Heart Shape Symbolism

Are you wondering about the spiritual meaning of the heart shape? Maybe you’re seeing hearts just about everywhere. There’s heart-shaped balloons, and heart-shaped cookies, and hearts on playing cards, and underwear, and candy, and jewelry, and well, pretty much everywhere. It’s difficult to get through a day without seeing a heart shape somewhere. And, to top it off, it’s not even Valentine’s Day! What is the heart shape symbolism anyway? Is it always about love and romance or is there another message to understand?

Well, believe it or not, the heart shape symbolism dates back before it’s association with love in the 13th century. So, there’s definitely more about the heart symbol than a sweet dalliance with your romantic interest. The heart is often thought to be the seat of the soul, a place of strength and where how we relate to the world comes from. But, it could mean love is on the way, too! Either way, get comfortable and settle in. We’re going to explore all about the heart shape and what it means.

A Little Bit Of History About The Heart Shape

First, before getting into the spiritual meaning or symbolism behind the heart shape, it helps to understand the history of it. No one is entirely sure where the first heart shape was used. However, some speculate that the original shape was inspired by an ancient, now extinct, type of giant fennel called Silphium. It was popularly grown in a Greek city named Cyrene in North Africa. It was so popular they even used it on their currency around 6th century BC. Interestingly, no one is quite certain of its use. However, most think it was used as a popular contraceptive. That’s a pretty solid explanation for why the shape has a connection with love!

Still, no one is entirely certain of the heart shape origin. It was used in ancient Japan to depict the eye of a wild boar. Some say ancient pendants found in the Indus Valley of South Asia were based on heart shaped fig leaves. Some point to Middle Age drawings of human anatomy and even the work of Aristotle who drew the heart with three chambers. At this point, there is no clear connection to the symbol with love. Others say there was always an association to love because the heart shape represents various human anatomy like buttocks, breasts, or other feminine anatomy. There’s various speculation on the origins.

What is for certain, in the 1250s it was used in artwork of a suitor giving his beloved a heart shape pine cone. The early history of this symbol is too rich to cover in this article and a lot of it is purely speculative. But, make sure check out the wikipedia article for further reading. Still, the heart symbol is seen mostly in religion before becoming widely known as Valentine’s Day decor.

Sacred Heart Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

Are you seeing the symbol of the sacred heart lately? This image is a little different from the traditional heart shape. It often has flames surrounding it representing divine light. It usually has a cross at the top and a crown of thorns surrounding it. Often times, the sacred heart is bleeding but not always in every depiction. Its origins come from Catholicism who believe that Margaret Mary Alacoque saw a vision in 1673 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. So, what does the sacred heart mean spiritually? Especially, maybe for those of us who aren’t Catholic or possibly even Christian?

sacred heart shape symbolism
The heart shape goes back centuries and has links to religion.

Well, the general message of the sacred heart is to communicate the boundless love that God feels for humanity, as given through Jesus and his endless love. Even if you are not a devout Christian, the message is still pretty clear. The divine, the universe, whatever deity you believe in, or the very energy and life force that flows through everything in this world exists. And, this energy wants to communicate that infinite love surrounds you.

So, if you are feeling alone or lost in life, try to take at least some comfort in this message. The sacred heart often represents rebirth after a challenging time. After all, Jesus was crucified and was reborn three days later. This can be a very clear message that times will soon be more favorable for you. It’s also a reminder to be more compassionate in life. Not only towards others who might be facing challenges currently, but yourself. Remember, we all receive love from source energy. Try to love and be patient both with others and yourself.

Heart Shape Symbolism And Valentine’s Day

What captures Valentine’s Day more than heart shaped everything? What’s the spiritual meaning of Valentine’s Day anyway? Maybe you keep seeing Valentine’s Day cards or messages and you’re wondering what it means. Well, the history of Valentine’s Day and hearts is pretty interesting.

