Seashell Spiritual Meaning

Can you think of anything more relaxing than a lovely day by the seashore? And, what’s more fun than watching the boats sail by, building sand castles, and hunting for seashells? Well, maybe finding the biggest, most perfect seashell is more fun. That’s always a pretty awesome experience! It’s definitely one of the most beautiful gifts to receive from the sea. Naturally, you may be wondering what is the seashell spiritual meaning? What does the seashell represent? What message am I meant to receive when I keep seeing seashells? Well, you’re definitely not alone!

Not surprisingly, seashells have a long history of being valuable. In fact, in many cultures seashells were even used as currency. Well, technically some amazingly stunning shells still might actually be worth something. Either way, it’s easy to understand why seashells are so sought after. They’re not only beautiful, but carry some very important spiritual messages you’ll most likely be happy to hear. Especially if you are lucky enough to find a shell yourself! So, sit back and get comfortable. We’re getting ready to dive deep into the world of the hidden meaning of seashells!

Are Seashells Messages From The Divine?

Well, first things first, let’s explore a little bit into the seashell represents generally. The seashell provides a home for a very vulnerable sea creature, so we know it represents shelter and serenity right away. Also, there’s plenty of seashells in the sea, so it has an association with abundance. And, obviously it has a connection with the ocean which is about infinity and otherworldliness. Those meanings are deep enough by themselves. But, there’s some that believe the seashells are actually messages from divinity or an intelligent creation.

Seashells often have a spiral shape that increase at a certain rate called the Fibonacci sequence or a logarithmic spiral. In other words, its shape can be calculated with a mathematic formula, it is set and not irregular. This is seen in a few other natural elements, like the snail shell, pinecones, or various other flowers. But, some believe the precision required for this to evolve points to some form of intelligent design. So, any items with this sequence often have an association with the divine or spiritual messages from beyond.

In other words, you might take finding a seashell as a message that your spiritual guides are with you. After all, it takes luck to find a seashell. Like a lot of luck! In fact, there’s a lot of spiritual meaning behind finding a seashell at all.

Finding A Seashell Spiritual Meaning

So, what is the spiritual meaning of finding a seashell? For starters, it means you’re in the right place. But, really! Some of the seashells that wash up on the beach might be thousands of years old. In fact, it’s possible that some are even millions of years old. And, it just so happens that it washes up at the right time to be right in front of you. That’s serendipitous! But, more than that, it’s an important message from the higher realms that you are not alone.

shell decoration spiritual meaning

Sometimes in the journey of life it’s easy to feel that we are alone and that everything in our experience happens randomly. But, just think that all of your life events aligned to bring you to that particular beach at that particular time to find one particular shell. And, the shell was tossed around for thousands of years in rough water and sand alike. Still, the universe brings that shell to you at that time to simply bring a smile to your face. If something as small as a seashell is divinely guided to you, then what larger things can you relax about knowing is also divined guided?

Remember, finding a seashell above all is an incredible omen of incoming good luck. So, relax and know that you are on right path in life even if the waters seem a little choppy at the moment. Know eventually the water will calm down and recede and the beautiful bounty of the universe will be shown to you. Just like that seashell you found on the beach! You’re always on the right path even if it might be a little rough at times.

Seashells And Feng Shui

So, now that you’ve found an absolutely precious shell, what are you going to do with it? Well, many would take it home and place it for decoration. In fact, in Feng Shui the shell brings a lot of positive energy into any space. Since seashells provide a safe, protective home against the elements for its inhabitants, bringing one into your own home will do the same for you. After all, that’s what a home is meant to do!

Decorating with shells also brings in good luck and abundance. Since it’s extremely good luck when finding a shell at all, this is an obvious connection! But, it’s important to remember that in ancient times shells were sometimes used as currency. So, placing shells around the home, especially in baskets, can bring in good luck in areas of financial abundance specifically. That’s always a welcome addition in any home.

It’s also thought that placing seashells near pictures of loved ones could improve the quality of the relationship. This is because seashells have an association with ocean and the water. And, water represents the flowing of emotions and love. So, if you’re looking to bring more peace, harmony, and love to a relationship, you may want to try to add some seashell decor to the bedroom! But, there’s actually even more connections between seashells and relationships!

Seashell Spiritual Meaning And Relationships

Did you know that seeing seashells more often could mean new love developing on the horizon? That doesn’t necessarily mean a new relationship every time, but a new transition in a current one. That’s because seashells have an association with communication. And, with listening! In fact, some seashells even look very similar to the cochlea in the human ear. That’s a pretty good sign that one can hear. And, of course, we all probably know you can hold up a shell to your ear to hear the ocean anytime.

