Spiritual Meaning of Boxwood

What is the spiritual meaning of Boxwood? Also known as Buxus, Boxwood have around 70 species in their family—Buxaceae. Some members of the family are trees, whereas others are smaller shrubs and bushes. This is important when considering the spiritual meaning of the plant because trees have an inherent significance of their own that differs from other plants.

Boxwood is an Evergreen, Symbolism for Immortality

Boxwood, both the trees and the shrubs, symbolize immortality. This is because they are evergreen, i.e. they don’t shed their leaves in winter. As such, they imply an immunity to the rigors of time and, specifically, the command of the seasons. Furthermore, boxwood is extremely slow growing. In nature, things that grow slowly typically have an extremely long lifespan—plant or animal.

Dense Roots Make Boxwood a Symbol for Grounding

Boxwood represents a strong connection to the earth. This symbolism comes from the plants impressive roots. Yes, all plants have roots, but the boxwood has a strong mass of thin web-like roots. With so many small and branching, connected roots, the boxwood communicates a well established and dynamic interaction with the earth. As such, if you are feeling ungrounded, and find yourself regularly confronted by boxwood then it could be a message to ground yourself. To do this, eat more root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. Additionally, spend more time outdoors. And, if it is safe to do so, go outside barefoot and feel the grass, dirt, sand, etc beneath your feet and—like the boxwood roots—feel it between your toes.

Tightly Packed Foliage Symbolize Abundance

Another key feature of the boxwood is its tightly packed and numerous leaves. This characteristic is important in terms of symbolism because it communicates the truth of nature’s utter abundance. Consider this, the boxwood has more leaves than you would want to count, and those leaves are packed tightly into such a small space. Nature is the same, reality is the same—there is an abundance of food, water, and consequently, wealth. If you wish, you may access that abundance. If you are struggling financially, and find boxwood presenting itself to you, then it is possibly a message to stay positive and believe in the truth that the universe can freely provide its abundance to you.

Tough, Leathery Leaves Symbolize Strength and Abundance

The boxwood’s leaves have another message for us. Because the leaves are tough and leathery, in addition to being evergreen and numerous, they symbolize strength. So, combine this with the above message of abundance, and you have a message of enduring, strength-giving, abundance and wealth. Boxwood can be a symbol of physical and financial power.

Boxwood Blooms in the Spring, Symbolizing New Life and Rebirth

Unlike deciduous trees, evergreen trees do not partake in the cycles of the seasons. At least they don’t when it comes to dropping their leaves. However, some evergreens, flower in the spring. The boxwood is one such evergreen. Therefore, we can actually attach a meaning of new life and rebirth to boxwood that would typically be reserved for deciduous trees and their new growth in the spring.

Meaning of White Boxwood Flowers

The boxwood blooms themselves carry their own meaning. Being white flowers, they convey feelings of purity and innocence. However, as white flowers are used during funerals, they can also impart a solemn message.

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