Centipede Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What’s the spiritual meaning of seeing a centipede?

When you see a centipede it’s usually not much fun, because, let’s be honest—they’re kind of gross looking, aren’t they? And, if you know a thing or two about them, you know they bite! Worst of all, because they’re nocturnal, you only see them at night! So, being shocked to see one makes sense. And that intense emotion you might feel when you see a centipede lends itself to a feeling of spiritual significance.

So, if you want to learn all about the spiritual meaning of seeing a centipede, then you’re in the right place. In this article we’re going to look at the general spiritual meaning of centipedes. Also, we’ll consider what it means to be bitten by a centipede. That isn’t all, though. Because we also get into the spiritual significance of a centipede’s many legs. Additionally, if you’re wondering whether or not seeing a centipede is a good omen or a bad omen, we address that question also. Last, but not least, we consider what it means to dream of a centipede.

Centipede Bite Spiritual Meaning

If you’ve ever had a centipede bite, then you know it’s no joke—it can be very painful. This is because centipedes are venomous. Therefore, when they bite you, they inject a painful chemical into your skin. Yikes! No wonder it hurts so much.

centipede bite spiritual meaning omens

The spiritual meaning of a centipede bite revolves around challenging relationships in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships, but rather any possibly toxic interactions you have with others. “Toxic” is the perfect word, too. This is because the centipede uses its noxious venom to hurt you. Ask yourself, are there any people in your life who say and do things to deliberately hurt you? If so, it’s time to reflect on the value of that connection and consider moving on from the relationship.

So, ultimately, being bitten by a centipede is a stinging reminder that people can hurt you and you should always question difficult connections in your life.

Do Centipede Legs Have a Spiritual Meaning?

Centipedes can be quite frightening characters. After all, like a lot of other creepy bugs—that’s you, cockroaches—they move across the floor quite quickly. Worst of all, they generally only come out at night! What a nightmare! But, their defining feature isn’t how fast they move. Nor is it what time of day you see them. The defining feature of a centipede is in the name—centi, i.e. 100—and pede—i.e. legs! 100 legs! Just imagine all those legs crawling all over you! Argh!

As such, when we’re considering the spiritual meaning of a centipede, we have to focus on its key feature to understand and unlock what it symbolizes. And that is, its many, many legs. Understanding the spiritual meaning of a centipede’s legs is quite simple. First, think of what we do with legs. We use them to walk, i.e. they connect us to the ground. Therefore, centipedes represent a powerful groundedness.

centipede legs spiritual meaning omens

How to apply this to yourself—that is, how you find a message for yourself—will require some reflection. The message of groundedness could mean that you are currently lacking grounding, and need to focus on being more grounded. Also, it could be that you are coming into a period where being grounded will be difficult. You will require extra effort to keep your head straight in a stressful time.

Regardless, though, it’s always good to stay grounded. For a good understanding of how to stay grounded, you can check out our neat guide on the root chakra here. If you’re short on time and need a few quickfire pointers on how to become more grounded, then we’ve got you. The core messages in the guide are to spend more time outside and engage with nature, to meditate, and also to keep red stones with you, wear the color red, and to eat more root vegetables. Of course, it’s not that simple. But, that’s a good place to start.

Spiritual Meaning of Centipedes’ Lack of Eyes

As humans, our primary sense is our sight. The main way we see the world is through light entering our eyes and then being converted to an image of the world around us. So, when we hear an animal has poor sight, or is entirely blind, we can be forgiven for imagining that animal lives in complete darkness—i.e., it has no vision of the world around itself. However, that isn’t necessarily the case! The centipede is one such example. Yes, centipedes lack eyes. So, they don’t “see” the way we might imagine. However, they do have other senses with which to perceive their environment.

centipedes don't have eyes

The spiritual message there is clear. The centipede omen can appear to us as a reminder that we shouldn’t always take things at face value. Yes, we should believe what we see to be evidently true. However, sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Remember to use your full range of senses, including intuition, when it comes to decision making in life. It could well be that the centipede has presented itself to you, as a warning that you are misinterpreting something important in your life. You’re not quite seeing things the way they really are.

Centipedes and Psychic Connections

Another important aspect of the centipede’s spiritual meaning that is connected to its lack of eyes is the concept of psychic connections.

Because centipedes lack eyes, they have to use their antennae to navigate the world around them. They evolved this way because they, generally, live in complete darkness. Consider that centipedes can be commonly found under logs and rocks. As such, they don’t need eyes because they don’t get access to light very often at all.

centipedes convey a message of psychic ability

Therefore, centipedes have come to be connected with magical sensitivity. This connection is then extended to symbolize our notions of telepathy and clairvoyance. So, if a centipede appears to you, it could be that it is coming to you as a message to pay extra attention to your feelings beyond your conventional senses. For example, do you feel any connections to other people across distance? Have you felt closely connected to a lost loved one more recently? Well, it could be that the centipede has arrived in your life as a way of encouraging you to focus on those extrasensory abilities.

