What Does Seeing a Black and Red Butterfly Represent?

A black and red butterfly is, certainly, a stunning sight and it’s understandable you might wonder what the spiritual and symbolic meaning of that butterfly is. Especially if the butterfly comes flittering and fluttering right in your face—it can really feel like a sign, omen, or message meant just for you.

So, in this article, we’re going to break down the different meanings associated with butterflies, in isolation, and then the colors—black and red—after which we’ll combine the meanings. By understanding each element of the message independently, we can then bring them together to decode any possible message linked to seeing a black and red butterfly.

The General Spiritual Meaning Associated With Butterflies

It would be a surprise if there was a single person on planet earth, that didn’t find butterflies appealing, wouldn’t it? After all, they’re typically beautiful—they possess striking colors and intricate patterns that we find irresistibly appealing. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we attach so much meaning to them.

The funny thing is, though, that their appearance isn’t the main source of their spiritual and symbolic meaning.

black and red butterfly spiritual meaning

The main source of their spiritual and symbolic meaning meaning actually comes from their ability to completely transform themselves. Of course, butterflies begin life, not as butterflies, but as caterpillars. We know caterpillars turn into butterflies, but we don’t call them “butterfly larvae” do we? We see them as a completely different critter. It’s that conceptualization that really fuels the primary meaning of a butterfly—they symbolize transformation.

Their form of transformation is super special too, because it represents freedom-giving transformation. This is because caterpillars transform from something with little freedom of movement—a crawling, cumbersome, leaf-bound caterpillar—into something totally free—a fluttering, floating, roaming butterfly!

Red: A Color of Passion

A red sports car, a red dress, a sports team with a red uniform—what kind of feelings do you have when you think of these things? Red is an evocative color. It really communicates something powerful, strong, and even aggressive. But, to say that red was an “aggressive” color would be totally unfair. After all, red is also a color we associate with love! So, what unites love and aggression? The answer, of course, is passion. Therefore, red is the color of passion.

spiritual meaning of the color red

Red is also a significant color for national pride in many countries. Think about the amount of national flags that incorporate the color red! They do this because the color red is meant to represent the blood of those who gave their lives to defend the country and the way of life of its citizens.

One last thing to mention about the color red: in parts of Asia the color red is very important. This is because it represents good fortune, abundance, good luck, and wealth.

The Color Black – What Does It Mean?

From the jerseys of Italian soccer team AC Milan to 90% of gaming computers—the color combo of black and red sure is popular! And, it really makes sense, because the meanings of these two colors synergizes quite well.

meaning of the color black

It would be fair to say that both black and red are “strong” colors. So, in that way, they match. But, it’s important to remember that the type of strength they convey differs. Red is the fury, the rage, the passion. Whereas, black is a dark, solid, unmovable strength. This is why black is chosen for government cars, because it conveys insurmountable strength and security. This is where it really stands out from red, though, because red is almost out of control, whereas black is in complete control.

Black, though, isn’t only about strength. The color black also conveys sadness, melancholy, and a lack of exuberance. Therefore, the color black is worn at funerals by mourners to communicate respect for other mourners as well as to convey their own personal sadness.

Combined Meaning – Black and Red Butterfly

So, we now understand the spiritual meaning of butterflies, no matter their color. Also, we know what the colors black and red mean in their own right. Therefore, we’re now much better positioned to understand the spiritual meaning of encountering a black and red butterfly.

black red and white butterfly spiritual meaning

A black and red butterfly presents itself to us with a handful of possible messages.

The first among those possible meanings is to do with tempering passionate feelings within a solid and authoritative resolve. Practically speaking, this means, when angry (i.e. red) you should master your emotions and remain strong and in control (i.e. black). It’s not that you should necessarily allow coldness to dominate your passion, but rather the two should exist in balance to best benefit you. Because, of course, the converse is also true—there are times in life when you might be too cold, and allowing the red to come to the fore while the black fades into the background could benefit you.

Black and Red Butterfly Transformation

The balance mentioned above is important. The red and black butterfly conveys a message of transformation in conjunction with balance between the passionate and the dispassionate. This message couldn’t be clearer! Black and red butterflies instruct us to be able to transform depending on our needs. Whenever we need passion, we should be able to command it and control it—putting it to perfect use. And, on the flip side of that coin, whenever you need to chill your hotheadedness and remain calm in a crisis, then you will be given that gift of calm strength also. Therefore, the black and red butterfly transmits a message of constant transformation to find utility and to find balance.

Black and Red Butterfly Freedom Meaning

The two previous sections were, predominantly, about how to transform yourself between a passionate person and a calm person so as to best benefit yourself. But, the next question is, how does that “benefit” manifest? Well, this is where the butterfly’s final message comes in: freedom. All butterflies convey a message of freedom, regardless of their color. However, the red and black butterfly tells you that through transformation and balance you will achieve true freedom.

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