Gray Balloons: What Do They Represent? (Spiritually And Symbolically)

Gray balloons are not common at all. So, you can’t be blamed for being curious after seeing one. Balloons are usually celebratory objects that come in the kind of bright colors we associate with parties. A gray balloon, of course, could not be used for celebration because the color gray is the antithesis of celebration. In fact, it’s often used as a metaphor for a glum mood—i.e. one is feeling gray.

Spiritual Meaning of A Balloon

Regardless of color, balloons convey various meanings and messages.

Balloons represent hopes and dreams, and not even the color gray can put a downer on that! This is because balloons, when released, will float away into the sky (when they’re filled with helium, anyway). We want our dreams to sail up into the sky of success, just like a helium balloon. Also, balloons and prayers mirror each other in some ways. After all, both balloons and prayers are sent from earth and up into the heavens.

In our society, balloons and celebration are inseparable. That’s why, when we have a child’s birthday party, we can’t help but decorate the place with a ton of balloons! Also, politicians take a cue from their younger constituents and employ balloons at their parties, too! Have you ever seen a politician surrounded by falling balloons as they celebrate their grand old victory in the most recent election? Good for them!

So, because we use balloons in celebratory moments, we’ve come to use them and see them as big symbols of celebration and, especially, celebration of success.

Gray Represents The Breadth Of Possibilities Between Black And White

To understand gray, we should first think about black and white. The colors that make up gray are two extremes, whereas gray is inherently a lack of extremes. Therefore, gray stands for compromise and understanding. It represents a sort of calmness, that at times, can border on boringness. But, when things are calm, understanding, and boring, they’re usually safe at least. So, gray stands for that, too. It represents a profound kindness via empathy.

When it comes to the corporate world, though, the color gray is often utilized where the company wants employees to be or to represent dispassion. As such, gray represents professionalism.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that gray is seen as a modern color that leaves behind the tumult of the past, i.e. it represents moving on from violence, conflict, war, etc.

What Meanings Do Gray Balloons Convey?

So, when we combine the meaning of the color gray and the meaning of a balloon, we can then begin to understand what a gray balloon represents. Gray balloons stand for using calm, cool, and ambivalent thoughts to achieve your dreams. This means that, perhaps, you’ve been either overly emotional or not emotional enough in the past when trying to attain your objectives. The grey balloon comes as a message that, sometimes, it’s best to stay indifferent and logical when addressing obstacles between you and your desires.

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