Blue Butterflies Are Rare – Learn The Spiritual Meaning

So, have you seen a blue butterfly and are wondering what the spiritual meaning is? Well, let’s get into it!

Seeing a butterfly is always a magical experience—there are few types of butterflies out there that aren’t absolutely beautiful. Some colors can really stand out to you. A blue butterfly is definitely a stunning one, isn’t it? That’s probably why the experience struck you and you started to wonder if there was a spiritual meaning, omen, or other sort of special message or meaning associated with the sighting.

Well, in this article we’ve got you covered. First, we’ll establish the general spiritual meaning of butterflies. Next, we’ll go over what the color blue represents. Then, we’ll use what we learned about butterflies and what we learned about the color blue, to understand the symbolic meaning of a blue butterfly. Last of all, we’ll take a quick look at what it means to dream of a blue butterfly.

Why is Seeing a Butterfly Spiritually Significant?

Butterflies are famously symbolic creatures. Above all else, a butterfly conveys a message of transformation. This is because they experience a complete transformation themselves when they turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Additionally, butterflies represent rebirth, because the caterpillar essentially “dies” and from its death a butterfly is reborn. There are a couple more things butterflies are believed to represent. Firstly, they represent freedom simply because they are able to fly—this, to us humans, is seen as the ultimate symbol of freedom. Secondly, many people believe seeing a butterfly is a direct message from lost loved ones.

Blue: Our Favorite Color – Meaning

Everybody loves the color blue. It’s a fact. When asked, more people say blue is their favorite color than any other color. So, that means blue is a very important color to people in general. But, what are some of the spiritual and symbolic meanings associated with the world’s favorite color?

spiritual meaning of the color blue

Here’s a quick list of meanings, associations, and symbolism we link with the color blue:

  • Freedom (it represents the sky and the ocean)
  • Intuition (we connect blue to the subconscious mind)
  • Imagination / inspiration (blue represents divine intellect)
  • Loyalty – true blue!

Transforming Out of the Blue

As mentioned earlier on, butterflies are powerful symbols of transformation. This is because they experience a profound transformation: they turn from grubby little caterpillars into beautiful winged butterflies.


So, what’s special about the transformation message of a blue butterfly? Well, let’s start with the freedom message. All butterflies represent freedom. Actually, they especially represent the gaining of freedom via transformation! Remember, the color blue is also a key symbol of transformation—this is because the color blue is associated with the sky and the ocean. So, to see a blue butterfly is an undeniable opportunity to reflect on your own life and where you enjoy freedom or suffer a lack of freedom. You can reflect on it, and consider how you can—just like the butterfly—transform from a slow moving and grounded creature, into a free-flying and liberated being.

Reborn in Blue: Rebirth Meaning of a Blue Butterfly

Following on from the previous section, the butterfly’s ability to transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly also means it is a symbol of rebirth. So, what does a blue butterfly represent when it comes to rebirth? A blue butterfly represents the rebirth of the mind, and thereby the intellect, the imagination, and creativity. A blue butterfly reminds you that you have the capability to unlock the power of your mind and can engage in wonderful creative endeavors that will nourish your mind and soul.

Freedom of the Blue Seas and Skies

The blue butterfly is double dipped in freedom symbolism!

blue sky and blue ocean represent freedom

First of all, because it’s a butterfly, it can fly. And flying is a very strong spiritual message of freedom—nothing frees you like freeing yourself from the limitations of being stuck on the ground. Secondly, the color blue is a freedom symbol in its own right. Because blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, we associate it with freedom—i.e. we see the ocean as something to sail across the new lands, and we see the sky as something to soar through like an eagle.

Blue Butterflies and Messages From the “Other Side”

Many believe that seeing a butterfly is a message from a lost loved one. It’s hard to say if that’s true or not, but sometimes a butterfly really wants to fly all up in your business—it sure does seem like a butterfly is trying to catch your attention sometimes, doesn’t it?

blue butterfly spiritual meaning

So, when a blue butterfly really wants to grab your attention, it could be that it is a message from a lost loved one from the other side. It could well be that the butterfly, for example, is a message from somebody whose favorite color was blue? Or, maybe the color blue meant something important to you and the person you’ve lost?

I Keep Seeing Blue Butterflies – What Does it Mean?

Sometimes we see messages in our daily experiences because, for some reason, our instinct tells us—”Hey! This is a message!!!”—and we get it loud and clear the first time. Alternatively, though, sometimes we’re a bit closed off to getting the message. In these cases, we might keep seeing a particular thing until it finally clicks with us.

So, if you keep seeing blue butterflies, it could well be an important message you have been ignoring. What that message is, though, doesn’t really differ from any of the information laid out in the article so far. So, read back over what we’ve mentioned in the sections above and try to see if any of those meanings resonate with you. It could be there’s something you need to pay attention to.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Blue Butterflies?

Dream meanings are an interesting topic to get into. Because, first of all, we have to be on the same page about what we mean when we say “dream meaning”. This is because there are different things that could mean. A lot of the time, dream meanings are taken to be psychological analysis. That’s not our specialty.

blue butterfly dream meaning

Instead, we like to look at the spiritual messages in dreams. Dreams themselves, many believe, are quite a spiritual experience. People often see dreams as a place to receive spiritual messages. Therefore, when it comes to dreaming of a blue butterfly, the possible spiritual meaning could be that you are receiving a message from a lost loved one through a dream. This could especially be the case if such a notion resonates with you immediately—have you lost somebody whose favorite color was blue? Well, there you.

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