White Butterfly Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning

So you’ve been graced by a white butterfly and, naturally, you’re wondering what its spiritual meaning is? Well, you’re in the right place! Keep reading.

We’re going to get right into the spiritual meaning, omens, and dream meaning associated with white butterflies. For us to do that, first thing’s first—we need do the groundwork. In the first section, we talk about the spiritual meaning of butterflies in general. Next, we look at the spiritual meaning of the color white. After getting those two elements under our belts, we move on to really understanding specifically what a white butterfly represents.

The Meaning of Seeing a Butterfly

The general spiritual meaning of a butterfly revolves around one key element of their experience: the transformation from caterpillar into butterfly.

white butterfly spiritual meaning

First and foremost, butterflies representation transformation—for the aforementioned reason. Additionally, butterflies represent rebirth. The reason for this is that some conceptualize the transformation a little differently. Some believe the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly represents a rebirth, i.e. the caterpillar “dies” to allow itself to be “reborn” as a butterfly.

Butterflies persist as symbols of freedom. This spiritual message is conveyed through their fluttering flight through the freedom of the clear, blue, summery skies. But, it’s not just that, it’s also that they gain their freedom of flight via a struggle. They begin life stuck to the ground, in the form of a caterpillar, and then fight to survive, get all the food they need, so that they can eventually emerge as a beautiful butterfly! Total freedom!

White is a Color of Peace and Purity

White is a color that is strongly associated with peace—after all, that’s why people wave a white flag.

wedding dress meaning of color white

It’s also why a white dove represents peace. In addition to this, white flowers are also used as a symbol of peace. This is why white flowers are used and gifted at funerals—they represent the peace that we find in passing. White is also a color of cleanliness and purity. It’s the reason why we choose white for wedding dresses, and it’s also why little white lambs are such symbols of innocence and vulnerability.

Seeing a White Butterfly Transformation / Rebirth Meaning

Seeing a white butterfly is an omen or spiritual message relating to transformation. A specific sort of transformation, though. White butterflies predict that a transformation into a more peaceful and calm experience is on its way. So, if you have recently been going through a quite turbulent time, the sighting of a white butterfly is definitely a good omen for you.

Freedom and White Butterflies

White butterflies are also symbols of newfound freedom. A white butterfly brings a spiritual message that you will be gain freedom from any stressful situations you currently find yourself in.

white butterfly spiritual meaning

Also, a white butterfly can be a soothing message to receive for the recently bereaved. This is because the color white represents the peace the deceased find in the next life. Which, when brought together with a butterfly omen, creates a powerful message—many believe that butterflies are messages from the souls of our lost loved ones. So, it’s a soothing message to receive—a white butterfly—because it means our loved ones have found both peace and freedom on the other side.

White Butterfly Dream Meaning

When it comes to dreams, the spiritual meaning really doesn’t change all that much—a white butterfly still stands for the things we’ve already discussed in this article.

white butterfly dream meaning

However, the meaning does change slightly because of the medium of dreams themselves. This is because, some people believe, dreams exist as channels through which we’re able to communicate with others. And “others” could be just about anybody, existing anywhere—they could be lost loved ones sending a message from the other side, or it could be another soul across a great distance, it could even be a source of energy somewhere out there in the universe. Who knows?

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