What Do Green Butterflies Represent? (Spiritual And Symbolic)

What’s the spiritual meaning of seeing a green butterfly?

To answer that question, first we really need to understand the general symbolic and spiritual meaning of all butterflies. In addition, to understand a green butterfly, we need to know what the color green represents. That then gives us everything we need to know to understand the spiritual meaning of seeing a green butterfly.

Butterflies Spiritual Meaning

There’s a lot to say about the spiritual meaning of butterflies—they’re very symbolic members of the animal kingdom. Which is, of course, easy to understand. After all, they’re stunning and they come in such a range of colors. You’ll live your entire life and never bore of seeing them flutter by like living kaleidoscopes. It’s not just their color that makes them stand out, it’s also the way they fly—they’re so darn light that they almost seem to float, flittering by on a summer’s day, almost by magic. That’s not all though, there’s another magic trick that butterflies perform: they turn from a wriggly little caterpillar into a majestic butterfly.

green moth

So, let’s take the butterfly experience and turn it into a spiritual and symbolic meaning. Let’s start with their metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly—this makes butterflies considerable omens for incoming transformation. Alternatively, some imagine the transformation as more of a rebirth. The reason people see it as a rebirth is because they see the caterpillar as having “died” in the cocoon, and then—”reborn” from the cocoon—comes the butterfly.

We should also think about the butterfly’s ability to fly. Consider this, all things that can fly represent freedom. To us, humans that is, the ability to fly would be the ultimate freedom. The butterfly, though, is a special symbol for freedom. This is because it begins life effectively glued to the earth, bound to the lifegiving plant the egg from which it hatched was laid on. Then, from that prison, it transforms into a butterfly with more freedom than we could ever dream of.

Green: Nature, Growth, and Abundance

The color green is an important one in our society. Think about it, it’s used for an entire political ideology—it even has a party named after it, the Green Party. So, politically speaking, what does “green” mean? Well, it means that something is (supposedly) better for the environment. Green energy, green fuels, green materials, green companies—this is a critical part of our modern lexicon.

color green spiritual and symbolic meaning

So, why did we choose to use the word green to mean good for the environment? Well, because the earth, without our intervention, is lush with greenery. Before we bring other colors to a landscape, Mother Nature turns everything green. And that greenness feels good, doesn’t it? To be green is to be healthy, good, alive, growing, nutritious, and everlasting.

Are you getting a picture of the color green? It’s a wonderful color.

Overall, green stands for the following things:

  • Mother Nature
  • Growth
  • Spring
  • Cleanliness
  • Trees and plants

Seeing a Green Butterfly and Transformation

When you see a green butterfly, it conveys a meaningful message of transformation. Specifically, a green butterfly represents a special kind of transformation relating to Mother Nature, the environment, spring, growth, and the outdoors. How that manifests depends though. There are lots of ways to experience a transformation of that kind.

leaf butterfly and nature

For example, it could simply be that the butterfly arrives in your life as a way of suggesting you should spend more time outdoors. You know, fresh air and sunshine (in moderation) are pretty good for you. If you’re ever feeling down in the dumps, a quick blast from Mother Nature’s limitless greenery can really give you the emotional boost you might need.

Also, it could be that the green butterfly comes into your life as an omen of change in the environment itself. Are you planning some landscaping? Or is a nearby green space going to be flattened so they can throw up some apartments or a shopping center? If there’s a town council meeting to discuss it, heck, maybe you should go and make your voice heard on the topic? I know, it’s a stretch. Just use your intuition and think about transformations in the natural environment—something might jump out to you.

Green Butterflies and Rebirth

A green butterfly is a nice omen for rebirth. The reason for this is that a) it’s a butterfly and b) it’s green. The butterfly represents rebirth because it is reborn from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Meanwhile, the color green represents rebirth because it is associated with the Spring season, which is the ultimate period of rebirth.

green butterfly spiritual meaning

So, what does this mean for you as a practical omen, though? Well, the rebirth omen isn’t necessarily about literal death and literal rebirth. It’s often about the end of a cycle, a mode of being, a status quo, a habit, a place, a thing—it could be just about anything. What’s important to note about the rebirth omen is that something new always comes in the place of something that ended

Therefore, to decipher this spiritual message, think about elements of your daily experience that are coming to an end, or perhaps habits or scenarios you should consider taking action to end. This message especially relates to anything green or natural. Use your intuition to guide you.

Green Butterfly Freedom Message

When talking about butterfly spiritual meaning, it’s impossible to skip the message of freedom.

green moth on rock

But, for a green butterfly, the message is modified a little. This is because green butterflies represent freedom through engagement with Mother Nature. A green butterfly can convey a message that, perhaps, you’re a little too “trapped” in modern life. Do you spend all your time either at work (i.e. inside) or at home on your phone, computer, or binging TV shows (i.e. still inside)? Well, remember, there’s a wonderful freedom out there that is delightfully nourishing—think about a camping trip or maybe visit a state or national park. You never know, it might be a life-changing experience.

Green Butterflies and the Deceased

It’s always difficult to write about this, because it’s such an emotive topic—to talk about lost loved ones, that is. It goes without saying that we wish we could reconnected with friends and family who’ve passed on. And many believe that the butterfly—especially when it flutters by your face—is actually a deliberate message sent by those who’ve moved on.

green butterfly

A green butterfly, of course, is no different. But, it’s worth paying attention to the color of the butterfly. This is because the color of the butterfly could be a message as to where the message has come from. If any of your deceased loved ones were always outside, always camping, fishing, or in the garden growing vegetables, then a green butterfly could certainly be a message from them to just let you know that, “Hey, everything’s fine”—it’s a wonderful message to receive, isn’t it?

Keep Seeing Green Butterflies? Here’s the Meaning!

Do you keep seeing green butterflies everywhere? Well, that’s definitely interest because there aren’t really that many different types of green butterfly. So, you’re definitely justified to wonder if there’s a synchronicity there. However, it’s important to remember that when you keep seeing the same thing, it doesn’t necessarily change the message itself. Rather, the message just becomes clearer and easier for you to pick up on—this might be because, previously, you were a little closed off to picking up on clues in the world around you. Regardless, though, the spiritual meaning when you keep seeing green butterflies is a message of rebirth or transformation relating to the natural world which, ultimately, will bring you a sense of freedom and wellbeing.

Green Butterfly Dream Meaning

How nice, to dream of a butterfly! If you’ve had a dream about a green butterfly, then the spiritual meaning there is clear. Ultimately it remains fairly similar to the general meaning of seeing a green butterfly in the waking world. Specifically, to dream of a green butterfly means you are receiving a message of transformative rebirth. That rebirth will involve, or pertain to, Mother Nature and your experiences away from urban environments. The dream predicts that, by embracing nature, you will gain a feeling of true freedom and wholesome fulfilment.

green butterfly dream meaning

One other thing to keep in mind about dreams is that, some people believe, they are conduits. According to this belief, dreams act as a centering point for all sources and therefore we’re able to receive messages from other souls from this world and other “realms” whatever they may be.

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