Spiritual Meaning of the Gladiolus Flower

The gladious flower (plural gladioli) is as rich in symbolism as it is in color. This beautiful bulb (technically a corm) flower conveys a compelling spiritual meaning. Additionally, a gladioli very well be a powerful omen in the right circumstances. What marks the presence of gladioli in your life as significant or not is only … Read more

Spiritual Meaning of Slate

Slate – wondering about its spiritual meaning? Well, typically when we wonder about stone and what it means we’re thinking about flashy gemstones like emerald, citrine, aquamarine, topaz, opal—the list could go on and on and on. But slate, by contrast, is so dull and gray and—ostensibly, at least—boring. However, slate admirers like us know … Read more

Woodlouse, Woodlice – Spiritual Meaning & Omens

Woodlice (singular: woodlouse) are interesting creepy crawlies. There are few invertebrates we come across in the home or garden that resemble them. In fact, lots of their relatives actually live in the water rather than on land. Therefore, we can look at the woodlouse presenting itself to us and wonder: is this encounter spiritually significant? … Read more

Spiritual Meaning of the Passion Flower

The passion flower is so distinctive, it isn’t surprising that people wonder about its spiritual meaning, symbolism or any omens associated with it. What Are Passion Flowers? Passion flowers have lots of names. They’re also known as passiflora, passion vines and, because of the fruit, some people are most familiar with the name “passion fruit”. … Read more