Finding Dimes Everywhere Spiritual Meaning

What’s the spiritual meaning associated with finding dimes everywhere?

When trying to unravel the spiritual meaning behind every day objects, it can become quite complicated. It’s important to understand the underlying elements that come together to convey a complex spiritual meaning. As such, to get to the bottom of the spiritual meaning of finding dimes everywhere, we’re going to take it one step at a time.

First and foremost, we’re going to start by establishing exactly why we attach so much meaning to coins—they’re very symbolic objects. Without understanding why coins are so powerful, it’s difficult to establish deeper understanding. Also, when it comes to thinking about the spiritual meaning of finding dimes everywhere, the number ten is also a very important and spiritual element to consider.


There are also other important factors to consider when investigating the spiritual meaning of dimes. For example, the origin of the word “dime” is also important and conveys a certain symbolic meaning. Don’t forget, coins are made from metal, and metals—varying depending on type—also convey their own individual spiritual meaning.

And that isn’t all! There are more details to be considered. For example, one of the classic superstitions around finding coins is whether the coin is facing tails up or heads up! Whether a coin is facing up or down is important when determining the omen, but it is equally important to consider where you find the coin. For example, finding a coin in the street conveys a different message to finding a coin in your shoe!

Don’t worry though, we’re going to cover all the details in this article and then some! Keep reading!

Coins Are Very Spiritual and Symbolic Objects

Why do we care so darn much about coins!?

It’s a good question, because coins have always been both emotive and spiritual objects. Of course, because they are money, we naturally can’t help but feel strongly about them—after all, they represent our ability to feed ourselves and our loved ones.

However, there’s more to it! Coins are also made of metals—in the past, it was more common for coins to be made from gold and silver. Therefore, it’s easy to understand how people would feel strongly about such precious metals. However, nowadays, coins are more often made of more affordable alloys placed over something cheaper. In the case of the humble dime, its outer layer is a mix of copper and nickel and, underneath, it is made of pure copper.

old coins spiritual meaning

Another reason coins are spiritually important is their role as gifts to the gods—in many different cultures and religions, coins are offered as tribute to various deities. So, money often has an inherent spiritual element to it when we consider it in our minds.

Last but not least, coins always have a number associated with them. Those of you familiar with numerology will instantly understand how significant that is. The number associated with a coin—the number ten in the case of dimes—is very meaningful.

Spiritual Meaning of the Number 10

Dimes are worth ten cents. Therefore, it’s impossible to talk about the spiritual and symbolic meaning of finding a dime without adding the meaning of the number ten into the mix.

Ten is a very symbolic number. We use a base ten number system. This means that we get to ten and then, put simply, we start counting again. Think about it, we go 10, 20, 30, and so on and so forth. Therefore, 10 represents the end of a cycle—it stands for completion. However, because of the cyclical nature of life, it also represents the beginning that will, of course, come after the end. Also, because 10 is comprised of the number one and the number zero, it represents both the beginning—one—and the end, or nothingness—zero.

spiritual meaning of the number 10

So, when you keep seeing dimes everywhere, there’s a message being conveyed about the cycles in your life. One cycle, or multiple cycles, are possibly coming to an end. That might sound distressing, but it really depends on what comes in the next phase. It could just as easily be something positive as it could be something negative. Therefore, there’s no reason to fret about “the end” when you keep finding dimes. On the contrary, use your intellect and your intuition to guide your decisions in order to bring about positive outcomes for yourself and the people you care about.

Latin Origin

It’s also worth considering exactly what the word “dime” means.

Before it was “dime” it was actually “disme” which comes from Old French. Disme means one tenth. This was used because, prior to the utilization of the decimal system, a dime was one tenth of a dollar. Technically, even after the introduction of the decimal system, it is still one tenth. However, it is no longer conceptualized as such, instead it is simply 10 cents.

ancient rome

The word “disme” has origins that go further back even than Old French. The word dime goes all the way back to the Latin “decima” which means tithe, i.e. one tenth of production.

According to Roman belief, though, Decima is also the name used for one of the Parcae. The Parcae are the personifications of destiny. Decima is one of the personifications of destiny. She, Decima, is responsible for birth. Which is interesting because it synergizes well with our concept of the number ten as both the end, but also the beginning of a new cycle, i.e. a new birth.

Therefore, repeatedly finding dimes could be an omen that your family will soon receive a new pregnancy.

