Purple Umbrella – What’s The Spiritual Meaning?

So, you want to learn about the spiritual meaning of a purple umbrella? Well, that’s definitely understandable. After all, you don’t see a purple umbrella ever day. And the color purple itself is very, very bold! So, it’s only natural your encounter with a purple umbrella has left you a little shook.

In this piece, we’re going to start by looking at the general spiritual meaning associated with all umbrellas. Next, we’ll take a quick look at what meanings are associated with the color purple. After that, we’ll combine what we’ve learned to understand the specific omens and messages associated with purple umbrella. Also, let’s talk about the dream meaning of a purple umbrella!

Umbrellas Represent Our Hopes And Dreams

It’s understandable, especially if you come from a rainy place where umbrellas are commonplace, to think that the umbrella isn’t that interesting of an object. On the contrary, though, the umbrella is actually full of symbolic and spiritual meaning.

The main thing we associate umbrellas with is, of course, the element of water. Water, you may already know, represents emotions. This is because of its swelling motion, rising and falling in the ocean like our feelings. But, it’s not just the water of the ocean that is associated with emotion, it’s also rain. Rain is a potent symbol of sadness and dreary, melancholic feelings. As such, the umbrella endures as a message that we are protected from the rain of our emotions if we simply accept that protection.


And the umbrella is, of course, all about protection. Not only does it shield us from inclement weather literally speaking, it also protects us spiritually. The umbrella comes to us a message of protection from our angels. Specifically, though, the umbrella stands for protection from attacks from above.

What things are above you really depends on how you feel about them. Some of us may feel mistreated by people in positions of authority. For example, perhaps a teacher at school has picked on you. Maybe your boss has been kind of rude lately. Alternatively, maybe you’ve had an unfortunate encounter with the government or law enforcement.

What Does the Color Purple Symbolize?

Purple is a wonderful color. After all, Prince was obsessed with it, right? Purple Rain! What a song.

Anyway, not lose focus! So, what’s the spiritual meaning of the color purple?

purple spiritual meaning

Well, purple represents wisdom. Also, it is especially associated with arcane knowledge. As such, this has resulted in the color purple being associated with witches, wizards, and warlocks. It is said that a home with a front door painted purple is actually the home of a witch!

In addition to representing knowledge, purple also stands for royalty, luxury, and grandeur.

Purple Umbrella Meaning

So, we now have the foundations! We understand what umbrellas stand for in isolation. Also, we know what the color purple symbolizes. So, in bringing them together, we can know that a purple umbrella is a protection from those of a higher class than us. Not every society, though, is overtly based on classes. Therefore, this meaning can also extends to issues with all manner of authority. This is especially true of gaudy displays of authority over the citizenry.

Spiritual Meaning of a Purple Umbrella

To apply this to your own life, of course, will be a personal endeavor. It will require reflection: ask yourself questions about your relationship to powerful people and powerful institutions. Especially those institutions with secret knowledge and/or decadent homes or headquarters. Although, paranoid thinking should not be encouraged—this omen could be as simple a message as a reminder to fill out your tax form correctly or to make sure you don’t run foul of the authorities.

Seeing A Purple Umbrella: Is It A Good Omen?

It’s a bit of a mixed omen. It’s a sign that you will receive protection from authority, especially those with mysterious knowledge and excessive wealth. However, to protect you from those things is good. But, on the other hand, if you do encounter issues with power and authority, well, that isn’t exactly a good thing, is it? So, therefore, the purple umbrella is an omen that is both good and bad.

Dreaming Of A Purple Umbrella – Meaning

Investigating the meaning of dreams can be challenging. Before we try to understand the meaning of a dream, we need to establish what kind of meaning we are looking for. This is because there are many different types of meaning. When it comes to dreams it could be a psychological meaning or a spiritual meaning. The former, of course, is personal and depends on the individual’s experience and perspective. Whereas, when it comes to spiritual meaning, we can make broader conclusions based on various traditions.


So, in a spiritual sense, the dream meaning of a purple umbrella isn’t too different from the meaning you can take when you see it in real life. Seeing it in a dream can be seen as more of a variation on a meaning rather than an absolutely different meaning. This is because all of the symbolism stays the same, but the dream adds the element of otherworldliness to it.

Often, people see dreams as links to other worlds. For example, many believe that, through a dream, you can receive messages from others. Consider that you could be receiving a message from either your ancestors or your contemporaries in the physical world. Regardless, the message pertains to issues of protection from wise but powerful forces from above.

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