Running Into Your Ex Spiritual Meaning

If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably had an experience most of us wish that we could avoid. You’re going about your day, minding your own business, maybe you’re in the grocery store. When suddenly, there’s your ex! The one who broke your heart even though the relationship wasn’t that great. Or, the one who got away. After the initial panic and anxiety, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why am I running into my ex? Why is this happening to me?!” First of all, try not to panic. If you believe in synchronicity, everything happens for a reason. It’s just a matter of discovering that reason. So, why did you bump into your ex?

Well, most likely you have some unresolved issues with your ex! I know, I know, you probably have mixed feelings reading that! It can certainly take some time to recover after a heartbreak. However, sometimes there can be issues in relationships in general that you might need to take a closer look at. For example, are you closed off to love since this ex and you broke up? Or, did you have weak boundaries with this ex and maybe you’re starting to have weak boundaries in your current relationship?

Remember, running into an ex isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it can be a wonderful opportunity to make sure you’ve learned lessons from the past. It’s also a great way to look at progress you’re making in your healing journey and life in general. For instance, maybe you realize that you’re no longer attracted to all those red flags your ex had and are looking for a more mature, stable partner.

Other times, it can be a sign to reexamine the relationship for a possible reconciliation. Let’s explore further.

Make Sure To Pay Attention To The Details

Whenever we are looking for meaning in the world around us or synchronicity, it’s vitally important to pay attention to the details surrounding the event. In other words, try to recall exactly what was happening when you ran into your ex. Where were you? What was your first feeling upon seeing them? And, what was your first thought? What were they doing? Who were they with? And, so on. Answering these questions can give you some clues into the messages you might need to understand.

For example, did you bump into one another at a previous favorite restaurant? Did you share a lot of happy memories here but had to move away for a work opportunity or some other life circumstance? Maybe you both had fun sharing a pleasant conversation catching up? It might be that they also haven’t moved on from the time you shared either. Maybe it was a case of the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes destiny will bring people back together if the relationship would flourish better at a different time.

On the other hand, maybe your ex was with a new person and you felt a bit jealous. Maybe your ex’s new partner is more fit or wears nicer clothes. In instances like these, make sure to give yourself some extra love. Take some time to concentrate on your strengths. For instance, maybe you’re really skilled at playing the piano but haven’t played in years. Build up your confidence by starting to play again! Or, if you haven’t been focusing on your health, maybe join a gym or look at your eating habits. Self-improvement is a great way to feel better about yourself and less jealous about someone else.

running into my ex sign
Sometimes it’s better to just release an ex from your life.

What Should I Do About Running Into My Ex?

You may not want to hear it, but it’s possible that you’ll keep running into your ex until you resolve the fundamental issue! So, what can you do about it? First, it’s important to understand each individual situation is different so once again this article can’t possibly give personal advice for every connection. Make sure that you are listening to your intuition for what’s the best course of action for you to take. Always follow your intuition!

Still, take some time to consider how you feel about your breakup with this ex. Do you owe them an apology? Would you like to maintain a friendship? What action can you take to bring peace into this situation? It might not be easy to accept we are in the wrong. Remember, if something is meant to be in your life it might keep appearing until you finally take the opportunity. Don’t let fear hold you back. Follow your heart to make things right if you feel led to do so.

But, sometimes it can be because you are possibly attracting certain energy into your life and need to release it. For instance, if your ex was a pretty angry person and you’ve been feeling angry lately, you might be attracting that back into your life. Make sure to remember what was going on in your life when you were with your ex and look for patterns. If you were in a bad place mentally when you were together and your ex pops back up, try to work through any current struggles with a more positive outlook. Remember, if you expect good things to happen to you they will.

Ultimately, it will require a bit of self-introspection to notice patterns and figure out how to break out of them.

Does Running Into My Ex Mean That We Should Get Back Together?

Maybe. Remember, there’s no way an article like this can give the correct answer for every individual situation. Certainly, pay attention to your intuition and your heart when making decisions like this above all else. But, here’s a few signs you might look for when taking this into consideration.

First, pay attention to how you feel when you ran into each other. If you felt overwhelmingly anxious or fearful, take that as a sign you probably shouldn’t get back together. If your relationship was overall negative, there was toxic behavior or patterns going on that’s another big no. Also, pay attention to the way your closest friends felt about this person. Of course everyone has their own opinions for their own reasons, but if your close friends want what’s best for you and they don’t like this person, it might be a sign to stay away from this ex!

running into your ex

On the other hand, if you felt very comfortable meeting your ex again, you might want to take it into consideration. Repeating numbers, or seeing their name in random places, before and after running into your ex is also a positive sign. If you feel you have similar goals and aspirations in life and you feel drawn to them, these are extremely positive omens as well. If you’ve tried to move on several times but still keep thinking of this person, that’s another sign. Ultimately, if you feel like you’re at home with this person and communication flows easily, maybe consider taking a chance, even if it’s just at a friendship at first.

How Can I Move On?

Regardless of whether you decide to try to reconcile or not with your ex, follow your intuition and stick to the decision. Often times we will keep experiencing the same things over and over in life because we are back and forth in our mind with worry. Remember, what is meant to be in your life will not pass you by. If you decide that you are better off without this person, don’t keep thinking it might have worked if only something was different. Remember, sometimes rejection is the universe’s protection. Don’t waste more of your precious time trying to force someone to appreciate you if they do not.

Whenever we run into an ex, it can easily ruin your day, if not your entire week. Try not to let this happen. Allow yourself to experience your feelings, but don’t dwell on them. Sometimes it’s beneficial to set a time limit, like I’m going to really get all of my feelings out for an hour then I’m no longer going to think about this anymore. But, healing is not linear and it’s not the same for everyone! Be kind to yourself, you can’t help how you feel. But, you can help how you allow those feelings to make you act. Always pour your energy into self-improvement instead of worrying about external factors outside of yourself.

You can’t help the past, running into your ex, what your ex does, or how they behave. But you can control how you react to that. Love yourself and trust that everything is always working out for you. Because it is!

Dreaming Of Running Into My Ex

Are you dreaming of running into your ex? It’s a pretty common dream to have actually! Often we dream of people from our past when there are unresolved issues or traumas that need to be addressed. Often times our subconscious communicates with us through dreams to bring up issues we are avoiding. So, if you had a rather traumatic break up and kind of buried your feelings, it might finally be time to sort through your feelings! You might simply need closure. Remember, closure does not have to always come from an external source. You can give closure to yourself! Accept that it happened because you were where you were and now things are different. After all, you’re growing into a stronger, better person more and more with every day.

Other times, we can dream of past situations when current situations are similar. For instance, have you recently entered into a new relationship and some of your old insecurities are coming up? Or, maybe you felt trapped in your relationship with your ex and you’re now feeling trapped in your current workplace? Remember, every situation is different. But sometimes we can learn from the past to make better decisions this time around. Make sure you’re following your intuition and making decisions from a place of security and inspiration rather than fear. Try to break out of any toxic cycles you might have in your life. A dream can be a fantastic warning to make sure you’re on the best path in your waking life. Don’t overlook it!

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