Egg Spiritual Meaning

Have you recently found an egg? Whether it be from a bird’s nest, a plastic Easter egg, or even witnessing someone egging a house, eggs can definitely be attention grabbing! It’s easy to wonder, what’s the spiritual meaning of an egg? Well, you’re in the right place! Sit back and get ready to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about eggs. I hope you’re as eggcited as I am! (Sorry, I can’t resist a bad pun.)

First, it’s important to know that eggs are full of spiritual meaning. Spanning across multiple cultures and religions, the egg is an important symbol of birth, fertility, and the beginning of something. Often referred to as the cosmic egg or the world egg, it’s believed that the egg represents earth and our entire existence as we know it. (We’ll get into that more later in this post.)

In many cultures, gods emerge from an egg. The egg represents the potential of everything that may happen. That’s a pretty major symbolism!

Also, it’s necessary to remember the physical attributes of eggs. They have an oval shape and represent not only beginnings but infinity, a circle of life and death. In addition, they often have both a yolk and an egg white ,or albumen, which this represents duality and balance.

Most importantly, eggs have delicate exterior shells yet have the immense strength to create life. Therefore, it’s an emblem of the balance of light and dark, life and death, weakness and strength.

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Are Eggs Good Luck Or Bad Luck?

Eggs are an incredible symbol of new beginnings, possibility, and creation. But, what does that mean practically? Are eggs a good omen? Or, are eggs a bad omen?

Well, I guess that’s a matter of perspective as with all things. Generally, eggs are a very strong symbol that new things are on the way to you. So, if you find whole, complete eggs during your day, you can probably expect lots of abundance and fertility. And, new beginnings as well. In fact, the larger the egg, the larger the blessing. So, if you see an ostrich egg amazingly big things might be on the way to you!

spiritual meaning of eggs

However, if you are rather content with where you are in life, eggs might not always be the best omen to receive. For example, if you are content with your relationship but you keep seeing eggs and nests, you might expect a shake up in your love life at home. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about change! Still, eggs are almost always very positive omen.

On the contrary, broken eggs can a rather bad omen in certain contexts, especially since it has a connection with dead birds. But, it’s not all bad news! Sometimes broken eggs can be positive. Let’s explore further.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of A Broken Egg Shell?

Have you found a broken egg on your travels? There’s always something inherently sad about a broken egg, isn’t there? So, what’s the spiritual meaning of a broken egg shell? And, does it matter if the shells or empty or not?

Well, broken eggs are sometimes a rather negative symbol. If whole eggs represent potential and creation, then naturally broken eggs represent unfulfilled potential and disappointment. In short, you might expect bad news or broken plans if you’ve seen a lot of broken eggs.

However, broken eggs can also be a symbol that you will soon be pushed out of your comfort zone. This can serve as an important wake up call.

For example, you may want to pay attention to where you have lost faith and hope in life. Where can you grow? Are you procrastinating and putting off change? What can you do to bring your inspiration back? How can you tap into your full potential?

Also, it is important to note that broken eggs and empty shells do not mean the same thing. Broken eggs with all of their contents represent failure, they never made it to those pancakes they were meant to be. Tragic! But, empty shells have been used up to their potential.

Empty egg shells are a fantastic omen. They have been transformed into delicious pancakes or a chicken, whatever! Empty, used egg shells are symbol of transformation, and potential fulfilled. They are a reminder to use all your resources to the best of your ability!

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of A Cracked Egg?

So, we’re pretty clear on what a broken egg means. But, what does it mean spiritually when you’ve found a cracked egg? According to some superstitions, a cracked egg can be a rather negative omen. Because it is not completely broken open or still in tact, it means the energy is stuck in limbo. This means whatever you want to manifest in life, either good or bad, is barely moving to fruition. Progress is very, very slow!

However, this can be a good thing. It’s not always bad to wait for things to happen, sometimes you can learn even more. For example, if you’ve found a cracked egg safe in a nest, a few hours later a bird might finally emerge from the egg. You might want to be more patient and mindful of where you are investing your energy.

As a bird sits upon her eggs waiting for babies to hatch, make sure you are hatching the eggs you want to bring forth in your life. If you are investing time and effort into a helpless situation, you might want to move nests! Invest your energy where it will be fruitful.

Eggs represent good luck and abundance
Eggs represent fertility, good luck, and abundance! What’s not to love about eggs?

Spiritual Meaning Of Dropping An Egg

By now we’ve already established that the egg is seen as a symbol of life and fertility. So, what does it mean when you drop an egg? Is it bad luck to drop an egg? After all, it may seem that dropping an egg would be interpreted as a sign of bad luck if eggs are generally such positive symbols.