Keep Seeing Centipedes

What is the spiritual meaning when you keep seeing centipedes? It’s a good question, but ultimately, the messages, omens, and symbolism remain the same. The difference between seeing a centipede once and seeing them many times is more to do with you and how you see the world, than it is to do with the message conveyed.

Sometimes you’ll see an omen once, and pick up on it right away. Other times it takes a few knocks at the door before you realize the pizza has arrived and it’s time to eat! Whether the delivery person knocks once, or ten times, the pizza is still pizza. So, when you keep seeing centipedes, it’s the same message of groundedness, extrasensory ability, and warnings of venomous enemies.

Centipedes in the Bath Tub Spiritual Meaning

Taking a bath can be a profoundly spiritual experience. It’s the place where you relax, where your mind wanders, and where you wash away both the literal dirt from your skin, but also the mental and spiritual concerns are washed down the drain in a similar way.

bath tub in a garden

Therefore, when you encounter a centipede in the bath tub, its meaning combines with how we feel about the experience of taking a bath. For example, a centipede warns of us of venomous enemies that may have entered our speres—as such, a millipede in the bath tub tells you to close off those relationships, i.e. to wash away the stress and pain of troublesome connections.

Also, a centipede in your bath tub can be an omen that to unlock any extrasensory ability you have will require self-cleansing. Yes, keeping yourself clean is important both physically and spiritually. But, also, maintaining a clean mind will heighten your mental and extrasensory ability.

Dead Centipede Spiritual Meaning

A living animal and a dead animal convey, essentially, the same message. What differs in what is being communicated, though, is the placement of a situation in its cycle.


When it comes to centipedes, for example, they communicate a warning to watch out for incoming attacks from unpleasant individuals in your life. Therefore, to encounter a dead centipede means that a cycle of being attacked by your enemies is coming to an end and more harmonious times are ahead.

Other spiritual meanings conveyed by centipedes are, of course, also inverted when the centipede is dead. For example, centipedes are an omen for heightened extrasensory ability. Therefore, to find a dead centipede could mean that, in the near future, your intuition won’t be as sharp as it has been at other times.

Are Centipedes Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Some things are quite clear cut when it comes to good and bad luck. A four leaf clover for example? Sure, good luck! Other things, though, like centipedes, don’t have a well-established tradition associated with them. So, historically speaking, centipedes aren’t really good luck or bad luck. But, what we can do, is look at what centipedes convey and examine whether those are overall positive or negative things.


Firstly, centipedes are an omen of venomous bites. Of course, these bites aren’t always literal, but rather are metaphorical. It means that, perhaps, you’ll need to watch out for others that mean to do you harm. So, thinking about it, we can put that one firmly in the “bad luck” category.

However, centipedes are also omens of improved extrasensory ability. Having better intuition and being better connected to the world beyond the physical is surely a good thing. So we can toss that one in the “good luck” pile.

So, overall, centipedes are a mixed bag. They’re not really good luck, or bad luck.

Centipedes and Their Role in General Faith

Because of their lack of eyes, centipedes can come to you as a sign of blind faith. While their appearance to you might be a religious sign, it isn’t necessarily so. Rather, it could be a sign that you might be worrying too much about things you can’t see. Take the presence of centipedes in your home that, no matter what happens, it will be okay. Trust your judgement.

Centipede Dream Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a dream is quite different to the dream meaning a psychoanalyst might present. After all, a psychoanalytic approach intends to understand the individual’s psyche. Whereas, a spiritual perspective is looking for broader spiritual meaning. So, keep in mind, that this is a spiritual dream meaning interpretation only.

centipede dream meaning

So, when you dream of something, the spiritual meaning doesn’t differ from the real world meaning very much at all. That is, to see a centipede in your home in real life, isn’t too different than it is to dream of a centipede. However, there is one critical difference between a dream encounter and a real world encounter. A dream encounter means that the message could have come across what some call “the astral”. This is a place where your soul is connected to the souls of others—meaning you can receive a direct message from somebody else.

So, it could be that a kindly soul, somewhere out there, in this life or the next, is warning you of a venomous attack that may befall you. Alternatively, it could be that a loved one is, as the centipede represents, communicating with you telepathically. Either way, even though they’re a bit scary, it’s quite a nice omen to dream of a centipede. It means somebody out there really cares about you and wants the best for you.

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