Heads or Tails

When you find a coin, people would have you believe there’s one very important thing to look for before you pick the coin up. That is whether or not the coin is facing heads up or tails up. So, when you find a dime, if it is facing heads up, then it’s good luck. Conversely, if the dime you find is facing down, then it’s bad luck.

finding a dime spiritual meaning heads or tails

Therefore, to avoid incurring bad luck, if you find a dime, only pick the darn thing up if it’s heads up. If it’s tails up, then leave it be. Alternatively, if you’d like to get some good karma, you can flip the coin to be heads up, and then leave it for the next person to find. Because when they find it, they’ll be lucky enough to find a dime facing heads up! They can get the good luck by picking it up, and you can get the good vibes by leaving it there for them to find.

Finding a Dime Spiritual Meaning

As per the introduction, understanding what finding a dime means is quite complicated. It really depends on understanding the contributing elements. Generally speaking, though, people believe finding a dime is a message from lost loved ones. People believe that dimes are left in our paths by loved ones on the other side—the message being that, even though you may have been separated in the physical world, in the spiritual world the connection remains strong. Moreover, the lost loved one is letting you know that, in spite of no longer being visible, they are still with you and still watching over you.

finding dimes spiritual meaning omens good luck

Often people find that dimes, as messages, appear during our most challenging and difficult times. When this happens, the idea that our loved ones are with us and watching over us—helping us through our troubles—can be particularly moving. In these moments, your instincts will guide you—if it feels like a certain person is with you when you find the dime, then who’s to say that isn’t the case? You can take strength from that feeling and carrying on the fight to improve your life!

Finding a Dime in Your Shoe Spiritual Meaning

There’s an old tradition, it suggests that a bride should place a coin in her shoe on the day of her wedding for good luck. Therefore, to find coins in shoes can relate to issues of matrimony. Also, when we consider coins as messages from lost loved ones, it could be that—if you have lost your partner—that a coin in the shoe is a message from them that they are still with you and watching over you.

finding a dime in your shoe spiritual meaning

Also, it’s worth considering what shoes themselves represent when it comes to finding dimes in them. Shoes are symbols of wealth. This is because, in times gone by, shoes were very expensive and only those with means were able to have good, well-maintained shoes. As such, to find a dime in the shoe could be an omen of incoming wealth and improvements in your material status.

The last thing to consider when it comes to finding a dime in your shoe is the purpose of shoes: they’re for walking! So, shoes symbolize travel, movement, motion, and journeys. Therefore, to find a dime in a shoe could be a message that a lost loved one is going to watch over you on any upcoming trips. It could also relate to good fortune connected to an upcoming journey—perhaps you’re moving across the country in search of a better financial situation? Well, luck is on your side.

Finding a Dime in Your Pocket Spiritual Meaning

Finding money in our pockets isn’t really that unusual. After all, if we’ve got a handful of coins, there’s a good chance we’ll stuff all that change right in our pockets. However, that experience isn’t true for everybody. In the modern world—a world of debit and credit cards—cash can be quite rare. Of course, this is on a person by person basis. Some people work a lot with cash, so its presence isn’t unusual. However, some people use their cards almost exclusively.

finding a dime in your pocket spiritual meaning

So, if you’re one of the people that never really use cash, but somehow manage to find a random dime in a pocket where you didn’t expect it, then it could be that there is a spiritual meaning there for you to glean. Of course, the core general meaning of find a dime remains—that is, that finding dimes means lost loved ones are still with you and watching over you.

However, there could be a more specific meaning there depending on the pocket you find the dime in. For example, if you find the dime in a rain coat, it could be that you’re in for some good luck regarding the upcoming weather. Alternatively, if an item of clothing has a special meaning to you, like your favorite pair of jeans you wore to see your favorite band play live, then that could also play into the meaning of finding the coin.

Finding a Dime in the Street Spiritual Meaning

Finding a dime in the street conveys a similar message to finding a dime in your shoe. That is, the omen relates to travel, journeys, and movement. Of course, finding dimes is generally believed to be a sign that loved ones who have passed on are still with you and watching over you. So, that meaning also plays into the meaning.

quaint street

Therefore, when we combine the meanings we get the message that your angels are watching over you on any important journeys you are about to take. It could also be that you are receiving a message that, perhaps, you should finally go on that road trip vacation you’ve been planning for years. Maybe it’s finally time to see the Grand Canyon in real life. Alternatively, maybe a random jazz club off the beaten track in New Orleans is more your thing? Either way, don’t be afraid to get out there and see the world!