However, believe it or not dropping an egg might actually be good luck! Some believe that dropping an egg is a sign that new life is about to enter your world. This makes a lot of sense since the egg symbolizes potential, but dropping an egg represents the arrival. Whether this takes the form of a new baby, a new pet, or simply some much-needed good fortune, it is sure to be a welcome addition!

So, if you happen to drop an egg, don’t despair. Dropping an egg just might be a sign that something wonderful is about to happen to you soon!

Spiritual Meaning Of Someone Egging A House Or Car

Have you ever had your car or house egged? I’ve had it happen to me, it’s not fun at all! This is a pretty common experience around Halloween, often troublemakers will go around throwing eggs at just about everything they can.

On the plus side, it could be worse, it could be toilet paper which is much more difficult to clean! However, what’s the spiritual meaning when someone eggs your house or eggs your car?

Well, it’s important to remember that an act of vandalism isn’t necessarily a spiritual message. However, breaking eggs can actually be a cause for celebration. As mentioned in previous section, often eggs were smashed after weddings because breaking them allows for fertility and abundance to enter into your life.

So, while it’s a bummer to clean, having your house egged could mean good things are on the way. Maybe it’s an omen that there will be a new addition of some type to your household very soon!

What Does It Mean When Someone Leaves An Egg At Your Door?

Have you opened up your front door to face the world, only to find an egg at your doorstep? Naturally, you’re probably wondering what’s the spiritual meaning of finding an egg at your door.

Well, first it’s important to pay attention to how the egg was left. A fresh egg left in tact might symbolize rebirth. For instance, both the ancient Greeks and Romans would leave eggs outside of tombs to represent the eternal nature of the soul and the after life to offer healing for those left behind. It may also symbolize new beginnings, perhaps wishes for a new baby as well.

Still, the most common question might be – is an egg left at my doorstep a spell or a curse? It’s certainly possible. If the egg was left broken, it could symbolize someone wishing ill towards the sanctity of your home or family.

In some parts of the world, it’s believed that rotten eggs especially are used in black magic to curse people. Make sure to keep reading for more information on rotten eggs.

So, what do you do if you believe you’ve been cursed with an egg? First, realize that magic only has power to influence your life if you believe it can. You can also research ways to spiritually protect yourself with spells or crystals. Alternatively, you may want to seek out the advice of a trusted member of your spiritual community.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of A Rotten Egg?

Ew, have you found a rotten egg? Unlucky you! After you get over the original shock and disgusting smell, you may be wondering, what’s the spiritual meaning of a rotten egg? Well, generally a rotten egg isn’t a great omen to receive. According to some superstitions, breaking open a rotten egg may mean that ill health will fall upon someone in your family.

But, even if you don’t believe in superstitions, rotten eggs can be a powerful sign that you might want to pay attention to. To clarify, eggs represent all the positive things and dreams you are manifesting in your life.

So, when eggs have turned rotten, it means these dreams have spoiled before they have come to fruition in your life. You may want to look at what actions you’re taking towards your goals. How are you actively working towards making your dreams come a reality? Are you keeping positive thoughts or allowing negativity to seep in? Be mindful of your negative beliefs, otherwise all of your aspirations might turn bad, just like a rotten egg!

Eggs In Witchcraft And Egg Cleansing

Okay, so all of this talk of people leaving rotten eggs on doorsteps as curses is a bit concerning. But, rest easy. Eggs in most modern practices are most commonly used for cleansing and absorbing negativity. In some cultures, it’s thought to remove the evil eye and absorb the ill wishes of those with negative intentions.

In fact, there’s a long standing practice called oomancy that spans across many different cultures and belief systems – you can read more about it here. This can involve many different techniques, from cracking the egg to read the shapes to boiling the egg and using it in scrying.

But, one of the more common modern day practices is to take an egg and roll it along your body. You can imagine it absorbing all the negative energy around you. Then you can crack it into a clear glass to see if the process worked. Just make sure to always read your egg cleanse from the side. It’s believed if you view it from the top, the negativity might just reattach itself to you!

double yolk egg meaning
Ever find an egg with two yolks? Should you expect twice the luck?

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of Finding An Egg With Two Yolks?

So, it’s a bright, beautiful morning and you’re scrambling some eggs. You crack open an egg, and what do you see?! An egg with two yolks! Wow! So, what does it mean when you find two yolks in an egg? Should you go back to bed or go buy a lottery ticket? Well, finding a double yolk egg could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask!

According to some old superstitions, it can be an omen of an impending doom. But, rest easy. In most cultures, it’s an auspicious sign that double the luck is headed your way. It’s pretty rare to find a double yolk egg, so the odds are working in your favor. Personally, I would go out and buy that winning lottery ticket!