First, the tradition of Valentine’s Day is up for debate, but most agree that it’s a day in honor of Saint Valentine, or sometimes Valentinus, who in third century Rome is famous for performing marriages in secret. This was because the Roman emperor at the time decided that single men made better soldiers, so he forbid marriages for young men. There are other stories as well, one being in prison he would write love letters to his love signed “from your Valentine” at the end. How romantic! There’s also another connection to a pagan holiday of Lupercalia around February 15th. This celebration has focus on fertility

Either way, what is for certain is that by the Victorian era, Valentine’s Day and hearts are everywhere! During this era the classic red heart became popular. It was not only socially acceptable to send valentines to your lovers, but friends, family, and classmates alike. Of course, the greeting card companies may have had a hand in that. It’s the second biggest holiday to exchange cards, after Christmas of course.

chocolate heart shape spiritual meaning
Hearts are often associated with Valentine’s Day, chocolate, and love.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Heart Shapes Everywhere?

Okay, so by now we’ve covered the history of the modern red heart we’ve all come to know and love. But, what does it mean when you keep seeing hearts everywhere? Well, the first most obvious message, is to pay more attention to love in your life. It’s also important to pay attention to when and where you see a heart. And, how many and color, too!

For instance, seeing two red hearts together can definitely mean that red hot romance with a soul partner is most likely on the way to you. Even one red heart is a pretty good omen that this may be entering your life soon. Multiple red hearts at the same time could indicate multiple love interests. So, be careful flirting if you’re single and not looking for a game of suitors!

On the other hand, a pink heart has an association with more platonic love. You may see two pink hearts for a more casual love, like a crush that’s not very serious at the moment. Or possibly, to represent reconciliation between you and a friend or family member.

Of course, color isn’t always entirely indicative of the exact type of love entering into your life. Whatever form it comes in, when you’re seeing hearts everywhere it definitely means that the love in your life is transforming one way or another.

The Heart Is More Than Love And Romance

So, what if you keep seeing hearts and you don’t feel like romance is on the way? Or, you’re involved or otherwise just not interested? Well, it’s important to remember that the heart is more than just love and romance. As mentioned previously, the sacred heart is about universal love from the divine and otherworldly entities. But, the heart goes deeper than that.

Similarly, the heart chakra is not only about love, but has a connection to creativity and strength. After all, love is the force between creation. It exists before creating life itself, but also many forms of art and even inventions of protection and abundance. If you think about it, love is inspiration behind most of our society and culture, it’s why most people continue on in day to day life. Whether it is love for a child, a partner, or even yourself, love is an extremely powerful force that creates most of our surroundings. So, seeing hearts can mean that you should focus more on creative pursuits. Where can you be more creative in your day to day life?

It’s also a reminder that strength, courage, and bravery in life come from the heart. So, make sure to stay strong when going after your dreams and manifestations. Believe in yourself with all of your heart. You’ve got this!

Heart Shape Symbolism And Dream Meanings

Are you having dreams about heart symbols? To dream about the heart symbol is a message to be mindful of how you relate to love in your waking life. Keep in mind, this isn’t necessarily about romantic interests or even platonic love. But, often this is a message to take a deeper look at how you feel about yourself. It’s also possibly a message that you need to take a deeper interest in spirituality. As mentioned previously, love is the driving force behind the majority of our current reality. But, this includes the spiritual realm and the energy that connects us all on a soul level. Take some time to look at how you’re interacting with love and see if you can improve somehow.

Most importantly, look at how you felt during the dream. If seeing hearts made you feel afraid, then you might want to look at how any possible fears or blocks you have towards love. On the other hand, if you were angry or relieved, try to get to the depths of why you feel that way about love. Is your heart open to accept love? Or, are you closed to giving and receiving love? Take some time to get in touch with how you feel about love overall.

In Conclusion, What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of A Heart Shape?

So, we’ve covered the history and various heart shape symbolism and spiritual meaning. Love is definitely in the air when heart shapes appear in your reality. But, it’s important to remember the various other messages of the heart like being creative and brave.

Seeing heart shapes can also be a message to let go of any anger or resentment you might be holding on to inside. Make sure to feel empathy and forgive not only others but yourself. Remember, we all come from the same energetic source. The heart is a message from the divine that you are infinitely loved. In return, make sure to love all entities equally. Even if someone hurts you, understand that they are only coming from their current world view and not to take it personally. Learn to love yourself instead of seeking it from others, and you will not take such rejection or hurt personally.

Seeing the heart shape is also a reminder to get in touch with your femininity. After all, the heart shape is said to represent several parts of the feminine form. But, it also represents passion, nurturing, attraction and sensuality. All very feminine traits. But even the most masculine of men don’t feel threatened by the heart symbol. It has universal appeal!

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