obsidian to get shadow work taken care of, build your self esteem to the moon—to use a cliché, be the best version of yourself.

So, consider all the above benefits and ask yourself a question: would you want to date a well-balanced person who was utterly unique and arrestingly confident? Of course you would. So, when you become that person, other people will find you irresistible.

And remember, you can combine crystals to put together a combination that suits your goals. So that’s where rose quartz comes in. After all, it is the quintessential love crystal. Pair it up with your snowflake obsidian to beckon in unique and balanced love.

Snowflake Obsidian and Grief

There are many ways to help with grief. Typically in the West we offer the gift of flowers to the recently bereaved, a peace lily is a common choice. However, precious stones and crystals can also be used to alleviate the pain of losing a loved one.

Snowflake obsidian is an appropriate choice. It is especially useful because it is symbolic of the two sides of our existence—its solid black base represents the earth from which it came. Whereas, the white snowflakes speckled across it represent a link to the heavens above. So, snowflake obsidian can be used to comfort us with the knowledge that lost loved ones maintain their connection with us from the other side.

Snowflake Obsidian Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Unfortunately, snowflake obsidian is not a birthstone for a particular month. However, standard obsidian is a birthstone for the month of December. Additionally, obsidian is associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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