Running Out of Ink Spiritual Meaning

Running out of ink is a real bummer, isn’t it? But, is there a spiritual meaning, message, or omen associated with running out of ink? In this article, we’re going to cover what it means to run out of ink when writing. Additionally, we look at the dream meaning of running out of ink and what that means!

Running Out of Ink Spiritual Meaning

All pens will run out of ink eventually. Typically, though, it feels like we tend to lose them or lend them out to somebody else long before they actually do run out of ink. Though, if you do a lot of writing by hand, it might be that you’ll experience running out of ink at some point. So, when you do run out of ink in your pen, and your instincts tell you there might be a message there, what is that message?

running out of ink spiritual meaning

Putting pen to paper, inking something down, etc, is a way of committing things to a perceived permanence. So, to run out of ink takes that power away from you. You are no longer able to commit your thoughts to the long line of human thought that came before yours and will come after yours. Therefore, to run out of ink is a message that you are not only becoming disconnected from your past, but you may also lack focus on the future. So, to run out of ink is a good reminder from unseen spirits to remember our ancestors and have concern for the generations to come.

Contracts and Running Out of Ink

Running out of ink also has a very specific meaning when it comes to obligations, i.e. contracts. To run out of ink is a sign that you won’t be able to sign contracts. Also, that you might not be able to meet your commitments in existing contracts. So, this omen comes as a warning to consider what obligations you have—typically financial obligations, i.e. bills—and double and triple check that you can meet them. To run out of ink, though, can be a good message to look for ways to tighten up your budget a little bit.

Running Out of Ink Dream Meaning

To dream of running out of ink conveys a similar spiritual meaning to running out of ink in real life. It simply means that you are concerned about whether or not you are able to meet your commitments. Especially commitments that are bound by contract. It also means that you may be concerned about your connection to both the history that’s gone before you and the future that’s yet to come.

running out of ink dream meaning

Messages in dreams are different to messages in real life, though. That difference is only small, but it is worth understanding. Some people believe dreams are a connection between different worlds, dimensions, places, times, and people—that is, dreams are where messages are received. Who sends those messages? Well, it could be a lost loved one, a living connection, or a source beyond the perceivable human experience. Regardless, to dream of running out of ink could be kindly advice from a concerned soul.

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