Red Umbrella Meaning (Spiritual, Symbolic, Luck)

Red umbrellas are really striking, aren’t they? They’re almost like a red item of clothing—think about red dresses, red shoes. There’s a certain shared understanding we have over the meaning of red clothes. Typically, we see them as provocative. When it comes to a red umbrella, the symbolic meaning might not quite be as bold as red shoes or a red dress. However, the underlying meaning is somewhat similar.

In addition to investigating the symbolic meaning and representations of red umbrellas, we’ll also be looking at the spiriting meaning and any omens associated with red umbrellas.

Firstly: Learn The Umbrella Symbolic Meaning

Before we get into what a red umbrella symbolizes, first we need to build a foundational understanding of what umbrellas stand for in general.

So, most of all, we link umbrellas with the rain. That means that there’s a connection between umbrellas and water. Although, the umbrella does not symbolize water itself. Rather, the umbrella stands for the protection from water. So, literally speaking, the umbrella protects you from water. Spiritually speaking, though, an umbrella is a message of protection from what water represents: strong and, often, overwhelming emotion.

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Not only does the umbrella stand for protection from emotion, it also stands for protection of threats from above. Not necessarily literal threats from above. Although, of course an umbrella will successfully intercept a seagull poop bomb. What we actually mean is that the umbrella represents protection from things like authority figures. Maybe you’ve had a run in with a police officer after driving a little too fast. Alternatively, a teacher at school might be giving you a harder time than you think you deserve. The same goes for your boss at work, maybe they’re being too demanding on your time. Regardless, the umbrella arrives in your life as a symbol of protection from those sorts of situations and people.

Red Represents Passion

Red is a very symbolic color. Moreover, its symbolism is widely known.

Of course, red is associated with blood. Therefore, it is linked to violence and sacrifice. It is especially linked to sacrifice in the name of a nation. This is why so many national flags have red in them; because they want to honor and memorialize the people who fought and died to protect the nation.

Red is also a color associated with anger. Think of the expression “seeing red” as a way of saying somebody is angry. Following on from this, red is associated with vigor, strength, aggression, courage, and war. But, it’s not all violence and negativity. The common thread running through all of the representations of the color red is passion. And, yes, passion can lead to all the things we’ve talked about here—war, violence, etc. But, passion can also be in the form of passionate love.

Red Umbrellas Are Symbolic Objects

So, red represents passion—whether that’s in the form of violence or love. It also represents sacrifice and strength. These representations synergize well with the meaning of an umbrella. So, when an umbrella is red, its foundational meanings are amplified by the color red.

spiritual meaning of a red umbrella

First of all, think about the umbrella’s ability to protect you from symbolic attacks from above (i.e. people or institutions with a perceived power of you). Adding the color red to this meaning creates the strength and power to resist any malign forces moving against you. With the color red on your side, you will be able to overcome all of the challenges in your life.

When it comes to the umbrella’s representation of subduing emotions, well, the color red runs contrary to that. Red, of course, is such a passionate color. But, that’s okay, the umbrella’s ability to dampen emotion will help you control your passion for the best outcome—it’s a way of offsetting any excessive feelings you might have that prevent you from making the best decisions.

Red Umbrella: Good Omen Or Bad Omen?

A red umbrella is certainly a good omen, not a bad omen! The reason for this is that it represents both protection and the strength of spirit to maximize the protection. It could be argued that the excessive passion brought forth by the color red can, at times, be problematic. However, the umbrella’s dampening attribute eliminates any problems linked with overwhelming passion.

Dreaming Of A Red Umbrella – What Does It Mean?

Talking about dreams and what they mean can be confusing. Because, we’re not always all on the same page about dream interpretation. There are two common ways you can look at it—1. psychological analysis, and 2. spiritual interpretation. The former, of course, is going to depend on a person’s experiences and consequent perspective. Whereas, the latter we make broader assertions based on common spiritual beliefs around symbolism and meaning.

red umbrella dream meaning

In a dream, the meaning of an object doesn’t change too much. In the case of a red umbrella, it still stands for passionate protection against powerful people and institutions. However, the fact that the message comes in a dream opens it up to be seen as a message from somebody specific. Consider that many see dreams as a connected space; i.e. a place that links our world with other worlds. Therefore, some might say that the red umbrella in your dream could be a message from your ancestors. Although, the message could be coming from anybody, in this physical world or another.

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