But still, every relationship in life needs communication to properly flourish. So, seeing seashells might mean that communication in relationships will soon improve. In fact, if you keep seeing seashells randomly and are looking to hear from someone, it’s a pretty good omen communication might come soon!

Also, seashells have a strong link with water and emotions as mentioned previously. But, more specifically, water often represents the feeling of deep love. This is evident because of its usage in paintings of the goddess Venus often standing in a scallop shell. Because of this, the shell has a connection with fertility and sensuality. Shells sometimes represent female genitalia in classical artwork or literature. So, if you are looking to be as alluring as Venus, Aphrodite, or even the Hindu goddess Lakshmi in your love life, seashells definitely can’t hurt!

Does finding a seashell mean that love is on its way? You might be surprised!

Seashells And Sound

No article on seashell spiritual meaning will be complete without at least mentioning the connection of sound and seashells. The unique shape of the shell often means you can hold it up to your hear to hear the sound of the surf. Because of this, people often believed that sea loving spirits still dwelled inside of them. We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Still, some even play sounds or music using the conch shell as well. It is thought that blowing a conch shell invites blessings of protection and abundance into the home. Seashells make a great horn to announce successes or celebration! This is a great omen that you may have cause to celebrate very soon in your life. It is often used in wedding ceremonies to announce a new partnership! So, you may expect some new changes on the romantic front.

In some cultures, especially in Hawaii, the shell is blown at the end of the day as a farewell to the sun. This is a great reminder to practice gratitude for the blessings each day brings you. Take some time to celebrate even the smallest precious things in your life.

Seashells And Beliefs About Bad Luck

By now, it’s easy to see that seashells are overall a pretty positive omen! But, did you know that some people believe that keeping and finding seashells is actually bad luck? Well, more specifically, that using seashells as a decoration in the home is bad luck. Can a seashell be a bad omen?

It’s important to remember that seashells have an association with the sea and possibly all spirits in the sea. There are lots of myths and legends surrounding the sea going back throughout all of human history. The sea is unknown and vast, it’s easy to be afraid of something so powerful and possibly dangerous. In some cultures, it is thought that bringing a shell into the home invites sea loving spirits into your home. Which in turn can invite the water to follow! And, if you live by the sea you definitely want to enjoy the sea from your window, not within the walls of your house!

Others say that decorating with seashells is bad luck because it is essentially a dead item. And, it is since it is a home that has been discarded by its inhabitants. Depending on your perspective, it might represent that soon your house will be discarded as well. But ultimately, it is up to your own personal preference and intuition when it comes to using symbolism in your home. If you enjoy the symbolism of the shell but want living creatures, you may want to research and look into keeping pet snails.

conch shell spiritual meaning
Can something so pretty be bad luck?

Broken Seashell Spiritual Meaning

So, what about broken shells? Broken seashells are pretty common to find along the seashore. However, in some spiritual circles, broken seashells are said to represent incoming sadness by broken homes, broken dreams, and broken foundations. Yikes! But, surely, this may be a bit of an exaggeration. Otherwise, the millions of people who walk by the shore every year might be in for quite a shake up! Right?

That’s absolutely true. Just because seashells are broken on the shore does not mean that they did not provide a solid, stable home for its inhabitant at the time. It’s simply the remnants of that experience left behind. And, seashells are actually part of a delicate ecosystem, especially the broken ones. In fact, in areas where taking shells is prohibited, the reefs and general wildlife are more healthy and vibrant.

The spiritual lesson we can take from this is that nothing is a waste. Even the negative experiences in life teach us something and help us build back something even better. So, while it is unlikely that a broken seashell means your home will be broken, even if it did it would be okay. It’s just part of the cycle of life, a delicate ecosystem. And, as the saying goes, it takes a little rain to get a rainbow.

Dream Meanings About Seashells

Having dreams about seashells? That certainly can make you wonder what the dream meaning is! As with any dream, it’s very important to notice how you felt during the dream. For instance, a dream about finding hundreds of seashells on the shore where you are happy is entirely different than one where you are sad about this discovery. And, always listen to your intuition as well. Often times dream interpretations are very personal, so make sure to take some time to to see how you really feel about it or meditate on it.

To dream of seashells in general means you may need to take a look at your foundations and shelter in life. It may mean you need to work on feeling more secure and seeking protection against outside forces. If you dream of finding large, beautiful seashells you might expect financial gains in the near future. Dreaming of lots of seashells means you may feel you have multiple opportunities to be successful in your waking life.

On the other hand, negative dream meanings about seashells are also possible. To dream of broken shells could mean that you feel as if your foundations in life are threatened. If you are searching for seashells and find nothing, it could mean you fear something you are currently working on might be in vain.

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