Maggots in the Bottom of Your Trash Can Spiritual Meaning

It can be quite the experience, can’t it? You’ve seen that the garbage truck has been and your trash has been emptied—it’s time to go and bring the trash can back down from the curb. That’s when you see them! You open the lid to see if everything was emptied and all the bags are gone, but there are hundreds of awful maggots wriggling around in the bottom of the trash can! Eeeek! How gross, right?

maggots spiritual meaning

Well, naturally, we know why the maggots are there—it’s because a fly laid some eggs on some rancid meat. Pretty simple, huh? Well, sure, but, of course, if you want to see more in the world around you then you might wonder if there’s a spiritual meaning or omen there.

Let’s Have Fun Reading About Maggots!

So, in this article we’re going to look at the spiritual meaning of finding maggots at the bottom of your trash can. Not the most pleasant article to read, I know. It wasn’t a lot of fun to write—and picking out the images for this one has been the worst part of it. However, don’t fret, maggots aren’t necessarily a bad luck omen. Nor do maggots convey a spiritual message of negativity.

Flies and Their Spiritual Meaning

This isn’t our first rodeo—we’ve tackled the spiritual meaning of some unpleasant critters. So, when it comes to learning about the spiritual meaning of maggots, it could be helpful to check out some of our related articles. Especially those relating to flies, which is, of course, what maggots will grow into eventually.

Maggots Represent Rebirth

The main thing to clear up when we’re talking about the spiritual meaning of maggots is that they always represent a bad omen.

red and white maggots

Sure, they can sometimes convey a message of rot, decay, and a lack of cleanness. However, that isn’t the whole picture. We might baulk at the sight of rotten food covered in maggots, but the reality is that something positive is coming from something that some might argue was negative. That is, one way or another, a life has come to an end. The maggot intervenes to take that ending and process it into new life—it is therefore an omen of rebirth as much as it is anything rotten or repulsive.

Let’s Think About Your Trash Can

When you’re trying to decipher the spiritual meaning of finding maggots in the bottom of your trash can, it’s vital to understand the symbolic importance of the trash can itself. At first, it might sound silly to think about the spiritual meaning of a trash can. However, a trash can conveys a significant spiritual message of its own.

trash cans

Of course, the trash can is to do with what we no longer need—it contains literal objects we’re discarding. But, it also stands for what we no longer need in a spiritual sense. As such, a trash can represents past behaviors, patterns, feelings, and emotional bonds that no longer serve us.

Maggots in the Bottom of Your Trash Can

In this article, we set out to understand the spiritual meaning of maggots, and then discussed the spiritual meaning of a trash can. With those two base elements under our belt, we can now begin to discuss the spiritual meaning of finding maggots in the bottom of your trash can.

Synergy in Disposal, Rebirth and Regeneration

Of course there’s synergy between maggots and trash cans. The first of the two—maggots—want to eat what’s inside the second of the two—trash.

So, when it comes to their spiritual meaning, both the trash can and the maggots within are symbols of disposal. The trash can is where we put what we don’t want. So, metaphorically speaking, you could be “taking out the trash” when you ditch a bad habit or break up with a dysfunctional partner. The trash can is a good symbol for times in life when you decide to get rid of what no longer serves you.

yellow maggots spiritual meaning

The maggots, though, add an extra meaning onto the symbolism of the trash can. To continue one of the examples from above, the trash can symbolizes the end of a bad relationship. Whereas, the maggots inside the trash can convey a spiritual message that the leftovers from that experience are being processed and dealt with. Ultimately, you will come out the other side better equipped to enter a new, and possibly better, relationship.

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