Green Umbrellas Convey Deep Spiritual Meaning – Learn Why

Let’s examine the spiritual meaning of a green umbrella. Green is an unusual choice for an umbrella, more often than not they’re black. So, it’s only natural the sighting of a green umbrella caught your eye. If you want to learn more about the omens and representations associated with green green umbrellas, then you’re in the right place. We’ll also be covering the meaning behind dreaming of a green umbrella.

What Does Seeing An Umbrella Represent?

We’re here to learn about green umbrellas. But, before we can do that, it’ll help to know what an umbrella symbolizes in isolation.

Literally speaking, umbrellas protect us from the rain (i.e. water). So, from that we can derive their spiritual and symbolic meaning. In terms of spirituality, water symbolizes strong emotions. Moreover, it symbolizes the motion and power in motion of those emotions. The best way to imagine it is to think of the deep swells of the ocean, and then waves crashing on the rocks.

green umbrella spiritual meaning

So, because umbrellas protect us from rain/water, then we can take them as symbols of protection from the damaging effects of unwelcome emotions. That doesn’t just mean that an umbrella symbolizes protection from depression. It can symbolize that, of course, but it symbolizes much more. It symbolizes protection from the actions driven by negative emotions. And that’s just from your own emotions, but also from the emotions of others.

We can expand on this concept, because there is another element to the umbrella’s status a symbol of protection. We hold the umbrella over our head to protect us from what falls down on us from above. Sure, we use them to stop rain, but they’ll stop bird poop too, you know! But, in all seriousness, umbrellas are symbols of protection against things that attack us from above.

Of course, that isn’t literal, it’s symbolic and spiritual. So, for example, an umbrella can symbolize protection against a grumpy boss or teacher. Some of us consider them “above” because they are in positions of authority. Also, it could well be that the umbrella has come to you as a message that you will be protected in any problems you may encounter when dealing with government or other authority figures.

Green: Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

Green represents the cleanliness of nature. When we say a business or activity is “green” what we actually mean is that we perceive it as friendly towards the environment, i.e. Mother Nature. It’s easy to understand why green stands for Mother Nature. Simply go out into the words and appreciate the lush, verdant, vibrant growth of the forest. Being surrounded by her greenery is a fantastic and nourishing feeling. Green represents growth, renewal, rebirth, and the season of spring.

Green Umbrella Symbolic And Spiritual Significance

So, now that we know what an umbrella symbolizes, and we’ve looked at the meaning of the color green, it’s time to put that knowledge to good use and reflect on the specific meaning of a green umbrella. Because umbrellas represent protection from emotion and forms of higher power, a green umbrella represents protecting the beauty of the natural world from powerful entities that might destroy it.

green leaves

It’s important, though, to remember that Mother Nature isn’t detached from you. You are, like all life on earth, part of her creation. As such, to care for nature, is to care for yourself via engagement in everything that is good about the natural world. As such, a green umbrella can be taken as a message for you to go ahead and get outside. Get grounded. Remember, you can protect your physical and mental wellbeing by spending time outside in environments that aren’t made of concrete and asphalt.

Do Green Umbrellas Convey A Good Omen?

Yes! Of course a green umbrella is a good omen. A green umbrella stands for the protection Mother Nature offers you, and the protection you can offer her. Moreover, a green umbrella stands for the protective union between all that is Mother Nature and the individual souls, like yours, that comprise that whole. Therefore, it cannot be denied: a green umbrella is a great omen!

Have You Dreamt Of A Green Umbrella?

When we talk about the meaning of a dream, we have to establish what meaning we seek. This is because there are different questions being asked when somebody asks the meaning of a dream. When it comes to dreams, two are main understandings possess. The first one is a psychological interpretation, which we don’t consider here on Symbols and Synchronicity. But, the other common angle to take on dream meaning—i.e., spiritual dream meaning—is something we do focus on.

green umbrella dream meaning

Spiritual meanings in dreams aren’t really all that distinguishable from real world meanings. Think about it, the item—a green umbrella—in your dream is still the same item whether you see it in real life or in a dream.

However, there is one thing that makes dreams a little more interesting. And that is the idea that we are open to receiving messages from other sources in our dreams. Therefore, your dream of a yellow umbrella could be taken as a message from somebody. That person could be an ancestor or it could be a real world acquaintance. Regardless, though, the message remains for a green umbrella. To dream of one is to be sent a message concerning your protection of nature, its protection of you, and the synergy between all living things.

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