Valentine’s Day Spirituality Gift Ideas

Let’s look at some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will let your loved one know how much you care. Picking out Valentine’s Day gifts can be challenging. You know your loved one has a hobby, but you might not know enough about that hobby to make a sound decision. So, we’ve done the work for you in putting this list together. The list includes several different types of gifts, from crystals to tarot decks and everything in between. Also, we’re covering different price ranges, so no matter your budget, you can find the perfect gift.

Rose Quartz as a Valentine’s Day Gift

The gift of a crystal is a pretty good place to start. First of all, it’s worth understanding that lots of spiritually-minded people ascribe different values to different types of stones, crystals, or gems. So, in addition to looking pretty, they can also help the recipient and also tell the recipient of the gift how you feel about them.

Rose quartz represents healing, but more than that it also represents unshakable, profound, and unconditional love. So, if you want to tell your partner on Valentine’s Day that you love them unconditionally, then rose quartz is a good choice for you.

So, the next question is: how do you choose an appropriate rose quartz gift? It’s just as simple as grabbing a piece of rose quartz and you’re good to go? Actually, that doesn’t have to be the case. Yes, a fine piece of rough rose quartz would be well-received, no doubt. However, you could go the extra mile and put together an even more thoughtful gift.

Now, this is such a cute gift idea! It’s a perfume bottle made of rose quartz and fixed onto a necklace. What a cool gift. In fact, you could even splurge on an fancy scent to go with the bottle and gift them together.

Not everybody is into perfume. Some people have sensitive noses, or maybe they prefer to pick out their own scents. Well, here’s a nice rose quartz alternative. It’s a bonsai-style tree with fragments of rose quartz in place of leaves. It’s a really pretty choice. Rose quartz symbolizes eternal, unconditional love. While the tree stands for the growth and strength of that love. A great gift idea.

Does your loved one like to read? Maybe they have a large book collection. Well, in that case, we’ve got them covered with this one. Check out these awesome rose quartz book ends. It’s also a nice opportunity to combine the book ends with a book or two to really round out the gift idea. Imagine, you find the perfect book your partner will love, and then as the cherry on top, you give them a pair of wonderful rose quartz book ends.

Self Love Bath Kit

It’s important when picking out gifts to really reflect upon and consider the recipients potential experience when you give a gift. It’s quite easy to gift give thoughtfully, but still miss out on the essence of the recipient. While we can never truly know another person’s mind, we can do our best to be kind to them and understand them as much as is possible.

So, that considered, if you have a loved one who is more of a minimalist or, perhaps, lives in a smaller space, objects might not be the best gift for them. Instead, something that can be used and is certainly finite, but offers a priceless experience, might be a better choice. As such, we suggest purchasing a self love bath kit as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Aphrodite Statue

There are so many deities, goddesses, and other spiritual figures to choose from. Sometimes a particular figure really resonates with us, and we feel as though that particular spirit really stands for us and is there to protect us. When it comes to gift ideas, connecting with your partner and finding out which deity or deities they feel connected to. After that, you can think about picking up an idol, statue, or other object that represents that god or goddess.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day though, if all else fails, you can look at the various love spirits from different cultures around the world—both past and present. We’ve picked a nice one out here—Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love.

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