Does A Blue Umbrella Have A Special Spiritual Meaning?

What’s the spiritual meaning of a blue umbrella? Well, to answer that question, first we have to establish the symbolic, prophetic, and spiritual meaning of all umbrellas. Next, we need to reflect on the color blue—what does it represent? Then, we combine those two meanings to come up with the spiritual meaning of, and omens associated with, a blue umbrella.

So, stick around, and we’ll look at all the meanings, omens, and representations associated with seeing a blue umbrella. In addition, we’ll also take a quick look at what it means to dream of a blue umbrella.

Why Umbrellas Represent Our Aspirations

So, regardless of its color, what’s the spiritual meaning of an umbrella? To those among us who live in rainy places, an umbrella might just be a simple tool that keeps you dry on your walk down to the subway station on the way to work every day. However, whether umbrellas are common in your area or not, they remain particularly symbolic objects.

More than anything else, we link umbrellas with rain. Therefore, a connection exists between the symbolic meaning of an umbrella and the symbolic meaning of the water it was designed to intercept. Water, of course, represents deep and powerful emotions. And umbrellas, as you know, protect you from water. Therefore, a conclusion can be made: umbrellas protect us from the rain of our emotions.

umbrella spiritual meaning

More than that, though. Because, the umbrella also symbolizes protection from the manifestations of emotions, and not only our own. So, if somebody has negative feelings towards you, and you’re afraid they might act on them, then an umbrella comes as a message from your angels that you will be protected from others.

Additionally, the umbrella is a symbol of protecting you from overhead attacks. These attacks come in many forms. Overhead attacks doesn’t necessarily mean that a bird is going to poop on you. Rather, it relates to issues that feel as though they are above you. Here’s a list of some examples:

  • Government, police, other forms of authority.
  • School, teachers, principal, etc.
  • Boss/owner at your place of work.

Blue Is Our Favorite Color – Learn Its Meaning

Blue is the world’s favorite color! Google it, you’ll see. So, of course, a lot of people hold blue in high regard. It is a pleasant color and, more than that, it is rich in symbolism and spiritual meaning.

color blue spiritual meaning

Here’s a quick go to list for some of the meanings associated with the color blue:

  • Freedom via its link to the sky and oceans
  • Intuition via blues connection to the subconscious
  • Imagination and inspiration, blue represents the intellect and using it to be creative
  • Loyalty – you’ve heard the expression “true blue”, haven’t you?

The Spiritual And Symbolic Meaning Of A Blue Umbrella

Blue is such a wonderful color with such positive meanings, so when we combine it with the meaning of an umbrella, then we really get a pleasant spiritual message.

blue umbrella spiritual meaning

Remember, the umbrella represents protection of various types. Firstly, it stands for protection from emotional issues and the ramifications of emotional issues. Secondly, umbrellas stands for protection from authority figures. So, to bring the color blue into the mix modifies the meaning so that a blue umbrella stands for protection through loyalty to you and by you to others. It means, through love and friendship, you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from anything.

Also, a blue umbrella represents the freedom of the seas and skies. This means that nothing can hold you back, no matter how powerful others may seem, they will not be able to stop you from traveling the world to make your dreams come true.

Blue Umbrella: Good Or Bad Luck?

A blue umbrella is a very positive omen indeed—as such, it can be seen to convey good luck. It represents absolute protection through unshakable loyalty and camaraderie. When a blue umbrella presents itself in your life, you can know that your travels will be blessed and uninhibited. And, considering its association with loyalty and friendship, then you won’t be alone on your successful journeys—you’ll be with people you can love and count on to have your back! Wonderful!

Witnessing A Blue Umbrella In Your Dreams

Thinking about the meaning of dreams can be a bit imprecise. Because to understand the meaning of a dream, we need to know what kind of meaning we are in search of. After all, what is meant when we ask the meaning of a dream? Do you want to know the psychological meaning or the spiritual meaning? Psychological analysis, of course, differs from person to person depending on experience and perspective. On the other hand, with spiritual meaning, we can make more general assertions about the spiritual meaning of your dream.

blue umbrella dream meaning

Also, dream meanings are generally the same as meanings associated with sightings of omens in the real world. A blue umbrella means protection through loyalty in the dream world the same way it does in the waking world. However, there is a slight difference. The difference, though, isn’t in the meaning of the umbrella, but rather, where the message itself has come from. This is because, generally speaking, people see dreams as a link between this world and whatever lies beyond it. Therefore, to dream of a blue umbrella can be taken as a message from an ancestor (or other person) that you will be protected and have friends in your journeys.

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