What Does it Mean When You Keep Finding Dimes?

The frequency with which you receive an omen isn’t necessarily important. That is, you might find one dime and think it significant. Alternatively, you might find ten dimes and only consider it significant on the tenth occurrence. What matters more than anything else is how you feel about an experience—i.e. what do your instincts tell you about it?

multiple coins

So, ultimately, the omen with finding multiple dimes vs finding one dime doesn’t change too much. The message is more-or-less the same, that is that your lost loved ones are, of course, still with you. Moreover, they are watching over you as you carry on throughout your life. It may be that you find a lot of dimes in a short period of time, and that gets your attention. After which, you might find them more intermittently. However, the intention, some believe, is that your loved ones want to you to know they’re still with you on your journey.

Is Finding a Dime Good Luck?

This one is 50/50—it could be good luck, it could be bad luck. If you’re wondering why, then you have to remember the two-sided nature of coins. When you find a coin with its head side facing upwards, then to pick it up is considered good luck. Whereas, when you find a coin with its tail side facing up, then to pick it up would, many believe, be quite bad luck.

four leaf clover

However, even if you find a dime with its tail side facing upwards, you can still turn this risk of bad luck into something good. If you’re a superstitious sort, then you shouldn’t pick up the coin. Instead, flip it over and leave it exactly where it is. By doing this, you give the next person who finds it the opportunity to pick up a dime that is heads up. You’re essentially giving the gift of good luck to the next person to encounter the good. Well, that’s good karma, isn’t it?

Nickel and Copper Spiritual Meaning

When we think about the spiritual meaning of coins, it’s always important to reflect on the composition of a coin. This is because, some believe, that metals have particular spiritual and metaphysical properties.

When it comes to dimes, we need to think about nickel and copper and how those metals interact. A dime has a pure copper core, it then has a coat of nickel and copper alloy on top. So, let’s start with the spiritual and metaphysical properties of nickel. Put simply, nickel is a metal people believe is capable of warding off negative energy. So, it could be that nickel is able to protect you from bad vibes being sent your way from malign actors.

copper metaphysical properties

But, what about copper? Well, this is where we get some synergy. This is because copper is used in the crafting of jewelry to amplify whatever it is paired with. So, typically, this would mean a gemstone of some sort, e.g. a ruby set into a copper ring. However, there’s no reason that would stop copper from working together with the nickel to amplify its ability to keep negativity at bay.

So, if you do find a dime and feel a particularly affinity for that coin, you could keep it with you as a way of keeping away negativity.

Finding a Dime in Your Bed Spiritual Meaning

Finding a dime in your bed could be quite unsettling. Especially if the cold coin touched your skin in the night and gave you a bit of a fright. There are lots of reasonable explanations as to why the coin might be there. For example, maybe a coin fell out of your pocket that morning while you were putting your pants on—it could happen!

messy bed finding dime

However, whether there’s a reasonable explanation or no reasonable explanation at all, it doesn’t really matter too much. What really matters is how you felt about finding that dime in your bed. When you found it, if it felt spiritually significant, then many would argue that’s all that matters. Therefore, the finding a dime in your bed could well be a spiritual message.

When it comes to finding dimes, as we’ve discussed throughout this article, it is typically connected to lost loved ones. The finding of the dime is believed to me a message that family and friends who have moved on to the next life are still with us and are watching over us. So, to find a dime in your bed means that they are with you in your dreams. Moreover, it can mean that they are connecting with you in your dreams.

Dreaming of Dimes Spiritual Meaning

Analyzing dreams can be done in many ways. Typically, when people talk about dream meanings, they’re actually talking about a psychological evaluation of a dream meaning. That, of course, is a very personal thing—what something means to a person, really depends on that person feels about a thing. So, we steer clear of any psychological meanings.

finding dime dream meaning

Instead, we focus on the spiritual meaning of dreams. When it comes to finding dimes in the real world, it means that your angels—especially lost loved ones—are forever by your side. It means, specifically, that they are watching over you and have left the coin there to bring you comfort. However, to dream of finding dimes is a little different. This is because many believe that the dream world is an intersection between different “realms” and realities. That is, in your dreams, you can connect with people who’ve passed on or even people who are still with us, but are physically distant.

So, to dream of finding a dime means that your lost loved ones are visiting you in your dreams to give you a subtle message that they are with you and still, in whatever way they can, caring for you and protecting you.

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