Pink Umbrella Spiritual Meaning and Omens

A pink umbrella? Wow, that sure is something, isn’t it? It’s only natural you’ve gotten curious about the spiritual meaning of pink umbrellas.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to examine the meaning of a pink umbrella. We’ll look at it from every angle: spiritual meaning, symbolic meaning, good omen or bad omen, and we’ll even talk about what it means to dream of a pink umbrella.

General Spiritual Meaning of Umbrellas

Some of us live in very rainy places, so for us umbrellas are just everyday tools. They’re super good at their job: keeping us dry when it rains. But, it would be unfair to stop thinking about umbrellas beyond their simple utility. Beyond their usefulness, umbrellas are also important spiritual symbols.

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Firstly, think about the umbrella’s links to rain. An umbrella literally prevents water from hitting us and affecting us. As such, it represents spiritual protection from the negative effects of human emotions. This is because, in traditional beliefs, the element of water represents emotion. Additionally, umbrellas go beyond our own emotions. This is because they also protect us from the emotions of others.

Umbrellas protect us from more than just water and emotion, though. They also stand for protection from things that come from above. This isn’t necessarily about literal threats in the sky. Rather, it pertains to our perspectives. What do we see as being above us? The government, your manager at work, teachers at school? So, the umbrella stands for protection against powerful people and institutions.

What Does the Color Pink Symbolize?

Pink is a meaningful color. It is a complicated one because, unlike other colors, its associations have changed more recently. There was a time when pink wasn’t really associated with girls and femininity. Whereas, (for better of for worse) nowadays girls and the color pink feel forever linked.

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Pink has a meaning outside of its connection with girls and women though. Pink also stands for kindness, love, and romance.

Spiritual Meaning of a Pink Umbrella

When you combine the meaning of the color pink with the meaning of an umbrella, you get the meaning of a pink umbrella. A pink umbrella stands for protection through the divine feminine. While there may be malign forces out there, ones that exist in a way that feels out of your control, a pink umbrella omen comes to you as a message that the feminine powers beyond our sight are present to protect you.

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Also, consider the umbrella as an omen of protection from extreme and harsh emotions. This synergizes well with the color pink’s association with a less harsh emotion: love. Therefore, it can be said that a pink umbrella means that love and kindness will aid in overwhelming any negative emotions you or others around you might have.

Is a Pink Umbrella a Good Omen or a Bad Omen?

Pink umbrellas represent protection through love and femininity. So, how on earth could that be a bad omen? The answer is: it couldn’t. Seeing a pink umbrella on your travel is a wonderfully positive omen. It means that no matter what, the divine feminine and all the manifestations of that energy in our visible world and the world beyond are there to protect you always.

Pink Umbrella Dream Meaning

Understanding dream meanings can be a confusing path to take. This is because there are many different ideas about how dreams should be viewed. Some, of course, are interested in the psychoanalysis of dreams. Whereas, others are more interested in the spiritual or metaphysical meaning. Here on Symbols and Synchronicity, we focus on spiritual interpretation of dreams.

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So, let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of a dream about a pink umbrella. Well, it might not be that interesting to say, but seeing a pink umbrella in a dream doesn’t different too much from seeing one in real life. This is because, as you can see both in reality and in your mind’s eye while you dream—a pink umbrella is a pink umbrella! So, it still represents protection through love and affection.

There is one difference worth noting, though. That is to do with the medium—i.e. the fact that the omen has arrived to you via a dream. Dreams are thought of as connections, a sort of conduit that links the different realms of reality. Therefore, it could be that the message is coming from another soul to you via your dreams.

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