Spiritual Meaning Of A Gray Umbrella

Gray umbrellas, what’s their spiritual meaning? Gray umbrellas don’t always catch the eye. After all, gray is kind of a drab color, isn’t it? However, gray might not be the flashiest of colors, but that doesn’t mean that a gray umbrella doesn’t convey certain meanings. Those meanings include good and bad omens, along with with spiritual and symbolic meanings. And in this article we’re going to look at all of that. Additionally, we’ll also investigate what it means to dream of a gray umbrella.

Umbrellas As Spiritual And Symbolic Items

For those of us who live in wetter parts of the world—that’s you, Seattle!—the humble umbrella isn’t that big of a deal. Even though they might be seen as quite mundane objects, their spiritual and symbolic value is quite significant.

Before anything else, reflect on what an umbrella does. It protects you from the rain, i.e. it protects you from water. Water, of course, has its own strong spiritual meaning. Water symbolizes emotions, especially deep and/or moving emotions. Therefore, the umbrella is a symbol of protection against emotions themselves, and the negative effects of emotions. Worth noting, the umbrella doesn’t only symbolize protection against your own emotions, but also the emotions of those around you. It truly is a wonderful omen.

gray umbrella spiritual meaning

We can continue with the umbrella as a symbol of protection. It protects you from things that come from above. As such, that’s also what it symbolizes. You might be wondering what things will attack you from above. Luckily, for a lot of us, the threat of literal attack from above is slim to none. However, we have to consider beyond the literal to understand the symbolism of the umbrella. It represents figures, institutions, and other forms of authority that we perceive as “above us”.

What exactly is “above you” will really depend on how you feel. There are some clear examples like your boss at work or the police officer who pulled you over for speeding. But, it can be more nebulous than that. For example, it could be that you are experiencing a spiritual problem. Alternatively, perhaps your relationship is imbalanced and you feel your partner is “above” you in some way.

Why You Should Explore The Spiritual Meaning Of The Color Gray

Black and white, the colors that make up gray, are, of course, extremes. So, naturally, gray exists as the compromise between the light and the dark. Therefore, gray is a color of calm and compassionate (if some what dispassionate) understanding of other people. It represents acceptance and kindness with regards to other people’s complex and, often, contradictory humanity.

color gray grey spiritual meaning

Additionally, gray stands for professionalism—i.e. a lack of emotion. As such, gray is chosen as a modern color. That is, gray is a seen as a color that leaves behind our divisive and problematic past of violence and conflict.

Gray Umbrellas Stifle Intense Emotions

So, what does all that mean for the spiritual meaning of a gray umbrella?

grey umbrella spiritual meaning

Well, the main take away from this symbolism is both elements interaction with emotion. The object—the umbrella—shields you from the excesses and negative impacts of excessive emotion. While, the color gray stands for subdued kindness that dampens the emotions. So, over all, a gray umbrella is a powerful omen that emotions will be shielded and you will be able to continue in your endeavors with a cool head.

Good Omen Or Bad Omen – Let’s Talk About It

A gray umbrella is somewhat of a mixed emotion. While, some might take its ability to dampen rising passions (and rising tempers) as a good thing, others might see it as a subversion of the human experience. To eliminate emotion, while that can be helpful at times—especially professional situations—it is also not a very natural and human experience. Sure, you might sidestep the anguish of negative emotions, but you might also cast off joy and jubilance.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Gray Umbrella?

In dream interpretation, it’s important not to confuse the psychological with the spiritual. When we look at dream meaning, we’re applying spiritual meaning and nothing more.

gray umbrella dream meaning

To dream of a gray umbrella, like seeing one in the waking world, is to receive an omen of calm emotions, and especially protection from the opposite of calm emotions, i.e. fiery tempers. Especially tempers of those in positions of power over you. What makes a dream meaning stand out versus a waking world meaning is the medium: the dream.

This is because many believe that dreams are a conduit between worlds. That is, perhaps the gray umbrella omen is a message from your ancestors or even a message from a contemporary meeting up with you in the dream world.

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