What Does An Orange Umbrella Represent? (Spiritual Meaning)

So you saw an orange umbrella? It’s true that umbrellas come in all sorts of colors. But, some colors grab the imagination more than others. The color orange stands for confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. So, when you saw an orange umbrella did you pick up on any of those vibes? Hopefully you did, because they’re all good.

In this article, we’re going to look at the general meaning of umbrellas, then the independent beliefs associated with the color orange, and finally we’ll bring them together to examine exactly what an orange umbrella stands for. After deciding if an orange umbrella is a good omen or a bad omen, we’ll spend some time investigating the dream meaning of an orange umbrella.

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Umbrella Meanings and Symbolism

For those of us who live in rainy places—looking at you England, you too Seattle!—umbrellas are just everyday objects that help keep the drizzle off our nice, dry clothes. However, their value goes beyond the practical—umbrellas are also significant symbols.

First of all, we should consider the umbrella’s association with rain and water. Spiritually and symbolically speaking, water is associated with emotions. Therefore, umbrellas can represent our protection from emotion. Those emotions could be our own, or perhaps they’re the unwelcome emotions of others.


We can double down on this symbolism, because umbrellas are also a symbol of protection. They shield us from the elements. So, that symbol of protection can very well be a protection from something literal like cold rain on a winter day. But, it can also symbolize, as we mentioned, a protection from emotions or the manifestations of emotions.

Furthermore, the umbrella is a powerful symbol of protecting you from things above. These problems—the overhead sort—can come in many forms. It’s about things that feel as though they are above you. That superiority could be an authoritarian superiority, a physical superiority, or even a spiritual or religions superiority. Here are some examples:

  • Government, police, other forms of authority.
  • School, teachers, principal, etc.
  • Boss/owner at your place of work.

What Does the Color Orange Symbolize?

Orange is a bright color, of course, but it’s also a very warm color. It reminds us of feeling warm by the fire, or the comforting heat of a late afternoon sun. Orange is an outgoing color. So, naturally, it represents cheerfulness, sociability, and confidence. It’s also a good color for artists of all kinds. This is because the color orange stands for creativity.

orange leaves

Here’s a quick list of the key representations of the color orange:

  • Autumn / Fall
  • Warmth
  • Joy
  • Summer
  • Heat
  • Comfort
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Sociability

Also, it’s important when thinking about color to remember the links between color and the chakra system. In this case, orange is important because it is linked with the sacral chakra. Check out our excellent guide on the sacral chakra (opens in another tab).

Spiritual Meaning of a Orange Umbrella

So, now that we know all about both the meaning of an umbrella and the meaning of the color orange, what conclusions can we draw about the spiritual meaning of an orange umbrella?

Well, the emotional protection offered by the umbrella synergizes well with the meaning of the color orange. Together, the umbrella and the color orange will help you maintain your confidence in social situations where the emotions of other people might otherwise affect you in a negative way. The presence of an orange umbrella might well simply be a message that your angels are here to protect you in those social situations. However, it could also be a warning that you should make efforts yourself to prepare for how others’ emotions might negatively affect you. Reflect on it, consider your intuition and act in a way that resonates with you.

orange umbrella spiritual meaning

Also, an orange umbrella is a good omen for those of us suffering from the blues. The rain is often a symbol of melancholic thoughts. While the umbrella protects us from that rain. But, when we combine that protection with the color orange, we amplify it. This is because you can gain the confidence, joy, warmth, and comfort from the color orange to help improve your mood.

As always, though, if you are feeling down, remember to, first-and-foremost, consult with mental health professionals to get you the help you deserve.

Orange Umbrella – Good Luck / Bad Luck

An orange umbrella is undoubtedly a good omen! This is because, quite simply, there are no negative associations with an orange umbrella. An orange umbrella represents joyous, confident, warm protection from the world’s challenges. Sure, it might predict a rough time, but it also lets you know that you have the support in both the physical and spiritual realms that you need to succeed.

Seeing an orange umbrella is good luck!

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Orange Umbrella?

Dream meanings are, always, specific to the person. This is because, in terms of analysis, the dream will have a meaning that is personal to you based on how you might feel about the object you’re dreaming about. However, we can put that personal meaning aside, and we can draw some broader conclusions based on spiritual beliefs.

dream meaning orange umbrella

So, first of all, we need to understand how we think about dreams with regards to spirituality. People believe that dreams represent the connection between this realm and others. Therefore, it could be taken that a dream is a possible communication from an ancestor or even an acquaintance in the physical realm. So, the spiritual meaning remains the same, i.e. an orange umbrella stands for emotional protection through warmth, joy, and confidence. However, that meaning is modified in the dream realm because, as we mentioned, it could be taken as a message from a loved one.

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