Fruit Flies Spiritual Meaning

I’m going to be entirely honest, this article might be fueled by a personal event I’m still not over. Imagine this, you bought some bananas from the grocery store on Tuesday to cook up a true delicacy that weekend. That’s right, homemade from scratch banana pudding that’s been passed down generations in your family. Of course, you can’t use just any green bananas in this recipe. They have to be ripe and sweet. Right on the border of entirely brown. The day comes when it’s finally to make the recipe, your mouth is watering already. When suddenly you notice fruit flies all over your bananas. Gross! How could this happen? And, more importantly, what’s the lesson or spiritual meaning of fruit flies?

Well, if you’ve had something similar happen to you, you’re in the right place. Fruit flies are incredibly irritating. They’re persistent and abundant. Did you know that the female fruit fly can lay around 500 eggs over the course of her life? Honestly, who needs that many fruit flies? The fruit fly has got to be bad luck, right? Well, believe it or not, fruit flies aren’t entirely a bad omen. In fact, the spiritual meaning of fruit flies is mostly positive and surprisingly powerful. Let’s explore further in depth!

What Exactly Are Fruit Flies? Are They The Same As Gnats?

First things first, let’s get clear on what fruit flies actually are. After all, there are a lot of smaller flying bugs people refer to as gnats incorrectly. (Make sure to check out the spiritual meaning of gnats here.) Sometimes the fruit fly is more commonly known as the pomace fly or the vinegar fly. This makes a lot of sense, after all they are mostly known for eating decaying or rotten fruit or food. Gnats on the other hand mostly live around damp environments.

Fruit flies are considered to be relatively harmless to humans. They don’t bite or sting. There have been reports they cause rashes in some people in serious infestations. And, also, there is evidence that they might possibly spread bacteria through cross contamination which could possibly lead to illness. However, generally, fruit flies are mostly harmless but extremely irritating.

From a spiritual perspective, encounters with things that are annoying but harmless is an important message to be more mindful of where your mental energy is going. In other words, are you paying too much attention to things that are rather unimportant on a larger scale?

Make sure you’re focusing on the important things, and let the little things in life go. Especially if it’s only temporary, much like a fruit fly infestation is. After all, once you get to the source of the infestation, the problem is usually over. The same applies to our lives spiritually as well. Why does that small thing bother you so much? Try to be honest with yourself. That’s a pretty deep question to answer! But, the spiritual meaning of the fruit fly doesn’t just stop there.

fruit fly spiritual meaning
Here’s a little fruit fly enjoying a little bite of fruit.

Positive Spiritual Meanings Of Fruit Flies

Despite having an association with uncleanliness and decay, fruit flies actually have a pretty positive spiritual meaning. After all, the first thing you think of when it comes to fruit flies is persistence. They never seem to give up. If you kill one, it seems like five more randomly appears to take its place. And, they never seem to leave you alone! This is a good trait to embody in life when you are pursuing your goals. Don’t be easily put off from your dreams, never give up. If you get pushed back, just come back at a different angle.

Fruit flies also have an association with abundance. Not only because of the fact they eat fruit which is the classical symbol of having wealth. After all, the idea of lounging around being fed grapes is an ancient symbol of leisure, comfort, and financial success.

Still, the fruit fly is abundant simply because of the sheer number of them. As mentioned previously, from one fruit fly, five hundred other ones can come to be. They can easily overwhelm a small area when left alone. Therefore, fruit flies could mean you can expect abundance to soon enter your life. Make sure your thoughts and actions are bringing about the abundance of something that you want!

Also, the fruit fly has a connection with science and research due to their very short life span and unique genetic makeup. This can be an important reminder spiritually that even things that appear displeasing at first can have a positive use. Make sure to look at the actual value of things, not just face value.

The fruit fly also represents transformation. Which can definitely be good if you’re wanting to bring about positive change in your life. But, we’ll cover this more in depth later.

Negative Spiritual Meanings Of Fruit Flies

So, we’ve covered the positive meanings about fruit flies. What are the negative spiritual meanings of the fruit fly? Well, the most obvious thing is their connection with filth. After all, there has to be something rotten somewhere in order for the fruit fly to survive. So, spiritually fruit flies can be a message to keep a tidy environment both internally and externally. In other words, make sure you’re not neglecting yourself or your surroundings. Cleaning up gets rid of old, stagnant energy which allows new, better energy to flow in.

The fruit fly also represents deterioration of resources. After all, food that’s turn rotten has not been put to its best use. This could be a message to pay attention to where you are spending your resources. Not only in a financial sense, but a practical one as well.

For instance, you might want to take time to look at how you purchase and consume food. Are you buying food and forgetting that it’s there until fruit flies appear on it? No judgement, I’ve definitely been there myself! You may want to do what I do, which is to go grocery shopping more regularly. That way I purchase less and waste less.

Either way, the fruit fly reminds us to take a closer look at how you manage your resources. It could also apply to time spent as well. After all, time is an incredibly valuable resource. Make sure you’re spending time on the right things and the right people. Take stock and make sure your daily time usage is getting you to where you want to be one day, instead of simply just wasting time.

Different Colors Of Fruit Flies Spiritual Meaning

One of the most striking features of the fruit fly is the sometimes bright red eyes. When it comes to finding the meaning in the every day items around us, color is an extremely important one. The color red has a connection with the root chakra as well as being a symbol of power and strength. So, whenever we see a fruit fly with red eyes, it can be a message to look at where we give our power away. You are strong enough to accomplish your goals! Check out our guide on how to balance your root chakra for more practical advice on how to stay grounded.

