Purple Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Let’s learn about the spiritual meaning of seeing a purple butterfly!

Seeing a butterfly is always a treat—they’re such beautiful creatures. Sometimes, though, you see a particularly stunning butterfly and it really strikes you. Seeing a purple butterfly, for example, has to feel pretty special. It’s no wonder you’re left with a profound feeling and a curiosity—is there a spiritual meaning behind seeing a purple butterfly? Well, in this article that’s exactly what we look at.

To begin with, we’ll lay sound groundwork—that means outlining what the general spiritual meaning of seeing a butterfly of any color is, and then looking at what the color purple represents in its own right. Afterwards, we then use what we’ve learned to understand the specific meanings behind seeing a purple butterfly. In addition, we also take a quick look at what it means to dream of a purple butterfly.

Butterfly Meaning (Regardless of Color)

Butterflies sure are meaningful little critters. We’ve come to apply lots of symbolic and spiritual meaning to butterflies—which, of course, makes sense because they are such eye-catching things. Moreover, the lifecycle and habits of a butterfly are also quite curious. That is, they transform from an unpleasantly grubby caterpillar into delightful thing. After which, they gain the ability to fly—but they don’t just fly in any old fashion, they flutter around in a quite magical manner.

purple butterfly spiritual meaning

So, because butterflies are so spellbinding, we’ve attached all sorts of spiritual meanings to their visiting us.

First of all, butterflies are significant symbols of transformation. The reason for this should be quite clear: they transform! Butterflies begin as leaf-crawling caterpillars, before eventually transforming into flying butterflies. Therefore, a butterfly can present itself to you as a message of transformation. Also, because they transform like that, they are also omens of rebirth. This is because the caterpillar “dies” when it transforms, and the butterfly is “reborn” in its place. Butterflies are represent freedom. The reason they stand for freedom is because they can fly, which, to us landbound creatures, seems to be the ultimate freedom. Lastly, and for some most profoundly, butterflies are believed to be messages from loved ones who’ve passed on to the next life.

How do we Finding Meaning in the Color Purple?

The color purple is magical, no doubt about that. After all, purple is the color of choice for witches—if you see a house with the front door painted purple, it’s said that that’s a signal that a witch resides inside!

purple sky

Purple came to be associated with magic in the same way it came to be associated with wisdom. After all, knowing how to perform magic is a sort of wisdom, isn’t it? So, purple endures as the color of knowledge. But, not just any old sort of knowledge, it’s about rare, elusive, and powerful knowledge.

Perhaps the association with rare and powerful knowledge is the reason why purple was chosen by the royal families of Europe. From that association with royalty, purple has also come to represent decadence, luxury, grandeur, and all the fancy things in life.

The Importance of Purple in Transformation

As discussed above, butterflies represent transformation. And when we bring the meaning of the color purple to that, it really influences the meaning. To see a purple butterfly represents a transformation from being unaware to becoming aware. What you will become aware of, though, is difficult to say. But, it will likely center around the gaining of a special sort of knowledge—the kind of knowledge that will you give the power in life you seek.


Practically, though, how should you receive this advice? Well, like all things of this nature, it will depend significantly on your intuition. How do you feel about the omen? What resonates with you? Some examples of what seeing a purple butterfly could mean:

  • Picking up a new job with a special skill and knowledge.
  • Re-entering or succeeding in an academic role.
  • Becoming part of a group or society that shares rare information.

Rebirth and Seeing a Purple Butterfly

Being “reborn” and “transforming” are quite similar themes. However, the former differs from the latter in that what came before is completely lost. Whereas, with the latter, you can become a new form of what you were before. So, the rebirth omen can mean that—like the transformation omen—you can gain new knowledge. However, it means that whatever you were before could be entirely wiped away and replaced with a new version of you.

purple butterfly spiritual meaning

Also, worth remembering that it doesn’t have to be your entirety that is reborn. Rather, it could be that a part of you, or a part of your life, is completely changed beyond recognition. For example, it could be that you are living in one place, and you move to a new place that is entirely different and, as a result, your life completely changes. But, when we think of the color purple representing decadence, then it could be that an encounter with a purple butterfly is an omen of abundance heading your way. The kind of abundance that would cause you to be reborn into a completely new experience. Fingers crossed for that one, eh?

What Blessings of Freedom do Purple Butterflies Convey?

Butterflies are potent emblems of freedom. Not only do they enjoy the freedom of flight, they also have gained that freedom through transformation from a landbound caterpillar into a free-flying butterfly.

purple butterfly freedom meaning

The purple butterfly conveys a specific sort of message of freedom. That is, the purple butterfly implies freedom will be gained through knowledge, and then through that knowledge power, abundance, and luxury will be yours. To see a purple butterfly really is a grand thing. Put your imagination to good use, imagine what it would take—it terms of finances—to be entirely free of all your current burdens. Well, that’s what the purple butterfly is reminding you is possible. Use wisdom (or gain wisdom) in order to achieve luxury and comfort.

Purple Butterflies: Messages From Our Lost Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is a terrible, terrible experience. And it’s always difficult to cope with it, no matter how much time passes. That is why we’re always so happy to feel as though we’ve received a message from a lost loved one. Many, many, many people believe that butterflies are messages from our lost loved ones and, whatever you believe, it’s definitely a relatable feeling. Have you ever had a butterfly flutter so close to your face that it almost felt like it was trying to grab your attention? Well, it could well be that it’s a message that, “Hey, don’t worry! Everything is alright!”

What makes the purple butterfly special, though? Well, for example, a purple butterfly could be a message from a lost loved one whose favorite color was purple. Also, it could be that a purple butterfly represents the soul of a lost friend or loved one who had special knowledge or wisdom.

The Spiritual Significance of Seeing Multiple Purple Butterflies

When you keep seeing something particular, it could be that you’re a little hard to reach—maybe you’re cut off from the signs and symbols around you. In cases like that, sometimes the same thing will keep on coming up until it finally clicks with you to pay attention to it. So, if you keep seeing purple butterflies, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is an extra special meaning to the sighting, just that you haven’t gotten to the bottom of what it means yet.

purple butterflies spiritual meaing

So, even if you do see purple butterflies repeatedly, the meaning remains the same as mentioned in the sections above. Seeing a purple butterfly is all about the gaining of special, rare, and powerful knowledge through transformation or rebirth.

Purple Butterfly Dream Meaning

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of a purple butterfly doesn’t differ too much from the “real life” meaning of seeing a purple butterfly. The core meaning remains the the same, i.e. to dream of a purple butterfly is receive a message of transformation/rebirth. And that that transformation or rebirth will lead you into powerful, rare, and special wisdom.

purple butterfly dream meaning

However, the dream meaning does alter the meaning slightly. That is because the dream world (many believe) is where different dimensions, realities, realms, souls, etc, intersect. That means that, in your dreams, you are able to receive messages from other souls. Those souls could be in this world with you, or in another unknown place.

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