Also, it’s possible you or someone in your close circle could be having twins soon! If you are single and looking for love, it’s also a fantastic omen. What’s more romantic than two peas in a pod, or two yolks in an egg? Well, you get the idea anyway. You might expect a soulmate to come into your life soon.

Alternatively, if you are on the twin flame journey, you may expect to come into union soon. Finally! Or, for those just getting started, a double yolked egg could be a sign that your twin flame will enter into your world soon.

The Link Between Eggs And Love

For those who are looking for love but aren’t lucky enough to find a double yolked egg – don’t worry. Are you seeing lots of eggs? Well, guess what, you’re in luck! Love and eggs have a very strong association. Apart from the very obvious symbolism of fertility and offspring which goes hand and in hand with love, eggs also represent duality.

For instance, you have the yolk and the egg whites in harmony with one another, much like yin and yang. In other words, there is a balance of both masculine and feminine energies. When both of these come together, you have a divine union in love, regardless of gender. These lead to new beginnings and the creation of life even.

In some cultures, it was even tradition for a bride to be given eggs after marriage. For example, in France in the 1600s, it was tradition for newlyweds to break eggs because it was such a powerful symbol of fertility. So, eggs are a great omen when you are seeking to bring love and balance into your life!

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of An Easter Egg?

One of the best parts of spring are the easter egg hunts! Well, maybe the chocolate bunnies, too! But, what is the spiritual meaning of Easter eggs? Well, in Pagan practices, it is linked with rebirth and renewal of spring. There’s nothing more fertile than springtime and eggs are a great symbol to associate with this time of year.

In Christianity the egg is linked with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. As Jesus rose from the tomb into new life, eggs represent new life emerging from their shell as well. But, why do we paint them and what does a painted easter egg mean spiritually?

easter eggs spiritual meaning

Well, believe it or not, no one is quite sure where the history of painting easter eggs originates from. It’s definitely an ancient tradition, and spans across many different cultures around the world. Some say the practice originated in Africa. In some cultures they are painted only red to represent the blood Jesus shed on the cross. In others, they are placed on an altar around the spring equinox.

If you’re interested in the history of egg coloring around the world, check out this article. However, one thing is for certain. Easter eggs are meant to be cracked open! Spiritually, peel back the old and allow the abundance of new energy to flow into your life.

What Does The Cosmic Egg Or World Egg Mean?

Have you ever heard of the world egg? Or, maybe you see the emblem of a snake wrapped around an egg, an orphic egg, in multiple places. So, what’s the spiritual meaning of the cosmic egg? Well, the spiritual meaning of the egg spans across many, many cultures.

Despite information we’ve already covered in this post, the rest is much, much greater. Check out this Wikipedia article for more in depth information on egg mythology around the globe. Many cultures believe that gods that created our world actually came from the egg. But, one thing is for certain. The symbolism of the egg asks you to question your spiritual origins.

So, if you are often encountering eggs, ask yourself what it is you believe about life. Are you finding balance like the interior of an egg? Are you creating what you want in your life? Where are you investing your energy spiritually? Or, have you been too caught up in the mundane day to day life to focus on spiritual matters?

Take some time to think about what feels right for you and implement your practices in your daily life. Only positive things that the egg represents like abundance, fertility, and good luck, are sure to follow!

Egg Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Quick List

  • Rebirth
  • Possibility
  • Good Luck
  • Creation
  • Hope
  • Fertility
  • Abundance
  • Infinity
  • Balance
  • Divinity
  • New Beginnings
  • Fresh Starts
  • Cycle Of Life

Dream Meanings Of Eggs

Are you dreaming about eggs? What does a dream about eggs mean? Well, when it comes to any dream interpretations, it’s important to pay the most attention to how you felt during it.

For example, dreaming of a giant egg usually represents lots of good things arriving soon in your life. However, if you felt a lot of anxiety about this every large egg hatching, it could mean there’s too much of a good thing which definitely changes the meaning! So, pay attention to how you felt during the dream and after above all else.

But, generally dreaming of an egg means new things are coming into your life. You might expect new opportunities to hatch in your life! Lots of eggs means many blessings in dreams, the bigger the eggs the better! If you are wanting to have a baby, or even adopt a new pet, eggs are a great omen to dream of. Generally you can expect good luck, abundance, fertility, and positive energy to flow into your waking life.

If you dream of broken eggs, you might expect some bad news or a possible let down. Generally, broken, cracked, or rotten eggs means poor outcomes.

For instance, if you dream of broken, rotten eggs surrounding a home, you might have your current plans to move derailed. But, don’t worry, what’s meant to be in your life will come at the right time. Maybe you’re meant to move into an even better home. Trust that everything will work out for the best, and it will!

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