The fruit fly’s red eyes have a connection with the root chakra.
An important message to stay grounded sometimes even if you have wings!

But, if you pay attention you might notice that not all fruit flies look the same. In fact, some have different color eyes ranging from amber to white. Amber has an association with the sacral chakra, creativity, and the sensual side of life. On the other hand, white is about mental clarity, purity, spirituality, and the crown chakra. So, be mindful of spending some time considering what messages you are meant to understand when it comes to encountering fruit flies with these colors.

What Does It Mean When Fruit Flies Are In My House?

Do you have fruit flies in your house? That’s never a good thing! However, it isn’t uncommon, especially if you’ve been away for a while or been extra busy. Apart from obvious explanations like forgotten fruit in a cabinet or trash that needs to be taken out, fruit flies sometimes can seem to come out of nowhere. And, they can be even more difficult to get rid of sometimes. So, what’s the spiritual symbolism when fruit flies seemingly invade your home?

First, it helps to understand that your house spiritually represents the foundation of yourself. Since fruit flies are attracted to decaying matter that we often can’t find, this can represent that there are parts of yourself you may be ignoring. From a spiritual perspective, this could mean you need to take a look at your shadow side. Or, even possibly, your inner child or other trauma that you’ve been suppressing. Did you suffer a heartbreak that you had no time to mourn due to various circumstances? It’s possible that fruit flies are a physical sign that something hidden inside of you needs to be brought to light and disposed of.

Fruit flies inside your house can also be a reminder to be more mindful of your environment. Are you ignoring your physical reality? Do you spend too much time with your head in the clouds instead of tending to your housework? This can be a double message to stay grounded since the fruit fly has red eyes connected with the root chakra. Remember, while we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we still should take full advantage of this physical reality while we can. So, try to

Spiritual Meaning Of Fruit Flies In A Restaurant Or Business

Are you curious to know what’s the spiritual meaning of fruit flies in a place of business? I actually had this happen to me once in my favorite grocery store. It kind of upset me. Was my favorite grocery store gross or dirty? Well, apart from receiving a bad batch of produce from a supplier, probably not. Still, is there anything more to this message? Well, believe it or not, there definitely could be!

Fruit flies have an association with abundance and persistence, but also with deterioration of those things! So, if you frequent a particular restaurant or business and you suddenly see fruit flies, it could be a message to pay closer attention to your finances. In other words, are you spending too much money at this particular business? Take some time to look at your budget if you feel this message pertains to you.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner and find fruit flies, you might want to look at how you’re managing your money. Remember, fruit flies feast on fruit that has started to ferment because it wasn’t used. Are you putting your investments to best use? Or, are they rotting away? Maybe try to take some time to examine your business accounts and talk to a financial advisor if you feel it’s necessary.

Fruit Flies And Transformation

One of the most important spiritual meanings of fruit flies is their connection to transformation. After all, the fruit fly starts from a larva and grows into a winged insect that can easily fly about its environment with ease. They also eat decaying fruit, which has a connection with death. Because they feed on otherwise wasted fruit, they transform the fruit’s death into life. On top of this, the fruit fly is often times found upon returning back home after a vacation or some time away. All of these things have a strong connection with change and transformation.

fruit flies spiritual meaning in house
Yuck! A fruit fly infestation is enough to make you want to abandon the whole house!

It’s a vital to remember that death is not the end but instead, it is a change of state. The fruit fly reminds us that much like the vulture, nothing is lost and everything has a use. From a spiritual viewpoint, this is an important reminder to let things go in your life as gracefully as you can. Allow what has served its purpose in your life to leave without clinging on to it. Allow it to have new life in some other form. In other words, the fruit fly reminds us to let relationships, jobs, and even places that no longer serve our highest purpose go.

Even though transformation can sometimes be annoying and uncomfortable, just like a fruit fly infestation, remember that change is only temporary. After all, you probably won’t spend the rest of your life with a fruit fly infestation. Allow yourself space for growing pains in life, but try not to get too caught up in them because they are only temporary. Newer and better things are surely on the way to you.

Dream Meanings Of Fruit Flies

Are you dreaming of fruit flies? Fruit flies in dreams often represents something that puts us at unease that we might not be ready to face yet. After all, fruit flies are relentless and seem to come from sources unexplained. It can represent mild annoyances that will turn into larger problems if not dealt with.

As with any dream, when it comes to understanding the meaning of the dream, it’s important to pay attention to how you felt when you had the dream. For instance, if you see fruit covered in fruit flies in your dreams and you’re scared or disgusted, it could mean that you’re fearful of missing out on an upcoming opportunity. On the other hand, if you see fruit covered in fruit flies and you’re happy or excited, it could mean that you may soon see unexpected overwhelming abundance entering into your waking life soon!

If you dream of eating fruit flies, you may need to take some time to get clear on your thoughts and emotions. You may be having difficulties distinguishing between what’s worth keeping in your life and what you should let go. Remember, fruit flies are associated with transformation and death. Let new beginnings unfold when necessary.

If you dream of being attacked by fruit flies in your home, it most likely represents something within yourself that you are not dealing with appropriately. Make sure that you have healthy habits of dealing with your emotions. And, make sure to take care of yourself physically as well. If you’re ignoring your health, you may end up regretting it later.

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